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Why should you attend a Graduate School?

Students choose to go to grad school for many reasons. Now in 2017, it seems as though graduate degrees are more important than ever for students of the millennial generation to secure a satisfying, compensating career. Indeed, many jobs and employers will pay for their recently hired employees to return to school for a graduate degree. This is usually for the purpose of gaining a specialization in a certain subject area that will benefit them in their career.

Top 3 reasons to attend a graduate school

  • To gain specialization in a specific subject or area
  • To qualify for a higher level career
  • To enrich oneself beyond the undergraduate degree

Ultimately, this is why anyone would attend graduate school: to learn more about a subject that perhaps in their undergrad years was not fully covered. The desire to be hirable is not the only reason people attend graduate school, of course. Many students are driven by the simple desire to know more, about one subject or many.

While the vast majority of people attending graduate school finish after receiving a master’s degree, some choose to go further and attempt to achieve a PhD, or a doctorate.

A master’s degree is typically a one to three year course of study aimed at specialization in a certain subject. The master’s is the terminal degree for most careers requiring a graduate degree.

How is phd different than a Graduate program?

Phd is the doctorate degree in any field. A PhD or The Doctor of Philosophy, is the highest degree of education offered by Universities.

PhD degree would qualify you as an expert or an authority on a certain, specialized topic within a field. This too would qualify you to be a professor at a university or college, which is the ultimate goal for many people seeking this degree, as it allows them a certain amount of autonomy in continuing to research and publish and gain status in their field.

For careers like being a doctor or a lawyer, a specific kind of graduate school is required, known as medical school or law school, respectively.

These will require specialized placement exams beyond the typical GRE that most schools require for admission into a grad program. Ultimately, students choose to go to grad school for the purpose of gaining specialization in a certain subject or topic that might relate to a future career.

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Scholarship and Financial Aid to afford Graduate School

As is the case when applying to undergraduate programs, both scholarships and financial aid are available for most graduate programs. The scholarships offered to graduate students are as diverse as the programs themselves. Certain schools might offer a specific scholarship for the program, usually for a program in a highly specialized field, while others offer no kind of scholarship whatsoever. There are, however, many independent scholarships available for students to pay for graduate school.

These scholarships are unassociated with any college or university in particular and are usually distributed by an individual group or company.

These are typically applied for by students or individuals that meet a given criteria. As for financial aid, students and applicants have potential for more opportunities. The biggest difference when filling out the FAFSA for graduate school compared to undergrad is that the applicant will file as an independent student. This makes the process much more streamlined, as you will not have to supply your parents’ financial information.

Rather, the information will be all your own financial background information. This is the only way a graduate student will be granted federal aid.

Applying to Graduate School

The application process for graduate school is very similar to the process you went through for undergrad in your senior year of high school.The process will differ on type of program you are applying and the University you are applying to.

Step by Step Guide for applying to Graduate School

The application will likely ask you to write a statement of purpose. This is much like a cover letter for applying to a job. Essentially, it functions to describe your reasons for applying to the program.

This is one of the very important part of application and you should have read about the program you are applying. Only then you can give an honest answer as to why you are applying to this particular school program.

Sample statement of purpose for Graduate School Application

Recommendation Letter for Graduate School Application : You will need a recommendation letter for your graduate school application. Almost all programs will require you to include at least two letters of recommendation.

These are extremely important parts of your application, as a teacher’s opinion can make the difference between your being accepted or denied from the program.

Resume For Application: Resume is another important document required by most graduate school programs.You should take the time to prepare your resume so that it reflects and highlights everything you see as applicable to the program that might increase your chances of acceptance. Thus, your resume should be tailored to the program that you are applying to, for example if you are hoping to be accepted to medical school, be sure to include any hospital volunteering you’ve done, relevant upper level biology classes, etc. Be sure to go into detail about your academic history

Resume Example for Graduate School Application

GRE for Graduate Schools

Most Graduate schools expect you to take GRE. Find helpful resources and practice Test for GRE.

GRE Practice Test

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