Best Graduate School Programs for Computer and Information Sciences in North

Ranked as: #571 in Best Regional University in North
Tuition: $9,162
State: RI
Acceptance: 51.52%
The computer science major at PC — offered by the Mathematics and Computer Science — provides students with the knowledge of networks, databases, operating and numerical methods of solving problems, as well as the mathematics that form the base of the field. Our program incorporates rigorous practice in solving problems using algorithms and teaches students implement solutions using high-level programming languages. Become a software applications developer, computer systems analyst or engineer, network systems administrator, database administrator, business intelligence analyst, web developer, computer programmer, and .
Ranked as: #572 in Best Regional University in North
Tuition: $21,436
State: NJ
Acceptance: 47.53%
Computer science at TCNJ is hands on, team based, and project centered—just like the real world. Take courses in exciting fields—artificial intelligence, computational biology, cloud computing—while collaborating across disciplines to solve real problems through computing. Our curriculum is continually revised to incorporate the latest advances and technologies, ensuring graduates are well prepared for today’s challenges. Collaborate with others on interdisciplinary projects, ing computer science to real community needs.
Ranked as: #574 in Best Regional University in North
Tuition: $15,210
State: MD
Acceptance: 75.28%
Computer engineers mathematical and scientific principles to design, construct, implement, and maintain software and hardware components of modern computing systems and computer-controlled equipment. The discipline is at the intersection of electrical engineering and computer science, focusing on the integration of hardware and software to create systems that benefit humankind. Information the field of computer engineering, including short interviews with practicing professionals, is available at the Sloan Career Cornerstone Center.
Students also have the opportunity to perform research, and gain real world experience through our summer research and internship programs. Degrees in computer science include an ABET accredited Bachelor of Science (B.S.), a flexible Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), and an interdisciplinary major. We also offer a minor and computing certificate for non-majors. Megan Olsen, Ph.D., aims to improve access for all students interested in computer science.
degree in computer science requires the successful completion of 18 computer science and related courses in addition to the liberal arts core. degree has an optional track that can be chosen. Three specialty tracks are offered: software engineering, interdisciplinary study, and general computer science.
Ranked as: #576 in Best Regional University in North
Tuition: $11,580
State: PA
Acceptance: 74.79%
The mission of the Computing Sciences is to serve the students of The University of Scranton. Our professors teach students to master the concepts of computing and software engineering utilizing state-of-the-art technology and contemporary insight. One of the first computer science programs in the state.
Ranked as: #577 in Best Regional University in North
Tuition: $43,560
State: NY
Acceptance: 56.72%
The MS degree in computer engineering provides students with a high level of specialized knowledge in computer engineering, strengthening their ability to successfully formulate solutions to current technical problems, and offers a significant independent learning experience in preparation for further graduate study or for continuing professional development at the leading edge of the discipline. The program accommodates applicants with degrees in computer engineering or related programs such as electrical engineering or computer science. (Some additional bridge courses may be required for applicants from degrees outside of computer engineering). Successfully formulate solutions to current technical problems in computer engineering or related disciplines.
The MS in computer science is designed for students who have an degree (or minor) in computer science, as well as those who have a strong background in a field in which computers are applied, such as engineering, science, or business. The degree is offered on a full or part-time basis. Full-time students take three or four courses per semester and may be able to complete the course work in three semesters. Full-time students who are required to take additional bridge courses may be able to complete the course work in four semesters.
Computer Aided Drafting Technology associate of applied science degree. Computer Aided Drafting Technology Associate of applied science degree. People who work in computer aided drafting technology use their skills to create two and three-dimensional drawings on the computer. These drawings are used to visually represent buildings, bridges, canals, and houses.
Ranked as: #581 in Best Regional University in North
Tuition: $14,400
State: NY
Acceptance: 42.62%
in Computer Science with Concentration in Software Development. The School of Computer Science and Mathematics prepares its students to live and work within a technologically driven, rapidly changing world. Students receive in-depth instruction in the theoretical underpinnings of their chosen fields, which they can through a wide variety of practical experiences.
Master of Science in Computer Science Software Development. Upon graduation, students in the program will have acquired the advanced education and experience necessary to embark upon a career, or advance their current career, in computer science. The skills learned while earning my degree helped me become well-rounded in my profession with extensive hands-on experience.
School of Computer Science and Math Summer Pre-College. Earn college credit and get a taste of campus life while still in high school. The Marist Summer Pre-College program allows high school students to experience the excitement of college life at one of the top rated Colleges and Universities in the country! The School of Computer Science and Math offers two unique Pre-College courses in the technology field.
