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Tuition for Graduate Programs at SUNY at Albany

Graduate Tuition at SUNY at Albany

$13,435 In-state tuition & fees
$25,225 Out-state tuition & fees

SUNY at Albany is a public university with an average tuition of $25,225 per year. This tuition gives it an affordability index of #46 among all universities in the New York, and an affordability index of #1484 among all the universities in the US.

The in-state tuition at SUNY at Albany has increased by 192%, from $9,490 in 2022 to $27,750 in 2023

Tuition for out of state and international students is $27,750.

How does the Graduate degree program tuition for SUNY at Albany differs when compared with other universities in New York?
UniversityIn-state Tuition / Year
Cornell University


Columbia University in the City of New York


New York University


University of Rochester


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


How does Graduate program tuition of SUNY at Albany compare with public National Universities?
UniversityTuition / Year
University of California-Los Angeles

In-state: $13,029

Out-state: $28,131

University of California-Berkeley

In-state: $14,245

Out-state: $29,347

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

In-state: $24,772

Out-state: $49,548

University of Virginia-Main Campus

In-state: $20,184

Out-state: $32,394

University of Florida

In-state: $12,737

Out-state: $30,130

How does Graduate program tuition of SUNY at Albany compare with private National Universities?
UniversityTuition / Year
Princeton University


Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Harvard University


Yale University


Stanford University