Top Ranked Regional University for Graduate Programs in West Coast in Computer and Information Sciences

183 Universities offer graduate Programs in Computer and Information Sciences. US universities graduated 311 students in Computer and Information Sciences. 9438 University awarded highest number of Masters degree to international students. Regis University university held the distinction for graduating highest women graduate students.

Cost of doing Masters in Computer and Information Sciences.

The cost of a 2 year masters degree in a US University in Computer and Information Sciences could vary notably between public and a private university. Getting a Masters degree in at a reputed US University could be an expensive affair. Tuition for MS degree at Oklahoma City University is $16,848 where as Stephen F Austin State University costs $10,312. Ranking of a school or university is co related with pricing. Occasionally US public university tuition is lower than a similar ranked private university for eg, the per year program cost for MS in Computer and Information Sciences at a public university Stephen F Austin State University is $10,312.
Ranked as: #383 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $40,728
State: TX
Acceptance: 38.44%
Trinity computer science department provides broad training in design, systems, applications, and the theory of computing. Students receive substantial laboratory experience with computers, programming, and other related areas, which provide the knowledge and tools to be successful in both theoretical understandings and applied computing. Many students graduate with one or publications or participate in major software development projects.
Computer science students are offered a rich experience that includes opportunities and activities that occur outside of the classroom setting. In addition to research and scholarships, students can also participate in the student chapter of the ACM. Students have the opportunity to publish their research at conferences, where they may interact with graduate students and scientists in their fields.
Ranked as: #384 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $28,836
State: CA
Acceptance: 53.56%
The work for the degree consists of engineering research, the preparation of a thesis based on that research, and a program of advanced studies in engineering, mathematics, and related physical sciences. The student’s work is directed by the department, subject to the general supervision of the School of Engineering. The complete program of studies (and any subsequent changes) must be filed with the Engineering Graduate Programs Office and approved by the student’s Doctoral Committee.
The MSCSE degree requires a minimum of 45 quarter units of work. Computer Organization and Assembly Language (COEN 20 or ELEN ) or 920C. A student must take a minimum of 8 units of COEN 300-899 courses.
The MSSE degree requires a minimum of 45 quarter units of work. All applicants for the Master of Science in Software Engineering program must have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering from an accredited four-year program. The program consists of a software engineering core, a set of software engineering electives, and a capstone project.
Learn create the hardware and software of tomorrow. in Computer Science and Engineering that focuses on programming and building computer systems. The capstone and dissertation work of our grad students often leads to developing solutions that reach far beyond the Santa Clara campus.
The following requirements have been updated for students beginning Fall 2016 or later. To see Computer Science Major requirements for students entering prior to Fall 2016, click here. A Santa Clara University majoring in Computer Science (in the Mathematics and Computer Science) must fulfill the standard University and College Core Curriculum requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree.
Ranked as: #385 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $16,421
State: WA
Acceptance: 64.85%
From science to medicine to engineering and commerce to the arts, computers are everywhere. The program is built on a broad and rigorous foundation of science, mathematics, software engineering, and advanced computer science topics. Majors become proficient in software programming, algorithms and data structures, computer organization and architecture, programming languages, operating systems, computer security, and information management.
In the Computer Science and Computational Thinking Program at Gonzaga University, you don’t just learn work with computers, you learn solve problems. This Bachelor of Arts program combines the study of math and computer science with a broad liberal arts education in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. You will build practical computing skills while gaining a solid understanding of how the computational thinking process can be used to formulate and solve complicated problems in a variety of fields.
In our computer engineering program, you will develop a strong understanding of not only computer systems, but also of the engineering fundamentals needed to create computer technology solutions for real-world engineering challenges. The program combines the disciplines of electrical engineering and computer science to prepare you for a future of innovation in computer hardware, computer software and computer systems. In addition to core engineering courses, you can choose technical electives related to a number of applications, such as communications, computers, controls, electronics and power.
Ranked as: #387 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $19,426
State: WA
Acceptance: 73.8%
This program is great at getting you where you want to be. Seattle University has long been a leader in computer science and software engineering education. It established its pioneering Master of Software Engineering program in 1979, and awarded the world first MSE degree in 1982.
Computing drives innovation in science, engineering, business, entertainment and education. Joining the Computer Science department at Seattle University you enter a community with an outstanding opportunity, responsibility, and dedication toward making our world a better place. SU Computer Science Sweeps Top 3 Prizes at SITAC 2018.