The Marist community prides itself on being a connected and supportive place, and the same holds true for the School of Computer Science and Mathematics. At Marist, we believe that the college experience is than just classroom learning or preparation for a career. The success graduates of the School in the professional world speaks volumes of their dedication to their roles as teachers in an ever-expanding field. Marist prepares you to learn continuously, and this field we work in is not history—we have to keep up.
Ranked as: #582 in Best Regional University in North
Tuition: $16,401
State: PA
Acceptance: 77.18%
The fers two programs: An ABET-accredited B.S. Program in Computer Science and a B.S. Program in Information Technology. Both programs prepare students both for a professional career in the field of computing or for graduate study, if that is the student inclination. Graduates will find employment in research and development, computer software development, e-commerce, security, and Web and database technologies. The M.S. Program in Computer Science provides a comprehensive approach to advanced study in computer science.
Ranked as: #587 in Best Regional University in North
Tuition: $18,602
State: NY
Acceptance: 75.39%
Computer science incorporates theoretical principles with computing techniques and technologies, which you will study in-depth as part of your graduate coursework. Manhattan College’s master’s degree in computer science is designed for students with a strong background in computing and a major in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or other STEM-related field, who wish to enhance their knowledge, develop their skills and prepare for careers in industry, business, government, or for further study at the doctoral level. Computer scientists with an advanced degree are in high demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the field is expected to grow by 11% during the next decade.
Computer engineers creatively engineering methods to design, develop and implement hardware and software systems. Today, computer engineers make up one of the highest-paying and most in-demand career fields in the world. Our graduate computer engineering program is designed for students who wish to capitalize on this growing industry. As a student, you will develop the skills required to design, develop, test and evaluate computer components, systems and networks.
This degree develops depth of knowledge in all aspects of computer science, and complements the broader analytical skills of a liberal arts education. They advocate for their students and help them gain practical experience. As a computer science major, you will be encouraged to participate in programming contests such as the ACM International Collegiate programming contest and the Google Summer of Code. The Computer Science Department is unique in that it prepares students for work in a number of computer-related fields with the flexibility of pursuing a foundation in the arts or science.
You are encouraged to pursue topics that interest you by choosing from a variety of elective courses within the department, or tailoring a research project to suit your interests and goals. As an electrical or computer engineering student, you will also benefit from the network of successful alumni who work at some of the city’s best technology companies and engineering firms. They often return to campus to recruit and inspire future engineers. Although she originally wanted to be a teacher, Nora Borsare attended Manhattan College Engineering Awareness program as a high school student, and fell in love with the hands-on field of electrical engineering.
Ranked as: #593 in Best Regional University in North
Tuition: $13,194
State: NY
Acceptance: 70.53%
The Computer Science hosts two exciting events to engage pre-college students in computer science: Girls' Day and the High School Programming Contest. A brief description of each event is provided below. In this event, typically held each fall, women involved in the computer science field provide girls in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades with hands-on computer experiences.
The computer science major prepares students for entry-level positions in industry as software engineers and systems analysts as well as for graduate study in computer science. Two recent graduates received research assistantships to pursue Ph.D. The Software Development Lab supports the first two courses in the major curriculum as well as courses focused on, graphics, web application and user interface development.
Ranked as: #595 in Best Regional University in North
Tuition: $22,210
State: NY
Acceptance: 44.3%
The Computer Science Department provides a fundamental knowledge of computing as well as technical skills that enable graduates to be extremely effective in the workplace. Based on their skill sets, computer science students frequently secure competitive internships at local companies such as KDA Web Technologies, White Stratus, Software Consulting Associates and others, all of which are paid internships. Aram Agajanian, an employee of the Academic Computing Department, provides excellent tech support and integration assistance for the Computer Science Department. While not part of the curriculum, the Computer Science fers extracurricular activities, engendering a sense of community among students with groups such as the Computer Programming Club and the Gaming Society.
University of California, Santa Cruz, M.S., Computer Engineering. Marist College, M.S., Information Science, Information Systems Management (ISM) Concentration. Stony Brook University, M.S., Technological Sciences in Society.
The full program can be completed in less than two years. We are focused on teaching 21st century skills that are in demand in a wide range of professions, in areas like machine learning, software application engineering, artificial intelligence and data science. While many of our students enter the program with degrees in computer science or related fields, others have come from fields as varied as Philosophy, Fine Arts, Journalism, Business and Biology.

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