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State:  Massachusetts
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You just need 6 courses!

Film Studies now offers an comprehensive online version of our traditional certificate.

Admission to all classes is open, and anyone can enroll. You do not have to be a UMass Amherst student. There is no admission procedure. Students may register for courses up until the course begins, but we strongly suggest you enroll at least two weeks before the class starts because many classes fill up quickly. Matriculated UMass Amherst students should register through Spire. All courses are offered online through Continuing Professional Education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The online courses earned through the Certificate count fully toward the face-to-face UMass Films Studies Certificate and will satisfy the GenEds and Global Eds their in-the-classrom versions normally satisfy. Online courses are not, however, covered by regular UMass tuition. Limited financial aid applies.

Minimum course requirements to obtain the Certificate: 6 courses (of 3 credits or ), in the following 5 Categories (each course counts for only one category):.

Introduction Course (1 required) II. Film History Theory (1 required) III. Elective Production (2 required).

There is an additional non-refundable registration fee of $47 per term. The registration fee is paid only once each term, regardless of how many courses a student enrolls in. Summer counts as one term. Please note that CPE UWW limits the number of credits in Summer to a maximum of 15.

The total cost for the entire Certificate depends on which courses you take and how many terms you take to complete the courses.

Continuing and Professional Education course costs and class information.

The Certificate of Film Studies is not a degree-granting program. That means that if you are not otherwise enrolled in a matriculating degree program at a university or college, you cannot use federal financial aid, such as Pell Grants, toward individual Certificate of Film Studies classes.

If you are a veteran, the GI Bill might pay for your online credits, but you will need to verify that before you enroll. Please get in touch with the UMass Veteran Services Offices to discuss eligibility.

University Without Walls Bachelor Degree Online with a focus in Film and Media Studies.

Film and media pervade every aspect of our lives our families and schools our communities and politics our workplaces and careers. than ever, we need film and media professionals who are prepared to think critically and lead with integrity. At UMass UWW you can finish your bachelor degree online with a focus in film and media studies and position yourself for advancement within this rapidly evolving field.

Whether you work in film and media, or have a passion for the subject, UMass UWW will provide you with the theoretical foundation and applied skills you need to enhance your career within a host of dynamic professions, including film and video production, distribution, exhibition, and editing, digital and new media, TV and radio, public relations, film and media criticism, arts journalism, arts management, and .

And best of all, our flexible degree completion program gives you the opportunity to bring in or earn up to 105 credits for your prior coursework, prior learning, and work and life experience. This accelerates your degree and saves you money.

Film and media studies courses you need.

Course topics include: filmmaking, digital narrative production, screenwriting, TV pilot script, visual storytelling, media programming and institutions, media literacy, film theory, film criticism, media representation of sex and race, media and education, public relations, news writing and reporting, social media, film and TV law, and .

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  • Program Length:  18 Months
  • Credit hours:  18
  • Cost per credit:  -
  • Program Cost:  -
  • Admission deadline:  March 17
  • Scholarships Available:  Yes
  • GRE Required:  Yes
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Ranked as:  #77 in Best National University
Tuition:  -
State:  New York
Acceptance:  -

The Cinema and Screen Studies AS degree from Monroe Community College offers a strong Liberal Arts perspective on motion picture and television history, culture, theory, and production. Students are introduced to cinema as a medium of mass communication which combines two art forms, photography and theater, to communicate powerful stories with vivid pictures and strong emotion. Students investigate cinema and television through critical studies and create images of their own through scriptwriting and introductory production opportunities.

Finally, students gain an appreciation for cinema and television from a commercial standpoint since these media exist not only in the marketplace of ideas but also as end products of an industrial enterprise. Upon completion of this degree, students are able to continue their studies at a 4-year SUNY college film or mass media degree programs where they apply what they have learned at MCC to advanced studies in this or related fields.

As a SUNY Community College, we respond to the educational need of all people and their local, state, and global communities. We offer certificate programs and associate degrees, as well as transfer and career services. You will benefit from flexible course scheduling and affordable career exploration.

Let put your mind at ease online learning.

Courses are similar to in-person classes, but you participate online.

Participate in field experiences such as internships, clinical placements, and service learning to apply your academic knowledge in the world.

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Cinema and Screen Studies

  • Program Length:  48 Months
  • Credit hours:  -
  • Cost per credit:  -
  • Program Cost:  -
  • Admission deadline:  -
  • Scholarships Available:  Yes
  • GRE Required:  Yes
Ranked as:  -
Tuition:  -
State:  Ohio
Acceptance:  -

Our program begins with theory and then applies that theory to all sorts of genres, all the while allowing you to explore your interests and expand your knowledge what makes a good film.

The Master of Humanities in Film Studies is designed to prepare you for either teaching at the community college level or applying for further graduate study at the doctoral level. You will learn how theory turns into practice by studying the history of film as well as a variety of film genres and techniques. Our students enjoy creative assignments that build critical thinking and analysis skills in all courses.

As a graduate of the program, you will be prepared to inspire students, continue your studies, or join the workforce as an effective communicator with a strong foundation in film studies.

The program prepares you for further graduate study or for teaching introductory film courses at the college level.

100% online, with a combination of 7-week courses.

Students have options to begin their program at three different times throughout the year (January, May, and August).

As a full-time student, you can complete your program in less than two years.

Courses are relevant, and all content is focused on practical skills.

The program will prepare you to be an effective communicator in the field, as well as an accomplished film analyst who can share their knowledge effectively with others. If you enjoy analyzing films and or encouraging others to enjoy films, then the Master of Humanities in Film Studies is for you.

