Best online masters programs in Pharmaceutics and Drug Design

Best Online Masters Programs in Pharmaceutics and Drug Design - Updated 2023
Ranked as:  #25 in Best National University
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State:  California
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The Master of Science in Management of Drug Development (a blended program that allows online participation) hones skills for careers in translational research, with particular emphasis on shepherding the transition between early-stage preclinical drug discovery and clinical drug development.

The program enables students to design, critically evaluate and optimize drug development strategies from the earliest stages of discovery to their application in patients, ultimately leading to commercialization.

The STEM-designated MS in Management of Drug Development program is designed for students with a background in preclinical biological and pharmaceutical science.

It aims at producing entry and mid-level scientists with the knowledge and skills appropriate for professional practice in translational research, with particular emphasis on the area of transition between early stage preclinical drug discovery and clinical drug development. represents one of the most challenging and important areas in translational research, yet programs designed to train and educate future translational science leaders are lacking.

Earn your Master of Science in Management of Drug Development online. Request information.

Master of Science in Management of Drug Development Curriculum.

The MS in Management of Drug Development degree requires satisfactory completion of 32 units beyond the baccalaureate degree. The core curriculum includes courses that focus on basic regulatory frameworks, translational science, quality assurance, clinical research, statistics and business, as well as elective options. Hands-on experience is encouraged through the participation in academic and industry internships, or the TRAQS program.

Typically, courses offered by the Regulatory and Quality Science can be taken either in-person or online (within the United States). Upon admission, a course plan will be developed to fit your needs.

Career Opportunities for Management of Drug Development Graduates.

Your career in drug development management starts here. Request information today.

All courses offered by the Regulatory and Quality Sciences can be taken online or in-person. Created for working professionals who wish to further their education but cannot travel to traditional classrooms, online students participate in the same classes as students who attend onsite. Lectures can be viewed in real time or at another time.

Personal statement that addresses your interest in the degree.

See program information site for additional information.

Additional financial aid may be available through the program.

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Master of Science in Management of Drug Development

  • Program Length:  32 Months
  • Credit hours:  32
  • Cost per credit:  -
  • Program Cost:  -
  • Admission deadline:  -
  • Scholarships Available:  Yes
  • GRE Required:  Yes
University of Florida logo
Ranked as:  #29 in Best National University
Tuition:  -
State:  Florida
Acceptance:  -

As a working professional, the program provides flexibility to work within busy schedules at your own pace. Completing a master’s degree in pharmaceutical chemistry online is a fast and convenient way to pursue your educational and career goals. At UF, each course is made up of specific topic modules, supplemented with tools such as images, animations, case studies and step-by-step instructions for gearing up and accessing UF library materials and e-journals. Students interact with teaching assistants, course instructors, and each other, using private course email, discussion boards and live chat sessions.

The master’s degree with a concentration in pharmaceutical chemistry consists of 32 credits. Students average 2 ½ – 3 years to complete the master’s degree, but have up to seven years to complete coursework.

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Master’s in pharmaceutical chemistry online

  • Program Length:  32 Months
  • Credit hours:  32
  • Cost per credit:  $575
  • Program Cost:  18,400
  • Admission deadline:  October 5
  • Scholarships Available:  No
  • GRE Required:  Yes
University of Wisconsin-Madison logo
Ranked as:  #38 in Best National University
Tuition:  -
State:  Wisconsin
Acceptance:  -

This 100% online course provides a comprehensive introduction to the drug development process. The course consists of 18 learn at your own pace units.

Developing a new chemical entity (NCE) for humans can take than ten years. It can cost close to a billion dollars and involve many steps. There are many pitfalls along the way. Less than 10% of drug development projects will lead to an FDA approval. Even though the odds of success are steep, it is not impossible. Several tactics can help save time and money in the drug development process. A well-trained workforce can improve decision-making and optimize the CMC process.

Woman with pipette in lab working on drug development process.

The convenient online learning platform is ideal for busy professionals. This course will give you tools and training optimize your CMC process. The series of online lectures will cover all aspects of drug development. You will learn strategies for all stages of the drug development funnel from lead selection through post-market activities. The course material is application based and designed to develop practical skills. You will learn through many therapeutic examples. These examples will help you address real-world drug discovery challenges. Learn to develop the right framework for candidate selection, evaluation, and NDA filings. You will also learn to address manufacturing and regulatory considerations as well.

Upon completion, you will have a drug development toolkit at your disposal. You will become an effective contributor to the drug development process. Your team will benefit from optimization and an improved chance of success.

This course is suitable by itself or as part of the Drug Product Development Certificate. We recommend beginning your Applied Drug Development Certificate with this course.

Developed Conducted by the Division of Pharmacy Professional Development Pharmacy, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

$750 for academic and non-profit $375 for graduate student.

This course is online and self-paced. You may register at any time and complete the curriculum at your own pace by June 30, 2024.

The purpose of this distance education course is to provide the attendees with a comprehensive of the process of nonclinical drug development from lead molecule characterization and preclinical evaluation, to the approval by various agencies of a new drug product. Within this context, the attendee will become familiar with the key science and technologies that support the drug product development process. The course will use therapeutic examples and will address issues from discovery to NDA filings. Upon completion of the program the learner will be able to:.

