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University of Arizona Graduate Assistantships

2742 Students Awarded with Graduate Assistantships
1503 Students Awarded with Teaching Assistantships
1091 Students Awarded with Research Assistantships
1359 Graduate Assistantships Awarded to Female Students
1383 Graduate Assistantships Awarded to Male Students
908 Graduate Assistantships Awarded to International Students

Graduate Assistantships in the Family Science and Human Development


Teaching and graduate assistant positions in the Family Science and Human Development graduate program can be seen here:

Pre-Session and Summer Session Teaching Positions:

  • Teaching positions for pre-session and summer sessions are posted annually, usually between mid-December and early January.
  • Eligibility: To be eligible for these positions you need to be a student in the FSHD graduate program.

GTA Positions: Graduate Teaching Assistant positions are also available for students, and eligibility to apply for these positions requires enrollment in the FSHD graduate program. These positions are posted every year during March or April.

GRA Positions: Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) positions are also those positions that are granted to students so that they can help themselves financially. To apply for these positions, students need to be enrolled in the FSHD graduate program. These positions are posted during the spring semester basically by mid-March.

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