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University of California-Davis Graduate Assistantships

Financial Aid & Scholarships for master's and Ph.D. programs

UC Davis offers financial support to its graduate students. Scholarships and financial aid offered by some of the schools are:

  • Graduate School of Management: UC Davis’s Graduate School of Management offers loans, scholarships, and fellowships to students. There is also a Deferred Tuition Program (DTP) for online MBA students.
  • School of Law: The School of Law offers merit-based gift aid and need-based gift aid to its students. Student loans and federal loans are also available to cover expenses.
  • UC Davis Health: Financial aid in the form of loans like William D. Ford direct loans, direct unsubsidized loans, and Direct Unsubsidized Graduate Plus loans are available to students.

4637 Students Awarded with Graduate Assistantships
2331 Students Awarded with Teaching Assistantships
1365 Students Awarded with Research Assistantships
2323 Graduate Assistantships Awarded to Female Students
2314 Graduate Assistantships Awarded to Male Students
1669 Graduate Assistantships Awarded to International Students

Teaching Assistantships at UC Davis


Opportunities for graduate students to work as teaching assistants (TAs) and readers to help cover the cost of their graduate degrees at UC Davis can be seen here:

Teaching Assistant and Reader Positions: Graduate student assistantship and reader positions are available to help students reduce the cost of their graduate education. These positions come with a monthly or hourly stipend and can also include reduced tuition fees.

Teaching Assistant Responsibilities: TAs are responsible for participating in regular classes as well as conducting discussion sections. Their duties include activities like observing exams and grading assignments. This ensures that responsibilities such as grading and observing, are shared equally among teaching assistants.

Reader Responsibilities: A reader is a student employee who provides various services as a course assistant, such as grading student papers and examinations. Readers do not have the same responsibilities as teaching assistants.

Stipend for Teaching Assistants: Here are some specific stipend amounts for teaching assistants based on their appointment percentages. For example:

  • A 50% teaching assistant appointment receives $7,303.83 for the entire quarter, plus fee remission.
  • A 25% teaching assistant appointment receives $3,651.19 for the entire quarter, plus fee remission.

Fee Remission: Teaching assistant appointments of 25% or higher come with a fee remission. This fee remission typically covers education and registration fees, as well as health insurance fees. However, it's worth noting that there are no fee remissions offered for any student academic appointments during the summer sessions.

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