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University of Pennsylvania logo
Ranked as:  #7 in Best National University
Tuition:  $41,760 per year
Total Cost:  $83,520 * This tuition data is based on IPEDS. For the latest tuition amount, refer to the respective college websites.
State:  Pennsylvania
Acceptance:  -

Professional Certificate in Organizational Leadership in Social Work.

Apply direct practice expertise and skills to social work leadership .

Use social work core values and a social work perspective in leading and decision-making .

Move from providing direct social services to leading for social change.

Program enrollment is limited to current SP2 students and SP2 alumni. Students and alumni from all degree programs are eligible to complete the Professional Certificate. The program is available at no cost to SP2 students and at a nominal fee to SP2 alumni. Complete details can be found on the enrollment page.

Wharton School Professional Certificate in Organizational Leadership in Social Work is a non-credit professional certificate, which will be conferred to individuals who complete all four non-credit courses.

Courses can also be completed individually learners will receive a certificate of completion for each course, but will not earn the Professional Certificate credential.

Courses are delivered fully online and on-demand. Learners may start the program at any time and move through the course materials at any speed they choose.

Each course will last four to six weeks.

Learners will be asked to devote two to four hours per week to each course.

The program is 100% online. Learners may start at any time and complete the program at their own pace.

The Professional Certificate, including access to all four courses, costs $159 for SP2 alumni. Individual courses cost $49.

Course content has been developed based on alumni feedback and market research the skills needed to lead a social services organization.

Module 2: Using Social Work Perspective and Core Values as a Management Guide.

Module 4: Interview with Two Social Work Leaders.

This course explains how things catch on and helps you apply these ideas to be effective at marketing your ideas, brands, or products.

Ittner, PhD Richard Lambert, PhD.

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Professional Certificate in Organizational Leadership in Social Work - School of Social Policy Practice

  • Program Length:  -
  • Credit hours:  -
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor logo
Ranked as:  #25 in Best National University
Tuition:  $49,548 per year
Total Cost:  $99,096 * This tuition data is based on IPEDS. For the latest tuition amount, refer to the respective college websites.
State:  Michigan
Acceptance:  -

Career Services Job Search Resources Job Preparation Licensing Exam Prep Alumni Employment Data Graduate Assistantships Post-MSW Fellowships Student Employment Writing Assistance.

Certificates Community Action Research Certificate Interprofessional Mini-Certificate in Trauma-Informed Practice.

Program Evaluation Projects Schedule a Consult Evaluation Skills Video Resource Library People Events.

Student Services Enrollment Management Graduate Assistantships Student Employment Student Help Support.

Events Advances in Child Maltreatment Prevention Building Healthy, Strong Communities Conversations Across Social Disciplines Fedele F. Fauri Memorial Lecture coming Reunion Weekend Leon and Josephine Winkelman Memorial Lecture Social Justice Changemaker Lecture.

Online MSW Certificate Programs Online MSW MasterTrack.

Joint PhD Program Funding Apply Program Statistics Joint PhD Research Joint PhD Students Alumni PhD News Conversations Across Social Disciplines.

Curtis Center Us Education Training Signature Programs.

Jewish Communal Leadership Scholarship Course Planning Courses Field Placements Events Stories Videos People.

Artwork at the SSW Social Justice Collection.

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The University of Texas at Austin logo
Ranked as:  #38 in Best National University
Tuition:  $22,886 per year
Total Cost:  $45,772 * This tuition data is based on IPEDS. For the latest tuition amount, refer to the respective college websites.
State:  Texas
Acceptance:  -

We educate social workers with a passion for social justice and for making a difference in the world.

This professional degree makes you eligible for licensure and gives direct entry into human service professional positions.

Explore the curriculum and the multiple ways of tailoring this graduate degree to your interests.

If you are passionate community-engaged research, this is the right doctoral program for you. We prepare students to be social work scientists, educators, scholars, and leaders in the field.

Learn our post-doctoral training with the Dell Medical School, funded through a T32 award from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

Certificate Course in Contemporary Psychoanalytic Social Work Practice.

This certificate is designed for Child Protective Services employees at the Family and Protective Services, Single Source Continuum Contractors, and related agencies who are taking on child protection roles. As this is a specialized certificate, participants in this certificate program are encouraged to complete the Child Welfare Services Certificate as well.

The DiNitto Career Center offers services specific to social work including career exploration, job-search coaching, licensure preparation and leadership opportunities.

We are ranked among the best ten schools of social work in the nation.

