20 Best universities offering Scholarships for Online Masters program

Norwich offers endowed scholarships for both its online master and bachelor degree programs.
Tuition: $14,790
State: GA
Acceptance: -
To save over $24,000, combine this scholarship with the university Graduation Fund. Master in Information Security and Information Assurance Scholarship, $6,000 off tuition. That’s why many of the university scholarships can be combined to help make their tuition even affordable. Check the scholarship details to learn these options. With the university scholarships, it literally pays to get a degree from Strayer. Scholarship for the JWMI MBA program offered through the John F. Scholarship cannot be applied with any other scholarship tuition discount except corporate alliances. Scholarship will be applied as three disbursements of $1,000 during the students third, fourth, and fifth quarters as long as the student is still in attendance. Scholarship applies to course tuition only. No refunds will be issued on unused scholarship amounts. This scholarship does not include any Strayer University Graduate programs offered through Degrees work or Verizon Onsite. If a student takes a term off during the award period, their scholarship value for that term will not be forfeited but will be held over to the next term. Students will forfeit any remaining value of the scholarship if they take off than one quarter during the eligibility and award period. Eligibility period is defined as the period of time before the scholarship is actually awarded. Award period is defined as the terms during which the scholarship is actually disbursed.
Tuition: $16,864
State: CA
Acceptance: -
Northcentral University wants to help remove barriers to higher education — that’s why the university created the Spring Ahead Scholarship. This opportunity includes one full-tuition scholarship and three $20,000 scholarships. To be considered for a Spring Ahead Scholarship, applicant must apply to NCU, start their master’s or doctoral program, and submit an essay on or before April 27, 2020. As an online university the university’ve been serving students remotely for over 20 years. Nicole Hutchinson was one of eight recipients of the Northcentral University Values Scholarship. By submitting the Spring Ahead Scholarship, applicant hereby authorize Northcentral University and those acting pursuant to its authority to: Use any quotes attributable to me in printed or electronic material.
Ranked as: #68 in Best National University
Tuition: $27,234
State: MA
Acceptance: -
WPI Online is proud to announce the university third run of the Gateway Scholarship, an award that will assist the university students in funding their graduate education at WPI. That is why Worcester Polytechnic Institute has created the Gateway Scholarship: to alleviate some of the financial strain that comes with advanced education. Recipients will have up to four years to complete their master’s degree while receiving the benefits of this award. Given today’s costs, the scholarship would reduce tuition by 10%, which could result in nearly $5,000 in scholarship funding toward a WPI graduate education over four years. Five students will receive the Gateway Scholarship each year. Write a 250-word essay on what makes applicant a deserving recipient of the Gateway Scholarship.
Ranked as: #74 in Best Regional University in North
Tuition: $17,710
State: VT
Acceptance: -
Norwich offers endowed scholarships for both its online master and bachelor degree programs. Students enrolled in an online bachelor or master degree are eligible. This scholarship is awarded based on need and available funding for the year.
Ranked as: #88 in Best National University
Tuition: $49,392
State: CO
Acceptance: -
Online MSGISc students will be eligible for a discounted tuition rate at approximately 49.9 percent of the on campus tuition rate. After applicant are accepted into the online MSGISc program and after registering for an online course in the Geography Department, applicant will receive a tuition scholarship for their online MSGISc class Only after registering for an online course will applicant be eligible for this internal university scholarship. Scholarships will be applied to online student accounts two weeks prior to the beginning of the academic quarter if a current student.