3) Better anticipate the challenges, choices and key decision-making steps that face the development team in bringing a new drug product to market and.

4) Apply a broader understanding of the development process to bring effective problem solving to the development program.

Module Title: An Introduction to the Drug Development Process.

1.To provide a broad of the course materials and the relationship between design, development, manufacturing and regulatory considerations .

To describe the relationship and roles of different disciplines on the drug development process .

To discuss the Investigational New Drug (IND) applications and how it evolves into a New Drug Application (NDA) or a Biologic License Application (BLA).

Module Title: The Stages of the Drug Development Process: Chemical, Design, Delivery and Control Considerations.

Describe the structure, responsibilities and communication with of the Food and Drug Administration .

Discuss the biology issues and types of pharmacokinetic and toxicology studies required during the development process .

Identify key physical and chemical factors that can affect the probability of successful development of a drug candidate .

Describe how chemical and physical properties influence the formulation of a drug product, its stability and manufacturability .

List the factors to consider when choosing an appropriate route of administration and formulating the drug product .

Compare and contrast differences between small and large molecules with respect to research and development, manufacturing and quality control and.

Describe what is meant by specifications as it relates to a certificate of analysis.

Relevant Physical and Chemical Factors in Lead Optimization and Candidate SelectionThe key physicochemical factors that are evaluated and often assist in distinguishing lead compounds from development candidates .

How Do the Chemical Structure and Associated Physical Chemical Properties of an API Influence Its Formulation into a Drug ProductHow the chemical nature of a drug candidate influences its formulation and delivery.

Chemical Stability in Drug DevelopmentThe importance of chemical stability in the development of new drug candidates.

Oral Drug Delivery and Dosage FormsThe science behind designing the effective oral dosage form, liquid and solid.

The second 'C' in CMC Analytical Methods Development and Quality ControlTypical approaches to small and larger molecule API and Drug Product analysis, from early analytical methods to Quality Control.

Drug Product Analytical Controls for Different Dosage Forms Setting Specifications for the Certificate of AnalysisAppropriate product control, from manufacture to expiration.

Review the questions posed during setting specifications for the certificate of analysis and.

To apply course information to a patient case study.

Module Title: Manufacturing and Regulatory Considerations in the Drug Development Process.

Describe considerations in development of a reliable and scalable drug substance manufacturing process .

Discuss the evolution of a potential drug product during the clinical stages of development .

List the basic components involved with information transfer from development to manufacturing .

Discuss various regulatory submissions including an Investigational New Drug Application and a New Drug Application and.

List the various pathways for approval of a drug marketing application and approval for generic drugs and biosimilars.

The M in CMC Process Development for API and DrugProductDeveloping a reliable, scalable manufacturing process.

Regulatory SubmissionsAnticipating the development cycle on the way to NDA and common technical document preparation, and how compliance requirements change the course of development.

To apply course information to a patient case study.

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An Introduction to the Drug Development Process: Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (Online Short Course).

The Science, Principles, and Practices for Successful Technical Teams (In-person Short Course).

Physiochemical Characterization, Solubization and Solid Form Screening for Drug Candidate Selection (In-person Short Course).

Practical Strategies for Developing Preclinical and Phase 1 Oral Drug Formulations (In-person Short Course).

Mastering Analytical Method Development, Transfer and Validation (In-person Short Course).

Principles of Solid Dosage Forms (In-person Short Course).

Understanding, Characterizing, and Developing Amorphous Materials and Amorphous Solid Dispersions (In-person Short Course).

A Practical Review of Cardiovascular Physiology, Pharmacology and Safety (Online Short Course).

CNS Pharmacology Targets, Drug Abuse Liabilities and (Online Short Course).

Annual Land O Lakes Drug Metabolism and Applied Pharmacokinetics (Conference).

Basic Statistics and Practical Pharmaceutical Applications (Online Short Course).

Principles and Applications (Online Short Course).

Leadership for Inspiring a Powerful Healthcare Team (In-person Short Course).

Veterinary Pharmacy Law: Regulatory Update (Online Short Course).

Injectable Medications (IM and SubQ Non-vaccine) (Online Short Course).

Non-Vaccine Injection Medication Administration in an Inpatient Setting (Online Short Course).

Long Acting Naltrexone and Anti-Psychotic Drugs Administration (Online Short Course).

Certificate in Formulary Drug Evaluation Processes (Online Certificate).

Appropriate use of Opioids and other Misused Drugs (Online Short Course).

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Introduction to the Drug Development Process

  • Program Length:  10 Months
  • Credit hours:  18
  • Cost per credit:  -
  • Program Cost:  -
  • Admission deadline:  -
  • Scholarships Available:  No
  • GRE Required:  Yes
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Ranked as:  #148 in Best National University
Tuition:  -
State:  Ohio
Acceptance:  -

The Pharmaceutical Sciences with an emphasis on Pharmaceutics/Drug Development (MSDD) program provides individuals a formal opportunity to further their knowledge in drug development. Along with the MSDD program, they offer two graduate certificate programs, including Clinical Trials Design & Research and Global Regulatory Affairs in Drug Development. These three options are all online, asynchronous and available to part-time and full-time students.