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University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science

  • Program Length:  -
  • Credit hours:  -
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Boston University logo
Ranked as:  #41 in Best National University
Tuition:  $57,666 per year
Total Cost:  $115,332 * This tuition data is based on IPEDS. For the latest tuition amount, refer to the respective college websites.
State:  Massachusetts
Acceptance:  -

Social workers face a complex and ever-challenging environment. Our mission to provide high quality, cutting-edge continuing education opportunities remains the same.

Professional Education Programs at BU School of Social Work offers courses, workshops, and postgraduate certificate programs to individuals and organizations throughout the human service field in New England. We focus on theory-based skill development, application of new areas of research, and advancement of critical thinking. Most PEP programs are evidence-based, skills-oriented, and tailored to focus on contemporary practice issues in both macro and clinical social work.

The School is an approved provider of Continuing Education Credits (CECs) and has been authorized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Social Work Registration to approve offerings from other institutions for CECs.

To receive a CEC certificate, you must attend 100% of the seminar, as per guidelines set forth by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Half-day, one-day, and two-day workshops and seminars take place throughout the year and cover a wide range of topics, including clinical practice, public health social work, urban practice, nonprofit management, emerging issues in social work, and evidence-based practice skills.

PEP offers short, interactive webinars led by practitioners which cover a broad range of topics including social work modalities, public health, and issues around race, sex, and gender, among others.

PEP currently offers a self-paced program in Screening, Brief Intervention and Training (called SBIRT) as well as an online certificate program in Cognitive and Behavioral Interventions.

BU School of Social Work, in cooperation with the Asperger Autism Network, offers two comprehensive online training courses to teach couples therapists effectively treat neurodiverse couples in therapy. Courses are appropriate for psychologists, social workers, and marriage and family therapists who wish to expand their practice to include couples where one or both partners are on the autism spectrum.

PEP offers postgraduate certificate programs in a number of different content areas, including: Clinical Practice with Adolescents, Motivational Interviewing, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Interventions. These programs help experienced practitioners strengthen their skills and competencies in the varied roles required of them.

Information Social Work Licensure in Other States:.

Records are kept for the current and last two-year licensing cycle. We urge you to keep your own records, as we cannot be responsible for lost certificates. Copies of recent certificates are provided for a $15 fee. Please include your full name, contact information, date, and title of the workshop with your request and fee allow two weeks for processing.

Current BUSSW Students can take non-Certificate courses for 80% off with code student. All of the letters must be lower-case, as our Registration site is case-sensitive.

Field instructors are eligible for one free day-long workshop per academic year, on a first-come, first-served basis, provided there is space. Please call the PEP office for availability. This discount does not apply to certificate programs.

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Professional Education Programs - School of Social Work

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Ranked as:  #44 in Best National University
Tuition:  $61,176 per year
Total Cost:  $122,352 * This tuition data is based on IPEDS. For the latest tuition amount, refer to the respective college websites.
State:  Louisiana
Acceptance:  -

If you already have a Master level degree, you may want to pursue interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to strengthen your leadership and capacity with a Disaster Resilience Leadership Certificate. Gain valuable education from a disaster preparedness, management, and recovery program that focuses on effective resilience models providing positive outcomes from the individual to community level.

Although many certificate programs focus on disaster and risk management, none of them specifically target the role and development of interdisciplinary leadership. This is the first academic program with such a dynamic and innovative focus on producing effective systems and programs that instill resilience within individuals and communities.

The Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy (DRLA) is part of the Tulane School of Social Work. TSSW and DRLA share a commitment to scholarship and social justice, a combination of fields unmatched at any other university.

Produce highly educated practitioners of Disaster Resilience Leadership with advanced theoretical and methodological skills and flexibility to compete in the academic, governmental, non-profit, private, and public sectors, or some combination thereof.

The resilience and strength of leadership that Tulane University exhibited in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the BP Oil Spill makes it the ideal setting to learn the impact of complex and large scale disasters. Whether students are engaging in this program on-campus or taking our online certificate or dual degree, they gain knowledge from people and communities with first-hand experience of challenges and best practices in disaster resilience.

In 2013, DRLA was transferred to within the Tulane School of Social Work.

A wide variety of careers are available with an MS-DRL degree.

The Disaster Resilience Leadership Certificate provides graduates with competencies in five key areas:.

We extended the focus of many programs, which only typically address disaster management and operations.

The program aims to advance the field of disaster resilience leadership by training and nurturing current and future leaders as well as promoting cutting edge research and stimulating global innovation in the disaster resilience and humanitarian assistance community.

The Disaster Resilience Leadership Certificate requires 21 credit hours, which can be completed on-campus or online.

