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UCLA is one of the most competitive universities with the brightest minds from all over the world. It offers more than 130 graduate and professional programs across distinct courses like law, medicine, and business in 40 different languages. Various graduate programs are taught together to achieve the aim of multidisciplinary education. Students at UCLA graduate programs are creative, innovative, and looking to find new meanings to questions. 

The University of California-Los Angeles offers 125 Master's degree programs and 92 Ph.D. programs. Students enrolled in University of California-Los Angeles graduate programs: 13306.


The tuition varies for every program at UCLA however for most doctoral and master’s programs. The tuition and fees are about $18,136 per year for California residents, and about $33,238 annually for non-California residents.

  • The fees for the J.D program for California Resident: $56,540 and Non-Resident: $68,785.
  • The L.L.M program Tuition fees is $70,610. Other expenses include UC SHIP Health Insurance of $5,571.32 and Mandatory Health Facilities Fees: $238.
  • UCLA’ Anderson School of Management’s full-time MBA program has a total cost of $121,591.
  • For getting admitted to UCLA’s Geffen School of Medicine, a tuition fee of $40,562 is charged from residents and $52,807 from non-residents. 
  • The annual fees for the Urban Planning MURP program is $28,419 for residents and $41,315 for non-residents. 

Are graduate transfer credits from other schools acknowledged and accepted by UCLA?

UCLA enrolls transfer students and accepts transfer credits from other graduate schools. Transfer students enter UCLA as juniors (third-year students), having taken enough courses at another institution. Students who take courses at a college or university other than UCLA should check with their college or school counselor or departmental major adviser to determine if the courses apply toward their graduation requirements.

What percentage of applicants are accepted into UCLA's Master's program?

The acceptance rates for UCLA graduate programs are high and vary for every program. Each year, UCLA receives applications from more than 55,000 individuals hoping to be admitted as a graduate student. Out of these applicants, approximately 14,000 are accepted into one of their over 130 prestigious programs - which span not only business and medical studies but also offer degrees in 40 different languages.

Statistics of MBA Acceptance Rate: Class of 2022

  • Applications received: 2817
  • Admits: 732
  • Acceptance Rate: 26%

Statistics of the J.D program acceptance rate: 

  • Applications received: 7939
  • Admits: 1225
  • Acceptance Rate: 15.43%

Do UCLA's graduate programs offer an early decision or early action application pathway?

UCLA has a low acceptance rate and doesn't offer early decisions or early action for most graduate programs. However, UCLA Law has introduced an Early Decision Program which is appropriate for candidates who have concluded that UCLA School of Law is their first choice for law school and do not feel the need to compare offers of financial aid in making a decision about admission.

How do UCLA master's degree graduates fare in the job market, and what is the average salary trajectory post obtaining their advanced degree?

UCLA is one of the five biggest employers in Los Angeles. It offers many full-time and part-time jobs. The job packages are inclusive of comprehensive medical coverage, generous retirement options, paid holidays, and vacation for the personal and professional betterment of students. Career opportunities can be found in the career center and career hub pages of the university. Great resources, guidance, career support, and opportunities to network with fellow graduates can be found in the UCLA Alumni Association.

Graduate Programs Offered

125 Graduate Programs Offered
110 Master’s Programs Offered
92 PHD Programs Offered

Graduate Students Enrollment Count

46947 Students enrolled (Undergraduate & Graduate)
13306 Students Enrolled (Only Graduate Programs)
6191 Students Enrolled in Online Programs
1205 International Students Enrolled

Graduate Tuition

$13,029 In-state tuition & fees
$28,131 Out-state tuition & fees

University of California-Los Angeles offers the following Graduate Programs:

University of California-Los Angeles Graduate Program - Agriculture and Agriculture Operations
University of California-Los Angeles Graduate Program - Landscape Design and Architecture
University of California-Los Angeles Graduate Program - Communication And Journalism
University of California-Los Angeles Graduate Program - Computer Science, Information Systems and Information Technology
University of California-Los Angeles Graduate Program - Education and Teaching
University of California-Los Angeles Graduate Program - Foreign Languages, Cultures, Literature and Linguistics
University of California-Los Angeles Graduate Program - English Language, Literature and Cultural Studies
University of California-Los Angeles Graduate Program - Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
University of California-Los Angeles Graduate Program - Counseling and Behavioral Psychology
University of California-Los Angeles Graduate Program - Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Firefighting
University of California-Los Angeles Graduate Program - Public Administration And Social Service
University of California-Los Angeles Graduate Program - Social Sciences and Studies

Graduate Programs with highest enrollment

University of California-Los Angeles most popular Master's Degree programs with respect to the students enrolled in the top 5 most popular graduate programs

  • Law : 312
  • Education : 176
  • Medicine : 149
  • Business Administration and Management -MBA : 138
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering : 126