University of Miami

University of Miami is located in Florida, Tallahassee.

It is ranked as #48 in Best National University.

It is a private University.

University of Miami offers following types of degrees and certificate programs:

  • Less than one year certificate
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Postbaccalaureate certificate
  • Master's degree
  • Post-master's certificate
  • Doctor's degree in research
  • Doctor's degree for professional practice

Acceptance rate at University of Miami for undergraduate program was 32.15%.

Last year, 34281 students applied for undergraduate program and 11021 got accepted.

Acceptance rate of 32.15% makes it moderately competitive to get admission.

6214 enrolled in graduate programs, which includes on campus and online Master's programs.

513 are reported as enrolled exclusively in distance education and 33 are enrolled in at least one distance education course, but not all distance education.

University of Miami had 11984 students enrolled in undergraduate programs.

104 students were enrolled in top 6 Masters degree programs.

University of Miami offers 108 graduate programs specialization.

University of Miami does not have an open admission policy. It’s admission process is difficult to get into.

At this stage of the PhD program, the student works full-time on a job market paper, which will showcase the student’s knowledge and skills related to finance scholarship, as well as the rest of the dissertation. Graduates from the Miami Herbert Business School PhD in Economics program are placed in a variety of positions, including domestic and foreign tenure-track academic posiitons, as well as government and private sector jobs. The Economics establishes a Job Placement Committee, which aims to prepare senior PhD students interested in participating in the job market for PhD economists. The committee serves as a source of information and provides a variety of services for prospective job candidates and potential employers. With an Estate Planning LL.M. job opportunities can include:.


University of Miami has been ranked 48.


Acceptance Rate: 32.15%


Tuition for Graduate Programs: $36,540

Under Graduate Program Tuition: $48,720

Financial Aid

Average Amount of Financial Aid Awarded: $31,431

Average Amount of Institutional Aid Awarded: $24,461

University of Miami most popular Master's Degree programs with respect to student count are

Law : 338
Business Administration and Management -MBA : 239
Medicine : 201
Nursing Practitioner : 144
Epidemiology : 129

University of Miami most popular under graduate programs with respect to student count are

Finance : 201
Registered Nurse : 174
Biology and Biological Sciences : 147
Psychology : 119
Economics : 109