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Saint Louis University

Human Resources Management doctoral programs at Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University awarded 38 Doctoral degree in research/scholarship, 3 Doctoral degree in professional practice and 0 Doctoral degree in other fields in year 2022. Human Dimensions of Natural Resources: . The PhD degree in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources is designed to prepare students for careers in academic research and teaching, or advanced scientific professions. The PhD degree is conferred upon students who have demonstrated a high level of achievement in their particular specialization and have completed independent research contributing to knowledge in their respective field. Master’s degree or equivalent in a relevant discipline from an accredited institution. Graduate Record Exam score (GRE): verbal plus quantitative total of at least 1100 (300 on the new GRE). Experience in research or management of natural resources. Practical skills are strongly considered. Students whose GPAs and GRE scores do not meet the requirements will be evaluated individually. The GRE requirement may be waived under exceptional circumstances. Applicants will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. A minimum of 72 hrs beyond the Baccalaureate degree for the PhD. A maximum of 30 hours of post baccalaureate graduate credit from an accredited university can be transferred toward the PhD degree program, subject to committee approval. The PhD degree is conferred only upon those students who, after extensive study, have demonstrated a high level of achievement in their particular specialization in forestry and have completed significant independent research in their field. All students in the Human Dimensions of Natural Resources Emphasis Area will be required to take at least one course from each of three categories:. Each student’s coursework requirements, including the selection of specific courses in the above categories, will be listed in the student’s plan of study and approved by their graduate committee.