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Students who join our Educational Specialist programs are usually already in leadership positions in their schools and are seeking to enhance their disciplinary and pedagogical knowledge, as well as their capacity to bring affirmative school change. Through our programs they will learn to plan and create differentiated experiences and programs based on disciplinary content, cutting edge research, and professional standards in order to engage diverse 6th through 12th grade school populations in rigorous and enjoyable learning. Our students engage in original, empirical research, and when they graduate they often become disciplinary coaches or curriculum specialists for their schools or districts. All of our programs include 12 hours of graduate level work in the discipline, as well as advanced work in curriculum and instruction. The Graduate School makes admission decisions based on a composite of qualitative and quantitative information that include, but are not limited to, the following:. Not every student whose credentials meet stated standards is admitted. Admission requirements are subject to change without prior notice. A person holding a bachelor’s degree (or who is a senior) from a U.S. regionally accredited institution (or the foreign equivalent for an international applicant) is eligible for consideration for admission to the Graduate School of The University of Alabama. Please apply online for graduate study at the Graduate School’s website. All applicants, including U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and international applicants, must submit the following materials to the Graduate School using the online application:. One official transcript for each US institution of higher education (including community colleges) at which 15 or credit hours have been completed. For domestic applicants, transcripts must be uploaded by the applicant. For international applicants, transcripts but be submitted directly by the issuing institution.

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United States Sports Academy : $17,865

University of South Alabama : $15,912

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