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Online Master of Education Curriculum, Instruction Assessment. An online Master of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment will give you the skills to identify student needs and develop applicable strategies for K-12 learning environments. In this program, you’ll:. Demonstrate and promote multi ethnic and multicultural awareness and appreciation in K-12 instructional methods, curriculum development, and assessment. Explore curriculum mapping to develop, implement, and evaluate curricula for use in multiple educational settings. Identify appropriate technology applications and develop technological skills for K-12 instruction, curriculum development, and assessment. research, critical thinking, and communication skills to obtain, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, and present scholarship related to K-12 curricula, instruction, and assessment. Deliver K-12 instruction, develop and implement program curricula, and obtain and present assessment data. Completion of Strayer University’s Master of Education program does not guarantee a student has met the requirements to for public school teacher or administrator licensure in any state, nor that a student will be eligible for pay raises, promotions or other job-­related benefits. Students pursuing teacher or school administrator certification in the public school system should contact their respective state offices of education as well as local school district to confirm educational requirements before beginning the program. With our evaluation, you can see how many of your previous credits could count toward a Strayer degree. Don’t waste time on credits you’ve already completed, transfer up to 28 classes towards your bachelor’s degree. We also accept transfer credits towards master’s degrees. Online Master of Curriculum, Instruction Assessment Courses. EDU 555 K-12: Curriculum Design and Development.

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