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Saint Louis University

Tuition for Graduate Programs at Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University is a private university and has a tuition of $20,880. This tuition makes it very affordable among Best National Universities in the country.

Among all private universities in the state of Missouri, it is ranked 20 in terms of cost and is very affordable.

The in-state tuition at Saint Louis University has increased by 9%, from $40,726 in 2021 to $44,700 in 2022

Tuition for out of state and international students is $44,700.

How does Graduate / Master’s degree program tuition for Saint Louis University compares with other universities in Missouri?

Lincoln University : $13,536

Lindenwood University : $18,000

Stephens College : $8,190

How does Graduate / Master’s program tuition of Saint Louis University compare with similar ranked National Universities?

Duquesne University : $23,580

South Dakota State University : $15,541

Adelphi University : $41,920

How does Graduate / Master’s program tuition of Saint Louis University compare with private National Universities?

St. John's College : $27,550

Saint Johns University : $17,100

Southern Methodist University : $40,896

National Universities which have similar tuition as Saint Louis University for Graduate program

Roger Williams University School of Law $17,586

Antioch University-PhD Program in Leadership and Change $24,996

Pittsburg State University $17,652

Santa Clara University $23,507

Ohio University-Main Campus $17,436

Antioch University-Los Angeles $17,976

Antioch University-Santa Barbara $19,103

Antioch University-New England $24,384

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences $25,110

Antioch University-Seattle $18,024

National University of Health Sciences $24,716

Antioch University-Midwest $19,176

St. John's College $19,116

Springfield College-Regional, Online, and Continuing Education $18,360

Fuller Theological Seminary $20,880

Universities in Missouri which have tuition similar to Saint Louis University for Master's Degree Program

University of Missouri-Kansas City $25,202