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Stanford University presents an extensive selection of online master's programs, tailored for those aiming to fulfill their educational and career aspirations. These programs stand out for their adaptability, enabling participants to gain in-depth knowledge and acquire new competencies while continuing their professional journey. The courses, led by Stanford's esteemed faculty, offer academic credits and can be pursued on a part-time basis, making them an ideal choice for working professionals and students managing other obligations.

Designed to facilitate career progression, skill enhancement, and entry into new professional realms, Stanford's online master's degrees also serve as a stepping stone for more advanced academic pursuits. These programs encompass a mix of graduate courses, certificate programs, and master's degrees, all meticulously crafted to improve career opportunities and deepen understanding in various fields.

Some of the online master's programs available at Stanford University are as follows:

  • Applied Physics Online MS Degree: The Applied Physics Master's degree program aims to advance proficiency in applied physics, preparing students for either a professional career or further doctoral studies. This is accomplished through the successful completion of courses in the primary field and related areas.
  • Distance Education MS in Biomedical Informatics: Stanford University provides a comprehensive Biomedical Informatics Graduate Program, incorporating an Honors Cooperative Program (HCP) and a part-time, distance education Master's degree. The university offers this degree as a standard MS program.
  • Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD): The SCPD extends online master's degree programs in engineering and various technical fields. Tailored for working professionals, these programs offer the opportunity to pursue an advanced degree while continuing with their careers.

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Online Master’s Programs at Stanford University

Stanford University offers 7 online master's programs.

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