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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill GRE score and admission requirements for graduate programs in Fine, Visual, Applied and Performing Arts

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill requires GRE scores to be submitted for 23 Programs.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill gre score requirements for graduate programs are:

If applicant are offered admission, one official paper transcript for each university attended will be required prior to class registration. International applicants must also provide an English translation.

A copy of the recommendation guidelines should be given to the those writing the recommendations. One academic recommendation or a letter from a supervisor attesting to their academic capability is required. The other two recommendations should be from those who have observed applicant in social work related activities.

Interviews will be required for all competitive international applicants and applicants to the Triangle and Winston-Salem distance education programs.

Failure to provide complete, accurate, and truthful information on their application will be grounds to deny or withdraw an applicant admission or for dismissal after enrollment.

This can be one of the three required recommendations.

Have a B or better average GPA in the last 60 credit hours of an accredited bachelor degree and a B or better in all of the required social work classes.

All applicants are required to review the university program Technical Standards for Professional and Ethical Behavior.

GRE Quantitative : -

GRE Verbal : -

GRE Analytical : -