Best Graduate Programs in Psychology in Alabama - Updated 2021

7 universities in Alabama, Montgomery offer master’s degree in Psychology

Ranked as: #103 in Best National University
Tuition: $9,630
State: AL
Acceptance: 75.43%
The Department of Psychology offers two terminal master's degrees - a Master of Science (Non-Thesis) in Applied Behavior Analysis in Developmental Disabilities (ABA) and a Master of Science (Non-Thesis) in Industrial & Organizational Psychology (I-O) - and doctoral degrees in three areas—a PhD in Clinical Psychology, a PhD in Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences (CaBS), and a PhD in Industrial & Organizational Psychology (I-O). The doctoral programs do not offer terminal master's degrees.

Psychology - MS, PhD

Auburn University GRE score and admission requirements for graduate programs in Counseling and Behavioral Psychology
Ranked as: #127 in Best National University
Tuition: $8,100
State: AL
Acceptance: 92.11%
Students are required to complete a core curriculum which includes 21 hours of developmental psychology classes, 15 hours of research design and statistics, 9 hours of general psychology and related discipline classes 6 hours of teaching practicum and teaching and at least 48 credit hours of research. Admission to candidacy for the doctoral degree is based on satisfactory completion of coursework and completion of an area review in the form of a Psychological Bulletin or Psychological Review article. Individual course requirements may be waived based on evaluation of coursework completed prior to matriculation, either at UAB or elsewhere.

Developmental Psychology Catalog

University of Alabama at Birmingham GRE score and admission requirements for graduate programs in Counseling and Behavioral Psychology
Ranked as: #25 in Best Regional College in South
Tuition: $8,880
State: AL
Acceptance: 47.04%
Students in the psychology major receive a broad of the field of psychology, including an understanding of terminology, principles, and theories of individual behavior and mental processes. Students will explore the science of psychology and its applications to themselves, individuals and families, and a diverse society.

Online Psychology Program

Ranked as: #76 in Best Regional University in South Coast
Tuition: $7,146
State: AL
Acceptance: 92.81%
Students can graduate either by completing a practicum, or by successfully completing and defending an original research project (thesis). Students need to work closely with their academic advisor to make sure they are registering for courses that will lead toward completion of one of these programs of study. The department has a once-a-year admission policy (Fall only).

Master of Science in Psychology

Tuition: $9,168
State: AL
Acceptance: 54.3%
Menu Expander IconSchool of Human Services and Social Sciences Psychology.  of the Graduate Program in Applied Behavior Analysis. Although the graduate program in psychology is designed to train students who want to improve the lives of others, we do not provide the coursework necessary to apply for Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) licensure in the state of Alabama.


Tuition: $6,678
State: AL
Acceptance: 39.66%
Earn a strong foundation in the principles of scholarly research with the online master’s in experimental psychology. Students will build upon research skills they learned in their undergraduate program, including critical thinking skills, search methods, qualitative and quantitative analysis, and research presentation. When students graduate, they will be prepared for further studies or immediate career opportunities. Courses are taught by faculty with PhDs in various areas of experimental psychology. All students receive one-on-one mentoring from a psychology faculty member in the Department of Behavioral Sciences at UWA. Earn the degree fully online, at one of the most affordable institutions in the state.

M.S. Experimental Psychology

Tuition: $7,956
State: AL
Acceptance: 79.31%
The Department of Psychology accepts applicants to the Master of Science program and to the Doctor of Philosophy program in Clinical/Counseling Psychology. The Master of Science degree program in Psychology is designed to provide individuals with knowledge of current theories, principles, and methods of psychology in preparation for future work toward a doctoral degree, employment in a research setting or employment in a junior college teaching position.

Master of Science in Psychology

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