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Online Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Science/Drug Development

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State:  Massachusetts
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Take Your Research Interests to the Forefront of Pharmaceutical Development.

The program starts in the fall.

Our research-and-development focused curriculum prepares you to contribute to breakthroughs and enhancements in the composition, delivery, and safe usage of life-saving drugs. Approximately two-thirds of your required course credit hours will be devoted to electives to allow for a broader foundation. You will devote the balance of your time to an original research topic.

Two-year, full-time program on the Boston and Worcester campuses.

Flexible full-time or part-time program on the Boston campus and online.

Flexible three-course program on the Boston campus and online.

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What kind of scholarships are available for Online Master's Programs in Pharmaceutics and Drug Design?

We have 208 scholarships awarding up to $2,024,183 for Masters program in for Pharmaceutics and Drug Design, targeting diverse candidates and not restricted to state or school-based programs.

Scholarship nameAmountCredibility
Changemaker Scholarship for Masters Programs$5,775High
CastleBranch-GNSA Scholarship$2,500High
STEM Teacher Graduate Scholarships$2,500High
ABC Humane Wildlife Women In STEM Academic Scholarship$1,000High
GMiS STEM Scholarships$500High

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$500 $20000

What is the GRE score required for admission to Master's degree in Pharmacy?

23 accredited universities offer an online Master's program in Pharmacy. The tuition for an online master's program ranges from $19,490 to $97,430.

Our promise is that we will help you find the accredited college for the online Master's at an affordable price tag. Use our Match me with Online Master's program to find the college that fits your needs and is affordable.

Cheapest Online Masters Program in Pharmacy

Which are the accredited universities that offer online doctoral programs offered in Pharmacy?

4 universities offer graduate PHD online program in Pharmacy

Check out our exclusive data on scholarships and financial aid offered by universities for the Master's program in Pharmacy. There are also 700+ scholarships available from accredited sources with the amount ranging from $1000-$22k.

Best Pharmacy graduate PHD online programs

Is it worth getting an online master's degree in Pharmacy?

Before you invest 1 - 2 years of your time and anywhere between $20,000 - $60,000 prospective students should think about what is the return on investment on the Master’s degree. Here are some of the statistics from

Can I still apply for scholarships and financial aid even if it is an Online Master's program?

Our team has added the scholarships applicable for Graduate programs and most of these scholarships are only verifying the school you are studying at and the program you have applied to. Most of the time, it does not matter if it is an online master’s program or if it is an on-campus program. For renewable scholarships, you will have to maintain a minimum GPA. Schools will give out financial-aid and need-based aid for online Master’s programs and that can be enquired about at the time of application or after you have been admitted. The great news is that your net tuition cost can further come down with these scholarships.

Which schools do not require GRE/GMAT for Pharmacy Online Masters program?

Quite a few accredited universities have waived off the GRE score requirements for admissions to Online Masters programs.

Nova Southeastern University: All standardized exams for entrance into the College of Pharmacy are recommended, but not required.Submit any official standardized test scores such as PCAT, GRE, TOEFL, or IELTS to help further the evaluation of applications All standardized exams for entrance into the college of pharmacy are waived for the Fall 2020 entry term due to COVID-19.Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine: The Pharmacy College Admissions Test or other standardized tests, including the MCAT, GRE, DAT and OAT, are not required.The PCAT and other standardized test scores can be submitted for evaluation, including the MCAT, GRE, OAT and DAT.

22 universities offer online Master's in Pharmacy. Out of these, 2 universities do not require GRE for the admission to online Masters program. To view all the schools that do not require GRE/GMAT for the online Master's, use Match Me Masters.

Online Masters in Pharmacy

How much does it cost and how to find most affordable Online Master’s in Pharmacy?

The cost of the online Master's program can vary between public and private universities and there is a huge range. The tuition for the Master's degree can range from $625 per year at University of Florida to $625 at University of Florida. There are numerous options to reduce the cost. The tuition price at a state university is most of the time lower than a private university but a private college offers financial aid and assistantships to deserving candidates.

Are there any one-year Online Master’s programs in Pharmacy?

Yes, there are accredited universities that offer one year online masters program in Pharmacy?

Most of the Nationally ranked accredited universities offer 2 years master’s program, some of the schools are offering 1-year and 18-month Online Master's degrees. If you are able to meet the credit requirements, you can finish an 18-month program in one year, making it a one-year program.

2 Universities offer an online Master's program within One Year - 18 months. The tuition for a Master's can range from $625 to $625.

Online Masters 1 year - 18 months in Pharmacy

How can I compare the Pharmaceutics and Drug Design online Master's Programs?

Compare the GRE score requirements, admission details, credit requirements and tuition for the Master's Program, from 6 universities offering Online Masters Programs in Pharmaceutics and Drug Design. Compare Online Masters Programs in Pharmaceutics and Drug Design

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