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Emphasizes medical ethics as well as fundamental principles of evidence-based medicine. Research and statistical concepts are taught within the framework of epidemiologic study to develop skills in evaluating and interpreting the medical literature. Enroll Info: None. PHY ASST 619 — HISTORY AND PHYSICAL EXAMINATION FOR PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTS. Provides the primary care physician assistants with the knowledge and physical exam skills to evaluate patients in a variety of settings. Normal and pathological physical findings are discussed. Master interview skills and physical exam skills applicable to all patients. Selected physical exam techniques are emphasized. Enroll Info: None. PHY ASST 629 — APPLIED HUMAN ANATOMY FOR PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTS. Course Designation: Grad 50% Counts toward 50% graduate coursework requirement. PHY ASST 630 — WOMEN'S HEALTH FOR PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTS. Preparation for PHY ASST 663. Examination of important and ever-changing topics related to global healthcare. Focus on the remote, indigenous populations of Belize, their current healthcare system and their access-to-care. Content relates to historical, social, economic and cultural perspectives of the under-served Belizean populations, as well as medical-related topics from an interdisciplinary perspective. Activities and self-study exercises include team-building and self-reflection exercises. Specific topics will include Belize anthropology, health care in a resource limiting setting, human trafficking, cervical cancer, etc. Enroll Info: None. Requisites: Declared in Physician Assistant, Nursing Practice DNP, or Pharmacy Program. An introduction to the role of the physician assistant in surgery, fundamental principles of pre-, intra and post-operative surgical care, operating room aseptic technique, and common strategies to avoid and to treat surgical complications. Enroll Info: None. Directed study projects as arranged with instructor. Enroll Info: None. PHY ASST 700 — RURAL HEALTH FOR PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTS.

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