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Degree Programs at USDMaster of EducationSpecializationsCurriculum and Instruction. This course of study is the most flexible master’s online option at the University of San Diego (USD). It allows you to choose your specialization courses from across the School Leadership, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), Inclusive Learning: Special Education and Universal Design or the Literacy and Digital Learning offerings. With these courses, you will focus on the design, delivery, and assessment of lessons, units, and programs. The Master of Education online program teaches you to systematically examine both your own practices and leading national and international exemplars and considers how the Common Core Standards play a role in curriculum development. If you are a transfer student to USD, this specialization may make the most sense for you. Get the comprehensive advantage that the Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction offers! View the curriculum below. Earn this University of San Diego Masters Degree in Education by completing 10 courses (3-units each) for 30 units of coursework. Your Masters in Education online program consists of five foundation courses including a capstone action research project as well as five specialization courses. You may begin your study in any semester with any of the courses offered. The Capstone Seminar is the final course in the program and builds on knowledge gained in the research and specialization courses. The Master of Education with Curriculum and Instruction specialization program spans over five different semesters which includes a mandatory orientation course. Each semester is fourteen weeks and is split into two different courses. The first course is seven weeks and the second course is seven weeks. Below is a sample outline of what the span of the Master of Education with Curriculum and Instruction specialization program may look like:.