GRE and GPA requirements for admission to Film/Cinema/Video Studies - Updated 2020

University of Kansas: Graduate Record Examination scores should be sent directly from the Educational Testing Service.For the Ph.D. Degree, applicants must have a GPA of at least 3.2 for and at least 3.5 for graduate work.Students must be in good standing with their graduate degree program in order to participate in the certificate program.

GRE Quantitative : 144

GRE Verbal : 160

GRE Analytical : 4


For admissions to masters degree program in Film/Cinema/Video Studies at Best Universities, GRE, GPA requirements are

University of KansasRanked 106 in Best National University.

Admission Requirements

College description: A Brief History of the Department: Dr. Dorthy Pennington interview with Jacob Gordon, founding chair of African American-Studies.

AND 2.0 GPA in a college-prep curriculum.Graduate Record Examination scores should be sent directly from the Educational Testing Service.For the Ph.D. Degree, applicants must have a GPA of at least 3.2 for and at least 3.5 for graduate work.Three recent letters of recommendation, two of which should be from their current or former teachers.A current resume of academic and artistic experiences.Students must be in good standing with their graduate degree program in order to participate in the certificate program. A graduate GPA of 3.0 or higher is required for admission.Important: There are two slots for letters of recommendation.Two letters of recommendation from persons familiar with their academic work or potential for graduate study.

Fine, Visual, Applied and Performing Arts graduate programs at University of Kansas

Harvard UniversityRanked 2 in Best National University.

Harvard Kennedy School

Additional analytic resume or statement, which vary by program.Three strong letters of recommendation from individuals in academia or other professional sectors who know applicant well and can tell us their qualifications for the university programs.Standardized test scoresSensitive Personal Data applicant also may be processed for other purposes permitted by applicable law.

Yale UniversityRanked 3 in Best National University.

Yale School of Music

College description: Elizabeth Alexander: A 10-Point Platform for Scholars of African American Studies--Best Practices.Title: Elizabeth Alexander: A 10-Point Platform for Scholars of African American Studies--Best Practices.

Please note that YSM does not offer a Bachelor of Music degree.Applicant may request a TOEFL waiver if applicant have studied at English-speaking institutions full-time for six or years. Please note that TOEFL waiver requests are evaluated on a case-by-base basis and are not guaranteed for applicants who have studied six or years at English-speaking institutions. For TOEFL waiver requests, see .The university only accept TOEFL scores. For the internet-based test, the university require a minimum score of 80 for A.D. candidates and 86 for all other degree programs.All application materials are due by December 1.The university recommend applicants open an application early and input their recommenders’ information so that they have plenty of time to get the letters in by December 1.If applicant will be able to take the TOEFL again before March 1 and feel confident that applicant will attain a passing score, applicant should attend their live audition.

Fine, Visual, Applied and Performing Arts graduate programs at Yale University

Yale University GRE score for Fine, Visual, Applied and Performing Arts graduate program

Stanford UniversityRanked 4 in Best National University.

Learning, Design and Technology

A 3.0 GPA must be maintained for all courses applied to the master degree.See the Coterminal Degree section for unit requirements applying to students admitted through the coterminal degree program.

University of ChicagoRanked 4 in Best National University.

UChicago Graham

This includes unofficial transcripts, candidate statement, resume or CV, and letters of recommendation.Yet, the university will accept a GRE or a GMAT score if applicant believe it will enhance their application.An unofficial transcript for coursework is still required for the application even if applicant hold an advanced degreeApplicant do not have to take the TOEFL IELTS if one of the two years has been within the last five years.So applicant have to take the TOEFL or IELTS and submit the results along with their other test results.Someone who studied in an English-speaking country other than these must take the TOEFL or IELTS.Applicant must take the TOEFL or IELTS.Since the TOEFL is valid for two years applicant can still use those results.Please have an official TOEFL or IELTS score sent directly to the University of Chicago. TOEFL and IELTS scores that are over two years old at the time the application is submitted are no longer valid. If applicant have not yet taken the TOEFL or IELTS, please list the date on which applicant will take the test.The minimum required score for the TOEFL is 104 overall. TOEFL or IELTS score reports are valid for two years and scores will be considered expired if the test was taken than two years prior to submission of the application. Photocopies of TOEFL or IELTS Score Reports will not be considered valid.Applicant should take the TOEFL IELTS in time to be able to have the results submitted at the time of their application.Students who have studied in English in Singapore are not among those exempt from the TOEFL IELTS.

Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyRanked 7 in Best National University.

Admissions Technology and Policy Program

In this context, the university evaluate indicators such as university coursework, research achievements, and standardized test scores such as the Graduate Record ExaminationThe university evaluate prospective students’ interest in technology and policy through their prior experience and their personal statements.The TPP application will require applicant to submit a current resume, a cover letter, letters of recommendation, and a response to this supplemental question.

Northwestern UniversityRanked 13 in Best National University.

Health Informatics Master’s Degree Admissions

Applicants must hold a bachelor degree from a regionally accredited institution or its foreign equivalent. The Graduate Record Examination is not required, but strong scores bolster chances for admission.Two letters of recommendation focusing on academic and professional achievement and ability.The letters of recommendation serve to underscore the applicant commitment to graduate education and ability to succeed in graduate level work and the field after completing the degree.Integrating these qualities in their statement of purpose, résumé and recommendations will only further support their candidacy.

Washington University in St LouisRanked 14 in Best National University.

Biology Master Degree

The Master of Arts in Biology program helps students update and deepen their knowledge of the biomedical sciences, prepare for employment in related fields, and advance their professional standing—while obtaining a graduate science degree on a part-time basis through evening, weekend, and courses.These must be graduate-level units not used to fulfill degree requirements.Transcript from the institution where applicant received their bachelor degree or a higher-level degree, was conferred.All international students are required to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores at the time of application.If an applicant moves away from an English-speaking country after living and studying there for three years or the TOEFL or IELTS is then required for admission.Letters of recommendation should be completed by teachers or professional associates.

Cornell UniversityRanked 15 in Best National University.

Graduate Program in Musicology

A student who comes with a master’s degree from another institution may petition for reduction of the minimum requirement, usually to four units.Although the Field as a whole sets policies, it is the Special Committee that certifies that the various requirements for graduate degrees have been satisfied.Three long essays written over the course of a week each, on three questions each developed with a specific committee member: Students will develop bibliographies, repertoire lists, and probing topical questions for three areas under the supervision three different committee members. One essay topic must represent the graduate minor subject the other two essay topics should relate to the student’s conceived area of specialty and provide a context for the student’s dissertation topic or associated teaching interests. At the end of a designated period of development and study, three successive weeks of one month will be devoted to generating the essays. Essays should be submitted to the committee in succession, at the end of the designated week of writing for that topic.

Brown UniversityRanked 16 in Best National University.

Graduate Program

Applicants to the program should submit the application, three letters of recommendation, a personal statement, writing sample and or documentation of creative work, transcripts, and GRE General Aptitude Test scores. The TOEFL test is required for foreign applicants, except those who hold a degree from an institution where the language of instruction is English.This is dependent on their progress toward the degree, the department teaching needs and available funding.The Brown University does not have minimum GRE scores. GRE scores are just one element of the application package, which includes some quantitative elements but also a large number of important qualitative elements the university compare applicants on the basis of all the materials in the application as opposed to weighting any single element of it.However, if applicant have a previous degree from an institution where the primary language of instruction is English applicant do not have to take the TOEFL.See the MMC Graduate Handbook, section 6: Students with Prior Graduate Degrees.

University of Notre DameRanked 16 in Best National University.


TOEFL or IELTS for non-native speakers of English.

University of Notre Dame GRE score for Fine, Visual, Applied and Performing Arts graduate program

Rice UniversityRanked 19 in Best National University.

