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Saint Louis University

Graduate Scholarship and teaching assistantship at Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University in total awarded Graduate Assistantship for 614 students.

Assistantship in Teaching was awarded to 147 Graduate Assistant students.

Assistantship in Research was awarded to 234 Graduate Assistant students.

The method of payment will depend on whether the student holds an assistantship during the regular Spring 2022 semester. Assistantship appointment dates and payment schedule will proceed as usual during the Spring 2022 semester. The appointment dates for a regular Graduate Teaching Assistantship are January 3, 2022 through May 13, 2022, as originally scheduled. The appointment dates for a regular Graduate Research Assistantship can start no later than February 1, 2022 through May 31, 2022. As usual, GTA and GRA work expectations are commensurate with the assistantship FTE. The maximum assistantship is 49% FTE and work may not exceed 19.6 hours per week. Assistantships must be a minimum of % FTE to be eligible for tuition remission and a reduced student health insurance premium. Students holding a regular GTA or GRA may be employed as a teaching assistant during the two-week Spring 2022 Pre-Session However, the appointment may not be combined with the regular spring assistantship appointment. The two-week session is considered an additional assignment with responsibilities outside of the regular assistantship appointment. This Template letter must be used for students with a regular assistantship. This Template letter must be used for students without a regular assistantship. Award Offer Letters: Procedures Template Letters for assistantships and fellowships.