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Yale University

Graduate Scholarship and teaching assistantship at Yale University

Yale University in total awarded Graduate Assistantship for 3420 students.

Assistantship in Teaching was awarded to 1583 Graduate Assistant students.

Assistantship in Research was awarded to 1549 Graduate Assistant students.

: The Working to Advance Science and Technology Education for African Women Foundation Scholarship. The flagship of ACCES is the Post-secondary Scholarship Program. ACCES provides partial scholarships to the brightest Kenyan students from the most vulnerable backgrounds, ensuring that they are able to complete their full course of studies. Scholarship General was founded in 1998 to provide financial aid to outstanding Nigeria youths. The scholarship was previously known as the MUSTE scholarship. The scholarship is open to all potential students of Nigerian citizenship. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of personal intellectual ability, leadership capability and a desire to contribute to society at large to improve the lives of others. The scholarship fund is designed to create an environment for affording youth with excellent academic background, an opportunity to further their studies. The scholarship is available to Zimbabwean citizens under the age of 21 at the time of applying. 70% of the scholarships will be for Science, Technology, Engineering Mathematics studies, whilst 30% is reserved for other disciplines. The scholarship will be for a maximum of four years or the minimum course duration. Other Scholarships to Study either in Africa or Abroad. Scholarship General is committed to developing Africa’s next generation of leaders. A major component of the scholarship program is community service. Average scholarship amount is $1500 USD. The Zawadi Africa Education Fund is a program designed to provide scholarships to academically gifted girls from disadvantaged backgrounds from Africa to pursue higher education in the the students.S.A, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa and Kenya. The Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund provides each scholarship recipient with a full scholarship, including return airfare, housing, tuition and credit fees, insurance, textbook costs, and a monthly allowance.