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Princeton University

East Asian Studies graduate certificate programs at Princeton University

The East Asian Studies Program and Department offer two certificates for minoring in East Asian Studies. The East Asian Studies Program Certificate is administered by the East Asian Studies Program Coordinator. Four East Asia content courses, one of them a 200-level course. Written work, which may be a senior thesis, a junior paper, or an independent research paper with an East Asian topical component. East Asian Topic means the thesis is than half East Asia. The use of East Asian language sources Chinese, Japanese, or Korean is strongly recommended. They can be either primary or secondary sources, and can be written, or, if appropriate, oral. While the work does not have to be based entirely on such sources, their use must not be trivial, i.e., it must be shown that something important was learned from the Asian language sources that reaches beyond the insights gained from English language materials. Only senior theses using a significant amount of East Asian language sources will be considered for the Leigh Buchanan Bienen and Henry S. Bienen Senior Thesis Prize awarded by the program. Their most recent transcript, detailing the courses being applied toward the certificate,. Applications will then be reviewed and candidates notified regarding their certification by mid to late May. Earning both Program and Language Culture Certificates Students may not double count credits for the East Asian Studies Department and East Asian Studies Program certificates. Students should be aware that they will not be awarded credit through the University for this independent work it will count only in terms of attainment of the East Asian Studies Program certificate. that provides a solid framework of East Asian Studies upon which you can build.