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Yale University is proud to offer a variety of high-touch online learning options, including non-degree programs and online degree programs from multiple professional schools. These programs are designed to help you reach your goals and benefit from an engaging online experience with Yale faculty and industry-leading experts. 

The non-degree programs offer a 'certificate of completion' upon successful completion of program requirements.

  • Tropical Forest Landscapes, from the Yale School of the Environment
  • Financing and Deploying Clean Energy, from the Yale School of the Environment 
  • Climate Change and Health, from the Yale School of Public Health
  • Health Informatics MasterTrack, from the Yale School of Public Health, offered on Coursera (successful completion of this non-degree program may earn academic credit upon matriculation at Yale)

The degree programs offer the same diploma and require the same course load as those programs which are exclusively residential. Some programs include:

7357 Students Enrolled (On-campus & Online)
4095 Students Enrolled Exclusively in Online Masters Programs
3669 Students Enrolled Online Certificate Programs
3126 Students Enrolled At Least One Distance Education Course

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