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Duke University logo
Ranked as:  #10 in Best National University
Tuition:  $59,140 per year
Total Cost:  $118,280 * This tuition data is based on IPEDS. For the latest tuition amount, refer to the respective college websites.
State:  North Carolina
Acceptance:  -


The Graduate Certificate in Philosophy, Arts, and Literature is an interdisciplinary certificate that seeks to connect the study of specific works of art and specific art forms (such as literature, music, theater, painting, film, and so on) to questions concerning creativity, the nature of specific art forms, the relationship between knowledge and art, and between ethics and aesthetics. The Certificate aims to make student conversant with philosophical reflections on literature and the arts. As forms of human expression, philosophy and every art form are historical. The Certificate seeks to foster an understanding of the historical nature of different art forms, and of aesthetics and philosophy, and to encourage exploration of philosophy, arts, and literature from different historical periods.

Students may earn a formal Graduate Certificate in Philosophy, Arts, and Literature by satisfying the following requirements: (1) Take five graduate level courses approved by the Steering Committee. The courses must be taken in a minimum of three different departments. (2) Write a research paper and present it at a workshop at Duke.

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Certificate in Philosophy, Arts, and Literature - The Graduate School

Northwestern University logo
Ranked as:  #10 in Best National University
Tuition:  $56,567 per year
Total Cost:  $113,134 * This tuition data is based on IPEDS. For the latest tuition amount, refer to the respective college websites.
State:  Illinois
Acceptance:  -

Each year, SPS posts registration dates and deadlines on its academic calendar. It is your responsibility to register and, if necessary, drop classes by the posted deadlines. No one will do this for you, except in cases where a class is canceled. Please be aware that CAESAR is not in service during the week before the start of a term, and you may not register during that time.

We encourage you to register at the earliest possible date. Some courses fill up very quickly, and early registration will let SPS staff know if an additional section (where possible) is needed. Conversely, students who delay their registration may find that an under-enrolled course has been canceled due to apparent lack of interest. Early registration helps us serve you better.

All registrations, including adding and dropping classes, must be done online through CAESAR ( Computer Assisted Electronic Student Access Route ). If you are withdrawing from all your classes for the quarter, CAESAR will not let you drop the last remaining course on your schedule.

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University of Florida logo
Ranked as:  #29 in Best National University
Tuition:  $30,130
Total Cost:  $60,260 * This tuition data is based on IPEDS. For the latest tuition amount, refer to the respective college websites.
State:  Florida
Acceptance:  -

Expand Forensic Science Graduate Certificates Submenu Forensic Science Graduate Certificates Graduate Certificate in Forensic Death Investigation Graduate Certificate in Forensic DNA Serology Graduate Certificate in Forensic Drug Chemistry Graduate Certificate in Forensic Toxicology.

This 2-credit course involves the completion of a term paper on a relevant topic of DNA and serology or a closely related topic.

Distance Education and UF Online Students enjoy the same library privileges as on-campus students.

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University of California-San Diego logo
Ranked as:  #34 in Best National University
Tuition:  $28,631 per year
Total Cost:  $57,262 * This tuition data is based on IPEDS. For the latest tuition amount, refer to the respective college websites.
State:  California
Acceptance:  -

Course Number: LIT-40071Credit: 2.00 unit(s)Related Certificate Programs:Creative Writing.

There are no sections of this course currently scheduled.

The Art and Craft of Creative Writing course.

Finding Our Voices, Telling Our Stories: Part I course.

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Gender Identity and Literature

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign logo
Ranked as:  #41 in Best National University
Tuition:  $30,083 per year
Total Cost:  $60,166 * This tuition data is based on IPEDS. For the latest tuition amount, refer to the respective college websites.
State:  Illinois
Acceptance:  -

Several certificates in the CITL Teaching Certificate Program require a review of literature.

A pedagogical literature review is a synthesis of what has been published by scholars and researchers on some aspect of teaching and learning. The purpose of the written review is to summarize, synthesize, and evaluate published material on a problem or issue. A literature review is not an annotated bibliography or set of summaries of articles on a topic.

You should begin by casting a wide net to get a sense of the topics that scholars in your discipline are investigating related to teaching and learning in your discipline, technology-enhanced teaching, or service-learning pedagogy. You can scan the titles of articles in pedagogical journals to identify common topics, trends, and significant scholars before narrowing your focus to one theme that is most interesting or relevant to you. You may also consult the reading lists on our webpage. Be sure to include articles from than one journal.

Select articles that make the best contribution to understanding the topic. Identify trends and patterns, relationships among studies, and gaps in the literature, always with an eye as to how the articles inform teaching in your discipline.

Your bibliography should list articles from scholarly journals or peer-reviewed on-line journals, or chapters from books. You may use any reasonable format for entry (APA, MLA, etc.) as long as it includes the title of the article or book chapter.

Your final paper should be a well-written coherent synthesis of the literature. You should refer to at least five to six articles or book chapters and your paper should be approximately six pages long.

The following provides a brief summary of the expectations for this component of the certificates.

In this review of general pedagogical literature, you begin to consider how the work and research of scholars of teaching and learning can influence your own understanding and practice. You may read a book that covers a wide range of teaching and learning topics, or you may focus your reading on a particular topic.

In this review of pedagogical literature in your discipline, you begin an exploration of the themes, research methods, and findings of the literature how your subject matter is taught and learned.

In this review, you examine the literature on teaching with technology. The review may focus on one of the following areas: the use of a particular educational technology, the use of technology in your discipline, or the use of technology for a specific purpose.

In this review of selected literature on service-learning pedagogy, you explore a theme or issue related to the use of service-learning pedagogy in higher education or in your discipline.

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Pedagogical Literature Review

What kind of scholarships are available for Graduate Programs in Literature?

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Scholarship nameAmountCredibility
William C. Johnson Distinguished Scholarship$6,000High
Linda Lentz Hubert Grant$3,000High
English UCLA Graduate Funding$1,000High
College of Humanities English Department Awards$500High

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