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2172 Students Awarded with Graduate Assistantships
1081 Students Awarded with Teaching Assistantships
1091 Students Awarded with Research Assistantships
1056 Graduate Assistantships Awarded to Female Students
1116 Graduate Assistantships Awarded to Male Students
960 Graduate Assistantships Awarded to International Students

Graduate Assistantships at the Department of Linguistics in UP


Detailed information about the Graduate Assistantships at the Department of Linguistics at the University of Pittsburgh has been provided here, let us extract more data on it:

About the Program:

  • It offers Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Linguistics, Applied Hispanic Linguistics, and Sociolinguistics, with various areas of concentration.
  • The MA program requires a minimum of 30 credits, while the PhD requires a minimum of 72 credits beyond the baccalaureate.
  • The department also offers a TESOL Certificate, which can be pursued alongside graduate studies or as a standalone post-baccalaureate certificate.

Graduate Assistantships:

  • Teaching and research assistantships are mainly provided to students, with two to five teaching assistantships available each year.
  • The department also offers assistantships in the English Language Institute for both MA and PhD students.

In summary, the University of Pittsburgh's Department of Linguistics offers comprehensive graduate programs in Linguistics and related fields, with various areas of concentration and certificate options and several graduate assistantships are also provided such as teaching and research assistantships as well as english language assistantships.

Student Assistantships and Traineeships at the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health


Student Assistantships at the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health provides information about various types of student support roles, including graduate student assistants, researchers, and teaching assistants, let us get into it to extract more information about it:

About the Assistantships:

  • These roles are designed to provide students with financial support, teaching, research experience, and mentorship from faculty members.
  • Assistantships and traineeships are primarily awarded by individual departments, and there is no central listing of available positions.

Traineeships and Assistantships:

  • Traineeships offer support for advanced study in a specific field, covering full or partial tuition and living expenses, usually without a service requirement.
  • Assistantships provide a full or partial tuition scholarship, a stipend, and individual health insurance in exchange for specific duties, often related to faculty research projects. These appointments can be full or part-time and are typically awarded to doctoral students.

Teaching assistants (TAs):

  • These are students with teaching or teaching-related appointments.
  • TAs are expected to work twenty hours per week,
  • Appointments are made annually for up to three terms at a time, with renewals dependent on job performance and funding availability.

Assistantship Eligibility:

  • Students must be enrolled in a degree or certificate program at Pitt Public Health to be eligible for these roles.
  • Full-time GSR/GSA/TAs are eligible for full-tuition scholarships for up to 15 credits per term, while part-time positions receive partial scholarships.

Assistantships benefits:

  • The stipend amount for these positions is set by the department within a University-established range, and part-time positions receive proportional stipends.
  • Health insurance is provided for individuals, with family coverage available at an additional cost.

So, in short, the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health offers various student assistantship roles to provide financial support, teaching, and research experience. These roles include traineeships, assistantships, teaching assistants, and teaching fellows, each with specific eligibility criteria, work obligations, and benefits. The stipend amounts and tuition scholarships are determined by the department, and health insurance is provided, with the option for family coverage at an additional cost.

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