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University of Central Florida - Overview

The University of Central Florida (UCF) in Florida is a prestigious public research university. It is one of the largest universities in the United States, offering a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in various disciplines. UCF is known for its commitment to academic excellence, innovative research efforts, and athletic program management. The University provides a vibrant and inclusive environment, attracts a diverse student body, and offers a variety of activities and organizations beyond academics. UCF's commitment to student success, continuing research, and community engagement has established it as the leading institution in Florida and beyond.


Located in Orlando, Florida, the University of Central Florida (UCF) is a prestigious national research university and the second-largest university in the United States by enrollment, with over 60,000 students. UCF has earned the status of excellent, ranking #137 in the Top Public among national universities by US News & World Report, so It also ranks #64 in Schools. Additionally, UCF was recognized as number 178 on the list of most valuable schools, demonstrating its commitment to providing a high-quality education at an affordable cost.

Colleges Under the University of Central Florida

There are a total of 13 colleges at UCF with numerous schools and departments under them.

  • College of Arts and Humanities
  • College of Business
  • College of Community Innovation and Education
  • College of Engineering and Computer Science
  • College of Graduate Studies
  • College of Health Professions and Sciences
  • College of Medicine
  • Burnett Honors College
  • College of Sciences
  • College of Nursing
  • College of Undergraduate Studies
  • Rosen College of Hospitality Management
  • College Optics and Photonics

Some Notable faculty who taught at the University of Central Florida

  • Greg Welch: A computer science professor named to the National Academy of Inventors in 2022. He is known for his research on computer vision and robotics.
  • Laurene Tetard: A biology professor awarded $50,000 to help mitigate animal-borne diseases. She is known for her research on mosquito-borne diseases.
  • Ali Gordon: A mechanical engineering professor, and a fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He is known for his research on energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  • Kelly A. Miller: A music professor named the College Music Educators Association's College Music Educator of the Year in 2022.
  • Humberto Campins: A physics professor named a Jefferson Science Fellow in 2023. He is known for his research on the atmospheres of exoplanets.

Alumni at the University of Central Florida

Notable University of Central Florida (UCF) alumni include:

  • Blake Bortles: an NFL quarterback, who played for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Los Angeles Rams.
  • Dante Culpepper: A former NFL quarterback, he played for the Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders: Miami Dolphins, and Detroit Lions.
  • Asante Samuel: A former NFL cornerback who played for the Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots, and Atlanta Falcons.
  • Latavius Murray: An NFL running back who played for the Oakland Raiders, Minnesota Vikings, and New Orleans Saints.
  • Brandon Marshall: A former NFL wide receiver, he played for the Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears, New York Jets, and New York Giants.
  • Michelle Akers: A former professional soccer player, member of the United States Women's National Soccer Team, two-time Olympic gold medalist, and two-time FIFA Women's World Cup winner.
  • Daniel Tosh: A comedian and actor best known for the Comedy Central show "Tosh.0".
  • Cheryl Hines: An actress best known for her roles in the TV series "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Suburgatory".

Acceptance Rate of the UCF

The University of Central Florida has a varying acceptance rate depending on the admission field. In fall 2022, the overall acceptance rate for the master’s programs was less than 35%. However, specific programs like the MBA, MPP, MEng, MAT, and MSN had acceptance rates of 5%, 12%, 25%, 30%, and 35% respectively.

Enrollment Data for Master’s at UCF

  • Spring 2020 : 9,235
  • Spring 2021 : 9,694
  • Spring 2022 : 9,160
  • Spring 2023 : 8,718

Composition of Undergraduate Students

45.17% Acceptance Rate
47957 Students Applied
21661 Students got Accepted

An acceptance rate of 45.17% makes it relatively easy to get admission.

Composition of Graduate Students

10480 Students Enrolled (On-campus & Online)
6156 Students enrolled exclusively in distance education
2092 Students enrolled in at least one distance education course
5996 Students enrolled in top 7 Masters degree program
82 Total Graduate Programs Specialization
What is the admission policy at University of Central Florida?

University of Central Florida has an open admission policy. It will accept any student who applies.


University of Central Florida has been ranked 148


Acceptance Rate: 45.17%


Tuition for Graduate Programs: $28,657

Under Graduate Program Tuition: $22,467

Financial Aid

Average Amount of Financial Aid Awarded: $7,826

Average Amount of Institutional Aid Awarded: $2,606

University of Central Florida most popular Master's Degree programs with respect to student count are

  • Social Work : 194
  • Medicine : 117
  • Educational Leadership and Administration : 115
  • Registered Nurse : 92
  • Criminal Justice : 88

University of Central Florida most popular under graduate programs with respect to student count are

  • Psychology : 1214
  • Registered Nurse : 904
  • Criminal Justice : 482
  • Mechanical Engineering : 461
  • Biomedical Sciences : 438