Regulations and Procedures for Thesis Master Graduate Degrees Rice University

College description: Cinema and Media Studies is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the history, analysis, and theorization of film and other technologically driven visual media, including television, video art, the Internet, and expanded cinema.The Cinema and Media Studies minor is housed in the Art History department.Cinema and Media Studies does not currently offer an academic program at the graduate level.Description: This seminar will introduce students to the history of cinema from its inception to 1945 by considering individual cinematic artifacts in their technological, economic, aesthetic, political, and social contexts.CMST 202 HISTORY OF CINEMA AND MEDIA PART II: 1945-PRESENT.Short Title: HISTORY OF CINEMA AND MEDIA II.Description: Introduction to major movements, practices and theories of film and media from 1945 to present.CMST 203 INTRODUCTION TO FILM AND MEDIA ANALYSIS.Description: This course introduces students to the fundamental principles of film analysis. The university will focus on the visual and narrative organization of film and moving images examine the evolution of film form in specific historical contexts and work on developing critical and interpretative skills for understanding, and writing cinema.

A minimum GPA of 2.67 in required coursework.Note: Departments or programs can identify and define stricter standards than the minimum GPA in their General Announcements Requirements tab.Requirements for achieving candidacy for the master degree are determined at the departmental level.Students enrolled in research degree programs submit their petitions for candidacy for a master’s degree through the department chair to the dean of graduate and postdoctoral studies.Students who exceed their time boundaries without an approved extension request will be charged a fee of $125 for reinstatement to good standing.Oral examinations for the master’s degree must be announced at least 7 days in advance.Students must pay their thesis submission fee before submitting the thesis to the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for degree approval.

Fine, Visual, Applied and Performing Arts graduate programs at Rice University

University of California-BerkeleyRanked 20 in Best National University.

Film/Cinema/Video Studies

The department offers the MA PhD and the PhD degrees in composition and scholarship, the latter with options in the history and literature of Western music and in ethnomusicology. The Music Department does not offer the terminal MA degree.Since the PhD degree is awarded for original, creative achievement, not for the mere completion of a course of study, course and unit requirements are not rigidly prescribed. It is expected that the typical student will have pursued sufficient course work, fulfilled all the supplementary requirements, and taken the qualifying examination, advanced to candidacy, and completed a prospectus for the doctoral project by the end of two years.If the applicant comes from a country or political entity where English is not the official language, adequate proficiency in English to do graduate work, as evidenced by a TOEFL score of at least 90 on the iBT test, 570 on the paper-and-pencil test, or an IELTS Band score of at least 7 on a 9-point scale and.Applicants may only to one single degree program or one concurrent degree program per admission cycle.Letters of recommendation: Applicants may request letters of recommendation through the application system. Hard copies of recommendation letters must be sent directly to the program, not the Graduate Division.Official TOEFL score reports must be sent directly from Educational Test Services TOEFL and IELTS score reports are only valid for two years.Students are generally expected to take a minimum of two graduate-level seminars in the department per semester until the MA degree has been completedStudents are expected to take a minimum of two graduate-level seminars in the department each semester until the MA degree has been completed.Credit Restrictions: Course does not satisfy unit or residence requirements for master degree.Credit Restrictions: Course does not satisfy unit or residence requirements for doctoral degree.

Georgetown UniversityRanked 21 in Best National University.

Master Degrees

Submit an up-to-date resume or CV this should be no longer than two pages.They will then receive an electronic request with instructions for submitting a recommendation through the application portal.Recommendations should be completed by supervisors who can attest to their professional abilities.Recommenders can submit their letters before applicant application.If applicant are currently completing an degree, applicant are only eligible to for the fall term. Their degree must be conferred by July in order for applicant to be granted full admission status.Applicants must demonstrate that they have successfully completed a degree equivalent to a the students.S. bachelor degree before they may be considered for admission to a master program. Please be advised Georgetown SCS will not review graduate applications while a bachelor degree is in progress at a higher education institution outside the the students.S. Applicants ing to a master program should complete the degree before obtaining a WES or ECE evaluation. For application consideration for the fall term, the university must receive a WES or ECE evaluation showing degree conferral by May 1.TOEFL: Minimum score of 100 , 600 , or 250Get a Great Letter of Recommendation.

