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Yale University provides a range of financial aid and scholarship opportunities to support students pursuing master's and Ph.D. programs. The university is committed to ensuring that admitted students have access to financial resources to help cover the cost of their education. Here are some financial aid and scholarship options specific to Yale:

  • Yale Graduate School Fellowships: The Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers several fellowships and scholarships to support graduate students. These fellowships can provide funding for tuition, fees, and living expenses. Examples include the Dean's Emerging Scholars Fellowship, the Graduate School Dissertation Fellowship, and the MacMillan Center Dissertation Research Grants.
  • Departmental Funding: Many departments within Yale University provide funding opportunities for their graduate students. This funding can come in the form of research assistantships, teaching fellowships, or departmental scholarships. Students should check with their specific department to learn more about the funding options available to them.
  • Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Scholarships: The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Yale offers scholarships based on academic merit. These scholarships are awarded to outstanding students based on their academic achievements, potential, and contributions to their field of study.
  • Yale Professional School Funding: Yale's professional schools, such as the Yale School of Management, Yale Law School, and Yale School of Public Health, offer their own financial aid programs and scholarships for students pursuing advanced degrees in their respective fields. These programs provide assistance to eligible students based on their financial needs and academic merit.
  • External Fellowships and Grants: Yale students are encouraged to explore external fellowship opportunities that may be available from government agencies, private foundations, and other organizations. These external fellowships can provide additional financial support for graduate studies.

$58,244 Average Amount of Financial Aid Awarded
$56,581 Average Amount of Institutional Aid Awarded

Financial aid by Department of Computer Science at Yale University for MS Students

Masters DegreePHD Degree

Here we will provide you information about financial aid options for Master's and Ph.D. students in computer science at Yale University.

  • It is expected that the students of Computer Science Masters can cover their own tuition costs.
  • Free Student Basic Coverage is offered to master's students at Yale Health enrolled at least half-time, with this they also get an offer to purchase Hospitalization and Specialty Care insurance at a discounted rate.
  • Through a combination of grants, University scholarships, and teaching assistantships, a fund of five years is provided to Ph.D. students in computer science, including summers.
  • Depending upon the availability of grant funding for their adviser, The level of financial support for Ph.D. students is measured.  
  • External sources play an essential role in granting fellowships and grants to graduate students. 
  • In order to finance their graduate education, Some students may choose to take out loans, participate in work-study programs, or work part-time. 

To conclude, Master's degree students in computer science are generally responsible for their own tuition costs, while Ph.D. students receive financial support through grants, scholarships, and assistantships. Students may also seek external fellowships and grants or consider other financial options like loans and part-time work. Specific eligibility details are not provided in the text.

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