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University of Southern California

Data Science doctoral programs at University of Southern California

University of Southern California awarded 86 Doctoral degree in research/scholarship, 7 Doctoral degree in professional practice and 6 Doctoral degree in other fields in year 2022. BUCO 634: Communication for Doctoral Students: Conference Papers and Presentations. Screening Examination In addition to the papers and examinations assigned in their first-year courses, a screening process will occur in May at the end of the first year. This process will include a review of each student grades, an analysis of competence in written communications and a written exam based on the material covered during the first year. developmental needs and fitness to continue in the program. BUCO 6 : Communication for Doctoral Students: Foundations of Academic Writing. BUCO 637: Communication for Doctoral Students: Succeeding as a Teacher. In the fourth or fifth year of the program, students complete, defend and submit the dissertation. This is the last step to earn the Ph.D. degree. DSO 607 High-Dimensional Statistics and Big Data Problems. MATH 541A Introduction to Mathematical Statistics 1 elective. MATH 541B Introduction to Mathematical Statistics or MATH 547 Methods of Statistical Inference (if already taken 541B). 3 electives (including a graduate level class in a selected business area).