Graduate Programs at University of Delaware

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Graduate Programs Offered

96 Graduate Programs Offered
87 Master’s Programs Offered
43 PHD Programs Offered

Graduate Students Enrollment Count

26527 Students enrolled (Undergraduate & Graduate)
4658 Students Enrolled (Only Graduate Programs)
2311 Students Enrolled in Online Programs
304 International Students Enrolled

Graduate Tuition

$35,192 In-state tuition & fees
$35,192 Out-state tuition & fees

University of Delaware offers the following Graduate Programs:

Computer Science, Information Systems and Information Technology
Human Development and Family Empowerment
Parks, Recreation, Leisure And Fitness Studies
Counseling and Behavioral Psychology
Public Administration And Social Service

Graduate Programs with highest enrollment

University of Delaware most popular Master's Degree programs with respect to the students enrolled in the top 5 most popular graduate programs

  • Business Administration and Management -MBA : 147
  • Physical Therapy and Therapist : 58
  • Special Education and Teaching : 40
  • Finance : 40
  • Public Administration : 36