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This is a time of uncertainty and disruption for everyone, so it may be hard to start a new volunteering position or other formal activity since folks in charge of organizations may not have time to bring new people on. Many in-person volunteer and clinical activities will also be suspended to try to maintain social distancing. Here are a few ideas--we'd love to hear other ideas that you might have. Read books that provide insight being a doctor, applying to medical school, or learning other health careers. For ideas, use our list of titles available in our HPA library. See HPA Networking Tips for guidance on connecting (although you may want to wait until we're in a stable situation). Engage in free online learning opportunities, like this class pandemics from Harvard or one community change in public health from Johns Hopkins or essentials of global health from Yale. Medical schools may see online courses as an indicator that an applicant was trying to take an easy way out . Nothing this transition from in person to online is easy, and none of this was a choice that you (or students at many institutions) have actively made! Everyone is trying to be flexible right now, medical school admissions included. And, a lot of medical school instruction is moving online these days, so some practice in this modality may actually be beneficial down the road. Proceed with your spring prerequisites as planned.

Find out how Online Master's program cost and tuition of Princeton University compares with other universities Tuition for Graduate Programs at Princeton University.

How does Graduate / Master’s degree program tuition for Princeton University compares with other universities in New Jersey?

The College of New Jersey : $21,972

New Brunswick Theological Seminary : $14,880

Caldwell University : $17,910

How does Online Master’s program tuition of Princeton University compare with similar ranked National Universities?

Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College : $9,132

University of Cincinnati-Main Campus : $24,532

University of Notre Dame : $52,746

How does Online Master’s program tuition of Princeton University compare with private National Universities?

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts : $39,906

American InterContinental University-Atlanta : $20,591

Loras College : $7,920