By the end of the capstone project, you will have a polished writing sample that you can use for future graduate applications and or seek to publish.

Offered in 7-week courses, starting in January, May and August.

Writing ability so that they can write appropriately at the graduate level. It also provides a foundation of knowledge in rhetoric and composition for students wishing to teach college level writing. The course will be organized around the five canons of rhetoric: Invention, Arrangement, Style, Memory, and Delivery.

This course is a practical introduction to doing research in graduate school. in their chosen concentration, including finding, evaluating, and using appropriate graduate-level sources.

This course will concentrate on films and filmmakers from Africa, Latin America (Central and South America), the Indian Subcontinent, The Middle-East, East and Southeast Asia, and Turkey. Third Cinema can be thought of in a number of ways, and the definition, like the world, is changing rapidly.

This course focuses on the social and cultural aspects of film censorship while in its examination of key issues and events in the history of film censorship in the United States. Film clips and images will be available for viewing on the course site, but members of the class may be required to view several full length feature films on their own. These films are readily available in the United States for purchase, rental on DVD, or rental through an online streaming service such as provided by Netflix. If titles may not be available to some students, alternative titles will be offered. If some titles are not available to some students, alternative titles will be offered.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of postsecondary teachers is projected to grow 12 percent from 2020 to 2030. The median annual wage for postsecondary teachers was $80,560 in May 2020.

The online Masters in Humanities in Film Studies program prepares you for positions related to:.

Film studies is an academic discipline that studies the various theoretical, historical and critical approaches to cinema as an art form and a medium.

Students will learn how theory turns into practice by studying the history of film as well as a variety of film genres and techniques. Our students enjoy creative assignments that build critical thinking and analysis skills in all courses.

With a degree in film studies, you will be qualified for a variety of career opportunities, including postsecondary teacher, screenwriter, film critic, independent film maker, public relations manager, customer service representative and sales representative.

Eric Althoff Master of Humanities in Film Studies Class of 2023.

Where a Master of Humanities Degree Can Take You.

Student Spotlight: Dravin Gibson, Master of Humanities in Film Studies.

Student Spotlight: Eric Althoff, Master of Humanities in Film Studies.

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Online Masters Degree in Film Studies

  • Program Length:  18 Months
  • Credit hours:  30
  • Cost per credit:  -
  • Program Cost:  -
  • Admission deadline:  -
  • Scholarships Available:  No
  • GRE Required:  Yes
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What kind of scholarships are available for Online Master's Programs in Film/Cinema/Video Studies?

We have 16 scholarships awarding up to $181,353 for Masters program in for Film/Cinema/Video Studies, targeting diverse candidates and not restricted to state or school-based programs.

Scholarship nameAmountCredibility
Financial aid offered by the USC Thornton School of Music$20,500
Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago Academic Scholarship$4,000Medium
The Anne van Biema Fellowship$2,500Medium
Madison Chautauqua Scholarship for the Arts in Memory of Bob Fourhman$1,100Medium
Support Creativity Scholarship$1,000High

Find scholarships and financial aid for Film/Cinema/Video Studies graduate programs

$500 $20000

Are there any one-year Online Master’s programs in Design and Visual Communications?

Yes, there are accredited universities that offer one year online masters program in Design and Visual Communications?

Most of the Nationally ranked accredited universities offer 2 years master’s program, some of the schools are offering 1-year and 18-month Online Master's degrees. If you are able to meet the credit requirements, you can finish an 18-month program in one year, making it a one-year program.

3 Universities offer an online Master's program within One Year - 18 months. The tuition for a Master's can range from $13,750 to $13,750.

Online Masters 1 year - 18 months in Design and Visual Communications

Is it worth getting an online master's degree in Design and Visual Communications?

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Can I still apply for scholarships and financial aid even if it is an Online Master's program?

Our team has added the scholarships applicable for Graduate programs and most of these scholarships are only verifying the school you are studying at and the program you have applied to. Most of the time, it does not matter if it is an online master’s program or if it is an on-campus program. For renewable scholarships, you will have to maintain a minimum GPA. Schools will give out financial-aid and need-based aid for online Master’s programs and that can be enquired about at the time of application or after you have been admitted. The great news is that your net tuition cost can further come down with these scholarships.

What is the GRE score required for admission to Master's degree in Design and Visual Communications?

4 accredited universities offer an online Master's program in Design and Visual Communications. The tuition for an online master's program ranges from $16,698 to $115,332.

Our promise is that we will help you find the accredited college for the online Master's at an affordable price tag. Use our Match me with Online Master's program to find the college that fits your needs and is affordable.

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Which schools do not require GRE/GMAT for Design and Visual Communications Online Masters program?

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Ohio University-Main Campus: VisCom does not require applicants to take the GRE.

4 universities offer online Master's in Design and Visual Communications. Out of these, 1 universities do not require GRE for the admission to online Masters program. To view all the schools that do not require GRE/GMAT for the online Master's, use Match Me Masters.

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How much does it cost and how to find most affordable Online Master’s in Design and Visual Communications?

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Where can I find the fastest Online Master’s programs in Design and Visual Communications?

4 accredited Universities offer Online Masters Program. The tuition for online Master's can range from $13,750 to $50,391

Fastest Online Masters Program in Design and Visual Communications

How can I compare the Film/Cinema/Video Studies online Master's Programs?

Compare the GRE score requirements, admission details, credit requirements and tuition for the Master's Program, from 3 universities offering Online Masters Programs in Film/Cinema/Video Studies. Compare Online Masters Programs in Film/Cinema/Video Studies

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