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Graduate Programs at University of California-Berkeley

University of California Berkeley is one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. The Berkeley graduate division offers 120 graduate programs across various disciplines. The graduate division aims to create a diverse student body and help them prepare not just on an academic level but also on a personal and professional front. 

As per the U.S Report News 2023-24 Best Graduate School Rankings, graduate programs at UC Berkeley have been ranked in the top positions and many of them have also ranked #1. Some of the #1 ranking programs include Chemistry, the overall program as well as the following areas: Inorganic, Physical, and Theoretical Computer Science, Public Affairs areas in Policy Analysis and Social Policy, and Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Graduate Tuition

The fees differ for every program and the school or college offering the program. Fees include student services fees, tuition, campus fee, class pass transit fee, health insurance, nonresident fees, document management fees and other fees. The graduate academic fees for California residents is $10,526 which includes tuition fees of $5,850 and other fees including student service fees of $576, berkeley campus fees of $717 etc. The fees for non-resident students is $18,007.

  • Haas Business School’s full time MBA program: The in-state tuition is $36,894 and out-state tuition is $41,398 for graduate students.
  • Juris Doctor program: The in-state tuition is $32,873.00 and out-state tuition is $37,127.50 for graduate students.  
  • Master of Public Health program: The in-state tuition is $15,614 and out-state tuition is $21,736 for graduate students.
  • Master of Information Management and Systems: The in-state tuition is $14,865 and out-state tuition is $20,987 for graduate students.
  • Online Masters in Data Science program (MIDS): A total of $17,605 is charged for two classes (6 units). This is inclusive of campus fee, enhancement fee, document management fee, etc. 

For a detailed break down and comparison refer to "UC Berkley Graduate Program Tuition".

What percentage of applicants are admitted to UC Berkeley's Master's program?

The University of California Berkeley maintains an acceptance rate of 11.4%.  

Acceptance Rate for Fall 2022

  • Applications received: 128230
  • Accepted: 14568
  • International students acceptance rate: 9%

Acceptance Rate of Haas’s MBA Program

  • Acceptance rate: 13.2%
  • Average GMAT score: 726

Are early decision or early action choices part of the application process for UC Berkeley Graduate programs?

UC Berkeley does not offer early decision or early action policy. The university follows a rolling basis admission process. Some programs results come out much before the others however there is no policy like early decision or early action. 

Are students allowed to transfer credits from other graduate schools to UC Berkeley?

Yes, UC Berkeley accepts transfer credits from other graduate schools. A graduate student may transfer up to 4 semester units or 6 quarter units of course work completed as a graduate student at another institution. Acceptance is subject to the approval of the Graduate Division upon recommendation of the department concerned.

How do UC Berkeley master's degree graduates fare in the job market, and what is the typical salary trajectory post obtaining their advanced degree?

UC Berkeley runs its career center to provide graduates with job opportunities. There are many reputed companies who have joined the Berkeley Circle for the 2022-23 academic year. Some of the partners include Ever law, Accenture, Bloomberg, US Bank, and KPMG among others. Students can also book career counseling appointments in order to understand career development. 

Graduate Programs Offered

123 Graduate Programs Offered
107 Master’s Programs Offered
100 PHD Programs Offered

Graduate Students Enrollment Count

45878 Students enrolled (Undergraduate & Graduate)
12670 Students Enrolled (Only Graduate Programs)
6380 Students Enrolled in Online Programs
1147 International Students Enrolled

Graduate Tuition

$14,245 In-state tuition & fees
$29,347 Out-state tuition & fees

University of California-Berkeley offers the following Graduate Programs:

Agriculture and Agriculture Operations
Education and Teaching
Foreign Languages, Cultures, Literature and Linguistics
English Language, Literature and Cultural Studies
Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Atmospheric and Physical Sciences
Public Administration And Social Service
Health Professions
History Studies

Graduate Programs with highest enrollment

University of California-Berkeley most popular Master's Degree programs with respect to the students enrolled in the top 5 most popular graduate programs

  • Law : 331
  • Business Administration and Management -MBA : 306
  • Public Health : 253
  • Civil Engineering : 227
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering : 184