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At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, there are a limited number of opportunities for graduate assistantships, which come with extra perks like stipends and affordable health insurance. 

In the MA LIS program, graduate assistants benefit from tuition remission, provided they hold a minimum appointment of 33.4%. However, the MS Information program students do not have a similar provision. 

The available graduate assistantships at the University of Wisconsin-Madison include Project assistantships, Research assistantships, and Teaching assistantships. On the other hand, most of the on-campus jobs will pay an hourly rate and it does not include tuition remission or any other benefits. 

5164 Students Awarded with Graduate Assistantships
2355 Students Awarded with Teaching Assistantships
2733 Students Awarded with Research Assistantships
2443 Graduate Assistantships Awarded to Female Students
2721 Graduate Assistantships Awarded to Male Students
1801 Graduate Assistantships Awarded to International Students

Ecology Graduate Assistantships in the NIES at UWM


Information on graduate assistantships at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin–Madison provides a lot of information about Assistantships to support students financially and educationally.

Here are three main types of assistantships such as:

  • Teaching Assistantships (TA): These are instructional positions involving activities such as lecturing, grading papers, supervising laboratories, and leading discussion sections.
  • Project Assistantships (PA): These involve project-related assignments, which vary by department and may or may not be related to a student’s academic program.
  • Research Assistantships (RA): These provide opportunities for students to participate in faculty research programs, and can sometimes be structured to meet the requirements for master’s or doctoral theses.

To sum it up, we can say that the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies offers three types of graduate assistantships- Teaching, Project, and Research Assistantships—as a means to support graduate studies, potentially covering all tuition fees. These positions involve a range of duties projects, and preferences as given above.

Assistantships for the Master of Public Health program at UWM


Information on Assistantships for the Master of Public Health (MPH) program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have been provided here:

Assistantship Roles:

Graduate assistantship positions include:

  • Teaching Assistantships,
  • Project Assistantships,
  • Research assistantships.

Benefits of Assistantships:

  • These positions provide a full tuition waiver (for both resident and non-resident students),
  • A monthly stipend,
  • Insurance benefits.

Availability varies each semester, but many students obtain these positions during their program.

  • There are also student hourly jobs available on and off-campus, and students are encouraged to search the Student Job Center for opportunities.

So, here we have seen that financing for the MPH program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison can be sourced from graduate assistantships and student hourly jobs.

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