View the curriculum requirements of the Disaster Resilience Leadership Certificate.

Required coursework in the core competencies teach tangible skills to engage in disaster resilience leadership. You will develop your capacity via team projects and teaching, problem-based learning, creative simulation (e.g. table tops), field work, and electronic learning exchanges.

All DLRA courses are identified with DRLS before the course number.

Master of Social Work and Master of Science in Disaster Resilience Leadership Dual Degree Program.

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Disaster Management Certificate - Tulane School of Social Work

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Florida State University logo
Ranked as:  #55 in Best National University
Tuition:  $26,707 per year
Total Cost:  $53,414 * This tuition data is based on IPEDS. For the latest tuition amount, refer to the respective college websites.
State:  Florida
Acceptance:  -

Role of the MSW Field Educator and Task Supervisor.

The Leadership in Executive and Administrative Development (LEAD) Certificate Program educates students leadership theories and practices and provides students with leadership experience. Learning leadership gives students the skills that they need for middle and executive positions in social service organizations. An in-depth curriculum that emphasizes leadership, decision-making, client-centered management, team building, negotiating, budget and finance, and the successful management of grants guides our students in the direction of being able to successfully manage social service agencies.

Applicants who are degree-seeking need to be accepted to the College of Social Work and Florida State University.

12 credit hours. Core courses offered at the Tallahassee campus and online.

SOW 5435: Social Program Evaluation (3 credit hours).

SOW 5376: Budget and Finance in the Social Services (3 credit hours).

SOW 5377: Social Work Administration (3 credit hours).

Students must also pass the LEAD Certificate Exam with an 70% or better and must complete the certificate within four years.

Only courses with a B or better grade can be accepted and can only be taken once.

Applying for the LEAD in Social Work Certificate:.

Please outline your curriculum plan for completing the certificate program (specify courses for each semester).

One (1) letter of support (academic or employment).

A statement of your career goals (5 page limit) addressing how the certificate specialized studies program will aid in your accomplishing your goals.

The submission of an application does not guarantee admission to the program.

Degree seeking student must be accepted to both the University and the College of Social Work.

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LEAD in Social Work Certificate

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Ranked as:  #55 in Best National University
Tuition:  $32,132 per year
Total Cost:  $64,264 * This tuition data is based on IPEDS. For the latest tuition amount, refer to the respective college websites.
State:  New Jersey
Acceptance:  -

The Largest CE Program for Social Workers in the Nation.

All our expert-led programs are designed with professionals in mind. Register for an engaging webinar and receive skills that you can put to work the next day. With over 350 webinars annually, we have something for every professional.

View webinars calendar, browse by concentration, and see special certificates programs.

Advance Your Career with a Rutgers Certificate Program.

The Rutgers University School of Social Work offers several certificate programs designed to give you the necessary skills and knowledge in key areas of practice.

With each covering an essential area of knowledge. The trainings are taken throughout the year and when each webinar in the program is completed, you earn your certificate. Completion of the certificate program is self-paced. A certificate can generally be earned within one to two years, or over the course of several you decide.

A certificate program deepens your expertise in a defined area. It shows professionals, clients, and potential employers that you have advanced training in a specific area from a respected university. Please note, a certificate program is not a license or certification that qualifies you for employment or practice in a specific area.

Any webinar can be taken singly or as part of a certificate program.

Each certificate program can generally be completed within one to two years, or it can be completed at your pace over multiple years as desired.

Certificate Program in Trauma Response and Crisis Intervention.

Healthy organizations find ways to keep their staff energized and knowledgeable. We can custom design training for your organization on almost any topic related to social work practice.

Customized webinars range from a single topic, to a related series of webinars, to entire certificate programs. We serve small nonprofit agencies, large organizations and large conferences.

We are always glad to receive proposals for new webinars that are relevant to social work practice.

Create an account on the Rutgers online CE portal to see your workshop choices.

Confirmation e-mails are usually sent right after mailed registrations are processed and a week before the webinar date for registrations made online.

Please note, we do not issue certificates with partial CE hours.

There is no application to our certificate programs and no deadline for completing them. Certificate programs are self-paced once you complete the required and elective webinars, you earn your certificate (listed on page 7). Please note that required certificate workshops are typically offered over the span of a calendar year.

Replacement certificates can be emailed upon request.

Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified.

