Williams College

Williams College is located in Massachusetts, Boston.

It is ranked as #1 in Best Liberal Arts College.

It is a private University.

Williams College offers following types of degrees and certificate programs:

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Master's degree

Acceptance rate at Williams College for undergraduate program was 12.97%.

Last year, 9560 students applied for undergraduate program and 1240 got accepted.

Acceptance rate of 12.97% makes it relatively tough to get admission.

54 enrolled in graduate programs, which includes on campus and online Master's programs.

Williams College had 2230 students enrolled in undergraduate programs.

Williams College offers 3 graduate programs specialization.

Williams College does not have an open admission policy. It’s admission process is relatively tough.

The job situation remains grim. As you are looking at graduate schools, you should candidly ask what their graduates are doing and how many of them find jobs. If you take a year or two off to work, especially if it is a psychology-related job (e.g., research assistant, mental health worker), that can enhance your application and help you sharpen your career goals and graduate school choices. Our students get jobs in new media and old, forming a powerful alumni network that current students are encouraged to tap into.


Williams College has been ranked 1.


Acceptance Rate: 12.97%


Tuition for Graduate Programs: $54,005

Under Graduate Program Tuition: $55,140

Financial Aid

Average Amount of Financial Aid Awarded: $48,763

Average Amount of Institutional Aid Awarded: $49,745

Williams College most popular Master's Degree programs with respect to student count are

Development Economics and International Development : 28
Art History, Criticism and Conservation : 14

Williams College most popular under graduate programs with respect to student count are

Econometrics and Quantitative Economics : 80
Biology and Biological Sciences : 65
Mathematics and Statistics : 40
English Language and Literature : 39
History : 37