The Programming Boot Camp is an introductory sequence in the Career Change Certificate designed for those who have no prior programming experience. It is a set of three accelerated computer programming courses requiring at least 20 hours of work per week outside of class. Prospective students are encouraged to look through the boot camp syllabi to get a sense of whether or not they have sufficient programming experience to enter the certificate program directly.
Seattle University offers two graduate certificate programs that support working professionals with or without previous programming experience, and allows them to build the foundation necessary to pursue their career and educational goals. These programs contain individuals from diverse backgrounds, including a high representation of women and international students, all interested in a career in software development or engineering. Graduate Certificate in Computer Science Fundamentals (Career Change Certificate). Applications are no longer accepted for Graduate Certificates in Software Architecture and Design or Software Project Management.
Ranked as: #388 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $33,480
State: CA
Acceptance: 87.1%
At Mills, you’ll find certificate options that support your career goals—even if you’ve never taken a class in math or programming. A track with no programming or mathematics prerequisites. Some students on this track enter the technology workforce immediately after completing the program, but many choose to continue their education in our master’s program in interdisciplinary computer science.
Step into a creative role at the forefront of technological innovation—even though you didn’t major in computer science. Our unique master of arts (MA) in interdisciplinary computer science and post-baccalaureate certificate programs will help you make the transition. You’ll acquire a strong foundation in computer science and connect it with your liberal arts background—a powerful combination for career success. Designed for college graduates who don't have a computer science degree (but have taken a year of programming and math), our computer science graduate program equips you with technical skills that are in high demand.
The capstone of the master’s program in interdisciplinary computer science is a research-based, academic thesis. Guided by three or professors who form your thesis committee, you’ll be encouraged to draw on your expertise in fields outside of computer science to identify a research question. You’ll the technical and analytic skills gained through the computer science program to address the topic and make an original contribution to your field of knowledge. Below are examples of the wide range of subjects explored by past graduate students.
Ranked as: #389 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $28,719
State: CA
Acceptance: 57.24%
With the generous support from IFREE, ESI develops software and distributes it free of charge to teachers interested in using economic experiments in their classrooms. Please contact Bart Wilson for a password to download the software. Dot Net 3.5 must be installed for the software to operate.
Ranked as: #391 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $12,132
State: WA
Acceptance: 89.01%
Whitworth mathematics computer science fers a solid foundation in mathematics, statistics, computer programming, databases, networks and software engineering. These involve state-of-the-art research and development, service-learning projects and teaching-assistant opportunities. Through theory, practice and the pursuit of knowledge, students develop the problem-solving skills that will help them succeed in their professions and in life.
Ranked as: #392 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $16,680
State: CA
Acceptance: 34.61%
The Computer Science Department educates students in the discipline of computer science and teaches them to their education to solve practical problems in a socially responsible way. The department, with industry support, provides a modern computing environment that includes the most current software tools running on a variety of workstations and servers. A satisfactory score on the General Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is required applicants are expected to achieve the following minimum scores: 425 verbal, 650 quantitative, 4.0 analytical writing on the old GRE test, or their matching equivalents on the revised GRE test (currently standing at 148 verbal, 158 quantitative and 4.0 analytical writing).
The mission of the Computer Engineering Program (CPE) is to provide students with a well-rounded education encompassing the theory and practice of selected, balanced topics in electrical engineering and computer science, to enable students to contribute and continue their education in a wide range of computer-related engineering careers. Cal Poly’s learn by doing philosophy is emphasized by integrating design throughout the curriculum, especially in the numerous design-centered laboratories. Credit not available for students who have taken CSC CPE 108.
Ranked as: #393 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $37,756
State: CA
Acceptance: 81.62%
Mathematics and Computer Science students acquire analytical and problem-solving skills that can be used in both the natural and social sciences, and become adept as using the computer as a tool for complex problem-solving. You can work toward a Bachelor of Science, explore careers in secondary education, focus on computer science, or pursue a split major with a variety of other disciplines. The Mathematics and Computer Science offers a major or minor in Mathematics.
The pure track is designed for students considering graduate study in mathematics or secondary mathematics teaching. All students in California planning to enroll in a teaching credential program in mathematics after earning their degree are required to demonstrate subject matter competency in mathematics prior to admission to a credential program. A suggested four-year program of study for a major in mathematics is available from any department member.
Ranked as: #396 in Best Regional University in West Coast)
Tuition: $33,750
State: TX
Acceptance: 47.45%
The disciplinary stamp of computer science at the University of Dallas is that of the 2,500 year old discipline of mathematics, both theoretical and applied. In computer science, we study algorithms, programs and programming, and computational systems. Mariana Zayas, BA '12, began her UD journey as a psychology major, but realized during her Rome semester that there might be other paths for her besides graduate school, which had been her original plan.

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