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School of Social Work - Continuing Education

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University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus logo
Ranked as:  #62 in Best National University
Tuition:  $40,836 per year
Total Cost:  $81,672 * This tuition data is based on IPEDS. For the latest tuition amount, refer to the respective college websites.
State:  Pennsylvania
Acceptance:  -

Established in 1918, Pitt Social Work is a recognized leader in social work education, research, and administration. Ranked #21 by US News and World Report in their 2022 rankings of 298 graduate schools of social work, it has trained students for careers in a multitude of services including child welfare, mental health, community development, substance abuse, work with the elderly, domestic violence, diagnosis and treatment of families and their children, issues related to incarceration, and faith-based initiatives.

Help support Pitt Social Work as we train the next generation of social work scholars and social justice champions!

Center on Race and Social Problems: Funding to the Center on Race and Social Problems (CRSP) allows continued progress toward its mission to conduct applied social science research on race, color, ethnicity and their influence on the quality of life for all Americans.

Hartford Partnership for Aging Education: The Hartford Partnership Program for Aging Education is a unique educational program designed to enhance both direct practice and leadership skills of students studying gerontology.

Child Welfare Education and Research Program: The Child Welfare Education and Research Program equips child welfare workers to deal with the increasingly complex demands of public child welfare practice.

Our development team works with donors to make their gift through a variety of different methods, including:.

Pitt Social Work c o Development and Alumni Relations 4200 Fifth Avenue 2117 Cathedral of Learning Pittsburgh, PA 15260.

Planned Giving: Leave a legacy at Pitt Social Work by donating through a bequest, retirement plan or a charitable gift annuity.

The Continuing Education Program offers and supports Post-Graduate Certificate Programs, Specialization Training Certificates, and Training Series.

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School of Social Work - Ways to Give

  • Program Length:  Register to view the details
  • Credit hours:  Register to view the details
Ranked as:  #67 in Best National University
Tuition:  $41,576 per year
Total Cost:  $83,152 * This tuition data is based on IPEDS. For the latest tuition amount, refer to the respective college websites.
State:  Connecticut
Acceptance:  -

We are now offering live, virtual programs AND in-person seminars!

Our programs allow human service professionals to maintain their skills and earn Continuing Education Credits (CECs) for licensure.

Participant feedback is important to us and every program is evaluated.

We are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education and approved by the Connecticut Dept. of Public Health to provide CECs. Programming is offered throughout the year. Check out our schedule and register today.

Fatherhood Engagement Social Connections: Promoting Positive Child Development.

The Intersection of Vicarious Trauma and Social Justice.

The School of Social Work is approved by the CT Public Health to provide continuing education credits for social workers (LCSW and LMSW). We recommend checking with your licensing organization to verify that they will accept SSW continuing education credits.

Certificates of Completion are emailed within four (4) business days of each program to participants who have attended all scheduled program hours and whose registration fees are paid. Certificates indicate the number of continuing education credits (CECs) granted as specified in each program description. CECs will not be prorated.

Programs that satisfy this requirement will be noted in the descriptions.

Licensed social workers (and certain other licensed professionals) are required to attain two (2) hours of continuing education on veterans and families of veterans every six years. Training must cover the topic of mental health conditions common to veterans and family members of veterans, including (A) determining whether a patient is a veteran or family member of a veteran, (B) screening for conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, risk of suicide, depression and grief, and (C) suicide prevention training. Programs that satisfy this requirement will be noted in the descriptions.

Accreditation: School of Social work is nationally accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. The University of Connecticut is regionally accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education.

2023 Social Work Practice Fellows Certificate Program in Supervision.

A Professional Development Program for Social Work Supervisors of Direct Practice Across the Life Course.

There is a critical need for enhanced continuing education for social work supervisors. Social workers are often thrust into supervisory roles without the skills, knowledge, or support they need to succeed. This premier 36-hour certificate program features an advanced curriculum with a focus on some of the most complex issues that challenge MSW supervisors.

is one of three sites of a multi-university initiative which includes Adelphi University School of Social Work and Syracuse University School of Social Work. The SWPF offers much-needed peer support and networking opportunities.

The program is intended for social workers employed in a wide range of community agencies. You must be currently supervising social work staff (not only students).

36 CECs: Satisfies the cultural competency requirement for Connecticut social work licensing.

Eligibility and Requirements The participants selected for the program must be:.

Currently supervising social service workers (supervisees can include any number of MSWs, BSWs, or other social service staff).

Complete pre and post-program self-assessments of supervisory practices.

Certificates of completion will be issued at the end of the program to those who complete all program hours.

Application:Social work supervisors must apply for acceptance into the program. We will strive to bring together a diverse group of participants. Apply early. Payment is not due until you have received your acceptance email. Based on the volume of applications, acceptance decisions will be made every 2-3 weeks until the program is full. Enrollment limited to 25.

