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University of Pennsylvania - An overview

The University of Pennsylvania, also known as UPenn, is an Ivy League institution renowned for its excellence in education, groundbreaking research, and vibrant campus life. As a US student looking to pursue your graduate studies, UPenn offers a wide range of exceptional programs that will empower you to achieve your academic and professional goals. In this article, we will delve into the exciting opportunities UPenn provides through its graduate programs, including master's degrees, online master's programs, and Ph.D. programs.

University of Pennsylvania Ranking

UPenn has been ranked No. 7 in the 2022-2023 U.S. News & World Report ranking of US universities. The Wharton School and the School of Nursing are the top-ranked business schools and nursing programs respectively. The School of Engineering ranked No. 22, along with the University of Maryland, the University of California, the University of San Diego, and the University of Washington. Penn Graduate School of Education (GSE) has consistently ranked in the top 5 and is ranked #1 in the world by US News in 2022-2023.

Schools Under the University of Pennsylvania

There are 12 schools under Upenn. You might have heard the name Wharton Business School the most as it is one of the top-ranked MBA programs in the world.

  • School of Arts and Sciences
  • School of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Wharton School (School of Business)
  • School of Nursing
  • Graduate School of Education
  • School of Social Policy & Practice
  • Penn Law School
  • Perelman School of Medicine
  • School of Dental Medicine
  • School of Veterinary Medicine
  • School of Design
  • School of Social Policy & Practice

Some Notable faculty who had taught at Upenn

  • Benjamin Franklin: Founding Father of the United States, inventor, and polymath. He played a significant role in establishing UPenn and served as the institution's first president.
  • Noam Chomsky: Linguist, philosopher, and political activist known for his work in cognitive science and transformational grammar.
  • Edmund J. Safra: Renowned neuroscientist and philanthropist who made significant contributions to the understanding of Parkinson's disease and other neurological disorders.
  • Angela Davis: Activist, scholar, and writer known for her involvement in civil rights and feminist movements. She was a professor of History of Consciousness and Feminist Studies at UPenn.
  • Walter McDougall: Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and author, known for his works on American history and foreign policy.
  • Daniel Goleman: Psychologist and author who popularized the concept of emotional intelligence. He was a faculty member at UPenn's Wharton School.
  • Jere R. Behrman: Economist known for his research on human capital, development economics, and health economics.
  • Kenneth Goldsmith: Poet, artist, and professor who gained recognition for his concept of "uncreative writing" and innovative approaches to text and language.

Current Faculty members at Upenn

  • Angela Duckworth: Psychologist and author known for her research on grit and self-control.
  • Steven Joffe: Pediatric oncologist and bioethicist recognized for his work in medical ethics and decision-making for children with cancer.
  • Joseph E. Stiglitz: Nobel laureate economist and former chief economist of the World Bank.

Penn Law School:

  • Amy Wax: Legal scholar and professor known for her writings on law and social welfare policies.
  • Kermit Roosevelt III: Constitutional law scholar and author.

School of Engineering and Applied Science:

  • Vijay Kumar: Roboticist and professor specializing in aerial robots and swarm intelligence.
  • Danielle Bassett: Physicist and neuroscientist focusing on the structure and dynamics of human brain networks.

Wharton School:

  • Adam Grant: Organizational psychologist and bestselling author.
  • Katherine Milkman: Behavioral economist and expert in decision-making and behavior change.

Perelman School of Medicine:

  • Carl June: Immunologist and pioneer in the field of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy for cancer treatment.
  • Nancy Speck: Molecular biologist studying blood cell development and leukemia.

School of Arts and Sciences:

  • Jonathan Moreno: Bioethicist and philosopher known for his work on ethics and neuroscience.
  • Michael Weisberg: Philosopher of science focusing on the philosophy of biology and cognitive science.

Alumni at Upenn

No Ivy League goes unmentioned without some of its notable alumni. University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) has a long list of accomplished alumni across its various schools. Here are some examples of famous alumni who have attended UPenn:

  • Donald Trump: The name needs no introduction. 45th President of the United States, businessman, and television personality. He graduated from UPenn's Wharton School of Business.
  • Elon Musk: Entrepreneur and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla. Musk attended UPenn for a brief period before transferring to the University of Pretoria in South Africa.
  • Warren Buffett: Business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. Buffett attended UPenn's Wharton School for his master's degree in economics.
  • Andrea Mitchell: Journalist and television anchor, currently serving as the chief foreign affairs correspondent for NBC News. Mitchell earned her bachelor's degree in English literature from UPenn.
  • Noam Chomsky: Linguist, philosopher, and political activist known for his influential work in cognitive science. Chomsky received his undergraduate degree from UPenn.
  • Elizabeth Banks: Actress, director, and producer known for her roles in films such as "Pitch Perfect" and "The Hunger Games." Banks received her bachelor's degree in theater arts from UPenn.
  • John Legend: Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, and actor. Legend graduated from UPenn with a degree in English and African-American Studies.
  • Sheryl Sandberg: Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Facebook and author of "Lean In." Sandberg obtained her bachelor's degree in economics from UPenn.
  • Michael Bloomberg: Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and former mayor of New York City. Bloomberg earned his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from UPenn.
  • Sundar Pichai: CEO of Google and its parent company, Alphabet Inc. Pichai completed his master's degree in materials science and engineering from UPenn's School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Acceptance rate at UPenn Graduate program

The acceptance rate varies across various programs. Wharton Business School, one of the most competitive in the world has an acceptance rate of less 

Statistics for CIS/MSE admission at the University of Pennsylvania for the class of 2021 fall semester are :

Applications: 1974

Admitted: 172

Matriculated: 55

Candidates admitted to the doctoral program with average GRE: V 160/Q 168/AW 4.3

Statistics for MCIT admission at the University of Pennsylvania for the class of 2021 fall semester are :

Applications: 1225

Admitted: 118

Matriculated: 73

Candidates admitted to the doctoral program with average GRE: V 162/Q 168/AW 4.3

Statistics for PHD admission at the University of Pennsylvania for the class of 2021 fall semester are :

Applications: 1,141

Admitted: 79

Matriculated: 45

Candidates admitted to the doctoral program with average GPA: 3.8

Composition of Undergraduate Students

8.98% Acceptance Rate
42205 Students Applied
3789 Students got Accepted

An acceptance rate of 8.98% makes it pretty tough to get admission.

Composition of Graduate Students

15397 Students Enrolled (On-campus & Online)
6806 Students enrolled exclusively in distance education
4544 Students enrolled in at least one distance education course
165 Students enrolled in top 8 Masters degree program
158 Total Graduate Programs Specialization
What is the admission policy at University of Pennsylvania?

University of Pennsylvania has an open admission policy. It will accept any student who applies.


University of Pennsylvania has been ranked 7


Acceptance Rate: 8.98%


Tuition for Graduate Programs: $41,760

Under Graduate Program Tuition: $60,042

Financial Aid

Average Amount of Financial Aid Awarded: $44,232

Average Amount of Institutional Aid Awarded: $51,169

University of Pennsylvania most popular Master's Degree programs with respect to student count are

  • Business Administration and Management -MBA : 289
  • Law : 258
  • Finance : 253
  • Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Studies : 217
  • Social Work : 193

University of Pennsylvania most popular under graduate programs with respect to student count are

  • Finance : 341
  • Registered Nurse : 181
  • Economics : 159
  • Political Science and Government : 143
  • Biology and Biological Sciences : 135