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The Certificate in Biotechnology requires 15 credits of graduate level course work consisting of:. 9 credits of graduate level course work in the biological sciences comprised of three classes, spread over at least two of the five following areas: Molecular Biology, Genetics, Cell Biology, Physiology and Microbiology (see list below). 6 credits of graduate level courses in fields related to biotechnology including bioinformatics, engineering, chemistry, agriculture, food safety, health sciences and statistics (see approved list below). BISC 600 Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine (3cr.). Give procedure for petitions for variance in degree requirements. Only graduate courses completed with a grade of B or higher fulfill the biological sciences core and the biotechnology-related course requirements for the Certificate in Biotechnology. Students receiving a B or lower in a required core course are subject to dismissal from the program. However, they may file an appeal to the Biological Sciences Graduate Affairs Committee for approval to retake the course and remain in the program. If the appeal is not approved, the Graduate Affairs Committee will recommend to the Office of Graduate Studies that the student be dismissed from the program. Identify any courses, which may not be used towards the degree. Only courses listed in the curriculum may count towards the degree unless a variance is granted by the Graduate Affairs Committee, Biological Sciences. Identify expectations of facility of expression in English (oral and written) as part of the degree requirement. Aside from the TOFEL admission requirement for foreign applicants, there are no specific requirements. However, successful completion of the degree will require fluency in both written and spoken English. This degree has no thesis or dissertation requirements. Timetable and definition of satisfactory progress towards the degree.
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