Attendance Policy: We understand that unexpected circumstances arise and attendance at a session may not be possible. Participants can miss up to 6 hours of the program. To receive credit for the missed class, you must complete a make-up assignment associated with the session. Make-up assignments need to be completed within two (2) weeks of the missed session.

Refunds will be processed if written notice of cancellation is received 2 weeks prior to the start of the program. No refunds will be issued after this date. There are no partial refunds.

The Campaign School for Social Workers is for anyone who wants to be politically active as a candidate, staff, volunteer, and or advocate for social change. Attendees learn from political social workers and national experts why they belong in politics. This program is approved for 12 Continuing Education Credits (CECs).

Fees and Payments: Please refer to individual program descriptions for fee information. Payment may be made online by credit card. We accept VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.

Your registration is complete when payment is received by the School of Social Work. You will receive a confirmation by email.

If space is available, we will gladly transfer your registration to another program.

Substitutions: another staff person from your agency may attend in your place.

Refund Policy: A refund will be processed if the cancellation is received by email 48 hours prior to the start of a program. There are no partial refunds.

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Center for Continuing Education and Professional Development - School of Social Work

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Indiana University-Bloomington logo
Ranked as:  #72 in Best National University
Tuition:  $33,338 per year
Total Cost:  $66,676 * This tuition data is based on IPEDS. For the latest tuition amount, refer to the respective college websites.
State:  Indiana
Acceptance:  -

Top-RankedMaster of Social Work program in Indiana (U.S. News World Report).

#1Providers of mental health care in the U.S. (National Association of Social Workers, 2017).

8,000 IU School of Social Work alumni working in the field.

Students prepare for generalist social work practice. The program is based on a strong liberal arts curriculum and provides a foundation for life-long learning.

Graduate students prepare for advanced social work practice in selected areas of specialization at both the micro and macro levels.

The school offers continuing education on current and emerging social work issues.

Students are provided with the essential knowledge and skills to strengthen the labor movement and trade unionism, develop an understanding of collective action, and learn achieve workers' rights and equity and promote democratic institutions. Labor Studies provides 100% online programs and offers the following degrees:.

FIRST CERTIFICATE OF ITS KINDe-Social Work Practice Graduate Certificate.

View the e-Social Work Practice Graduate Certificate for details.

Overall employment of social workers is projected to grow 16 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster average for all occupations. Increased demand for healthcare and social services will drive demand for social workers, but growth will vary by specialization.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Social Workers.

Connecting with the local, state, and global community to enhance health, well-being, and social and economic justice while impacting students’ learning.

Apr 15, 2019 All Campuses Social Work Job Fair.

FREE MSW APPLICATION!! The School of Social Work will waive the application fee for IUPUI, IU Bloomington, IU Fort Wayne, IU Southeast, and IU South Bend Campus during the following weeks.

Fall 2018 Issue of Advances in Social Work Release.

IU School of Social Work is headquartered on the IUPUI campus with locations on 8 IU Campuses. The school also has the Labor Studies.

Indiana University Social Work Office of Education Assessment.

The Indiana University School of Social Work works in collaboration with the Indiana Child Services to better protect children at risk of abuse and neglect. A key to this collaboration is the creation of the Child Welfare Education and Training Partnership. The Partnership is designed to provide high quality social work education and statewide training for public child welfare employees.

The Center for Social Health and Well-being is to support and conduct research, evaluation and training programs, in consort with external partners, that can address human and social needs faced by individuals, organizations, communities, and societies.

Sages is our way of paying tribute to the love and passion social workers have for giving hope to those in despair and helping others find the courage and resolve to make changes they are seeking.

The Office of Education Assessment is responsible for the evaluation of student learning outcomes at the BSW and MSW level for the Indiana School of Social Work.

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IU Bloomington

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  • Credit hours:  Register to view the details

What kind of scholarships are available for Graduate Programs in Social Work?

We have 12 scholarships awarding up to $132,545 for Masters program in for Social Work, targeting diverse candidates and not restricted to state or school-based programs.

Scholarship nameAmountCredibility
QS WM Social Responsibility Scholarship$10,000High
Lincoln Institute 75 Fellowship for Ethics and Equity in Public Administration$5,000High
Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago Academic Scholarship$4,000Medium
James M. & Erma T. Freemont Foundation Scholarship Program$1,875Medium
Lex Hester Endowed Fellowship for Public Administration$1,500High

Find scholarships and financial aid for Social Work graduate programs

$500 $20000

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