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Stony Brook University logo
Ranked as:  #77 in Best National University
Tuition:  $25,583 per year
Total Cost:  $51,166 * This tuition data is based on IPEDS. For the latest tuition amount, refer to the respective college websites.
State:  New York
Acceptance:  -

The Psychology Associate in Arts degree is aligned to the SUNY Transfer Paths for psychology and provides general education and discipline specific courses.

As a SUNY Community College, we respond to the educational need of all people and their local, state, and global communities. We offer certificate programs and associate degrees, as well as transfer and career services. You will benefit from flexible course scheduling and affordable career exploration.

Let put your mind at ease online learning.

Courses are similar to in-person classes, but you participate online.

Courses are semester based and classwork can be completed around your work and family commitments. There is no set time where you are required to log in to attend class.

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SUNY Online

  • Program Length:  48 Months
  • Credit hours:  -
DePaul University logo
Ranked as:  #137 in Best National University
Tuition:  $19,760 per year
Total Cost:  $39,520 * This tuition data is based on IPEDS. For the latest tuition amount, refer to the respective college websites.
State:  Illinois
Acceptance:  -

This inter-disciplinary certificate program offers skills in organization planning, leadership development, and program evaluation. The program allows established and emerging professionals to broaden their perspective on urban development programs in an inter-disciplinary learning environment by including knowledge from psychology, public service, sociology, geography and liberal studies.

Students must successfully complete a minimum of 16-quarter hours of graduate credit. Each course carries four-quarter hours. No than two courses earned toward the certificate shall come from one department. Please note that the list of courses is subject to change.

Generally, participants will be limited to one of these courses (each course is 4 quarter hours):.

Students enrolled in other DePaul graduate degree programs.

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Complete a DePaul University School of Public Service graduate admission online application.

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Certificate in Community Development

  • Program Length:  16 Months
  • Credit hours:  16
Tuition:  $23,576 per year
Total Cost:  $47,152 * This tuition data is based on IPEDS. For the latest tuition amount, refer to the respective college websites.
State:  Illinois
Acceptance:  -

Academic offerings at The Chicago School are reflective of the current and future integrated health needs of individuals, organizations, and communities.

Find the field that right for you by exploring The Chicago School areas of study: Psychology, Business, Counseling, Health, and Behavioral Sciences.

Explore our extensive list of programs to find the degree that right for you.

The Chicago School offers than 40 academic programs culminating in a bachelor master or doctoral degree or professional certificate.

International students can join a community dedicated to hands-on experience and a global perspective.

The Chicago School Approach goes beyond academic theory.

For than 40 years, The Chicago School has been a leading nonprofit university dedicated to training professionals for careers that improve the health of individuals, organizations, and communities throughout the world.

Mission and values graduate speaking at commencement.

The history of how The Chicago School became a leading nonprofit university shows our commitment to preparing graduates on improve the health of individuals, organizations, and communities.

We value diversity of the communities that surround us and are deeply committed to ensuring that all individuals are respected and their rights upheld.

The Chicago School is a proud member of The Community Solution Education System, an integrated nonprofit system of six colleges and universities working together to advance student success and community impact.

The Community Solution student trip group photo.

Our deep ties within the community greatly enrich the educational experience of our students and improve the career outcomes of our graduates.

Since our inception in the Windy City, The Chicago School has opened campuses in major metropolitan areas across the country. Explore our campuses and online learning opportunities.

Attending The Chicago School means embarking on a life-changing experience that ties you closer to communities, impacts the world, and prepares you to succeed in your future endeavors.

{INSIGHT} Digital Magazine is an award-winning publication featuring the latest happenings from The Chicago School community.

Taught entirely in Spanish, you will explore the social construction of communities through the lens of multicultural psychology.

Apply all nine credits to the 30-credit M.A. Applied Psychology degree.

The Graduate Certificate in Social and Community Psychology program offers you a theoretical and experiential foundation in multicultural psychology. You will explore the social construction and impact of culture, gender, ethnicity, religion, spirituality, class, race, ableness, and immigrant status.

Community Psychology is taught entirely in Spanish: the goal is to prepare you for a career that involves working with diverse populations to improve mental health, optimize performance, and modify problematic behaviors. You will have the option to complete the program and apply the courses toward the M.A. Applied Psychology degree program.

Chief of Psychology of the Los Angeles County Mental Health.

We need to destigmatize [the mental health] conversation and talk the everyday experience of anxiety, depression, and fear that so many of our communities are dealing with and really weave the language of mental health and behavioral health resilience into those tables where families are having the conversation.

Evidence of fluency in Spanish at the graduate-school level as evidenced by the performance on the essay.

As a graduate of the Graduate Certificate in Social and Community Psychology, you will be uniquely positioned to be attractive to employers who require workplace competencies associated with community psychology, acculturation, and cross-cultural perspectives. This certificate program can help enhance your career as .

The Chicago School is dedicated to keeping our professional degree programs accessible to anyone regardless of financial status. In addition to the scholarships that may be available, our Financial Aid Department will provide you with information to determine what financial arrangements are right for you.

The Chicago School allows you to work around your busy schedule with the convenience of online degree programs. While working toward your Graduate Certificate in Social and Community Psychology, our online Global Student Dashboard is where you will find all the components needed to successfully complete your program.

4 reasons why getting a certificate might be a good career move for you.

The History and Importance of Diversity in Psychology.

Psychology academia, research, and practice have expanded to represent multiple diverse identities.

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Online Graduate Certificate in Social and Community Psychology - The Chicago School

  • Program Length:  40 Months
  • Credit hours:  30
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What kind of scholarships are available for Graduate Programs in Community Psychology?

We have 3 scholarships awarding up to $3,000 for Masters program in for Community Psychology, targeting diverse candidates and not restricted to state or school-based programs.

Scholarship nameAmountCredibility
Malyon Smith Scholarship Research Award$1,000Medium
Violet and Cyril Franks Scholarship$1,000Medium
Institutional aid at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Chicago$1,000

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$500 $20000

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