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Curriculum and Instruction Online Masters programs at Texas A & M University-College Station

927 students enrolled in Texas A & M University-College Station distance education graduate program.

The Teaching, Learning and Culture offers an online Doctor of Education (EdD) in Curriculum and Instruction. The program requires a minimum of 64 semester credit hours beyond the master’s degree, all of which are presented through a web-based delivery platform. Students admitted to this program progress only as members of a cohort. All applicants must hold a master degree and have completed at least five years of classroom teaching experience. The Doctor of Education (EdD) degree is a professional degree designed to prepare a candidate for a position of leadership in the full range of educational settings, including public and private schools and colleges, business, government, industry and the military establishment. The program is designed for the practitioner a graduate may be expected to fill instructional, supervisory and administrative positions in which educational services are to be rendered. Although substantively different from the PhD degree in education, the EdD degree requires equivalent admission qualifications, standards of scholarship and breadth and depth of study. Because graduates of the program are expected to demonstrate a high level of professional skill and educational statesmanship, only those candidates who show a consistently high level of professional performance in their academic studies, in their role-related studies, in their internship experience, and in the completion of their records of study will be recommended for the degree. The EdD degree may be earned in agricultural education, educational administration, and curriculum and instruction. Details of the requirements are presented below. An applicant must hold the master’s degree, provide an academic record acceptable to the department, and may be required to submit scores for the Graduate Record Examination. The requirement for years of professional experience in an educationally related setting varies by program. Please see program admissions information related to this prerequisite.

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