University of Virginia-Main CampusRanked 23 in Best National University.

Master Ed Specialist Degrees

International students must submit either TOEFL or IELTS scores.Expected scores: Paper-based TOEFL: 600 Computer-Based TOEFL: 250 IELTS: 7.0 IBT TOEFL: at least 22 in writing, 22 in speaking, 23 in reading, and 23 in listening for a total score of 90. All incoming graduate students whose first language is one other than English are required to take the University of Virginia English Language Proficiency Exam unless they have been exempted from TOEFL or IELTS.Applicant are required to submit two letters of recommendations. Applicant can application before the letters are received.Upload copies of transcripts showing college coursework and degrees completed to date.Applicant do not need to submit recommendations or transcripts on the early application. It is optional to attach a resume.Recommendations: applicant are required to submit two letters of recommendation.Transcripts: Upload copies of transcripts showing college coursework and degrees completed to date.Resume: A resume is an optional additional document. Many applicants submit a resume to share the ways in which they have engaged with youth, families, and the community.In order to make the application process efficient, applicant may submit GMAT scores in lieu of GRE scores if applicant wish.Upload into the application system copies of unofficial transcripts showing college coursework and degrees completed to date.If a program requires the GRE, the target scores are 150 verbal, 145 quantitative, 4.0 analytical writing.Applicant are required to submit two letters of recommendation.Applicants must also submit Graduate Record Examination scores that are no than 5 years old.Graduate Record Examination scores that are no than 5 years old.

Carnegie Mellon UniversityRanked 25 in Best National University.


Official GMAT score or GREOfficial TOEFL or IELTS score

University of Southern CaliforniaRanked 25 in Best National University.

MPA Admission

For the average GPA for admitted students was between 3.25 3.70 and average GRE verbal scores were between 151-159 the quantitative scores were between 152-167.Transfer work must have been completed within seven years of admission or readmission to a USC master’s degree program.Non-degree students may enroll in some classes, however there are restrictions. Students may enroll in classes as a limited status student with permission from the degree program director.Students who are deficient in social sciences units are informed of this in the letter of admission.The primary part of this course will divide students into teams to conduct a semester-long project with nonprofits and public government agencies, after which students will offer a summary of their analyses and recommendations to the partnering agencies.Letters of recommendation must be completed via the application, but they may be submitted before a full application is submitted.The university recommend students submit transcripts from ALL colleges or universities wherein a student took coursework that will be cited on the application or that appears on transcripts from an institution at which they did receive a degree.For letters of recommendation: The application system allows applicants to track when letters have been submitted and to send reminders to those who are providing a recommendation.Otherwise, the GRE and the GMAT are the only acceptable tests.The GRE or the GMAT is required of all applicants.TOEFL scores must be no than two years old from their desired start date.Please write the last name in all capital letters.When applying to a dual degree program, a student is applying to two separate programs which have separate admission committees.Students should seek approval from a degree director prior to taking coursework in another department.

Fine, Visual, Applied and Performing Arts graduate programs at University of Southern California

University of Michigan-Ann ArborRanked 29 in Best National University.

University of Michigan School of Dentistry

Currently the average GPA of the university entering Master’s students is 3.3.Applicants whose first language is not English must have a minimum TOEFL score of 84.

University of North Carolina at Chapel HillRanked 30 in Best National University.


All letters of recommendation are treated in the strictest confidence.Official GRE General Test scores are required for applicants to the Graduate Program in Musicology.The university ask that applicant respond to these offers of admission and funding by the dates specified in the letters informing applicant of these decisions.

New York UniversityRanked 32 in Best National University.

MS in Quantitative Management

Students entering the Stern MSQM program are required to hold a four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in the United States or an equivalent degree from a foreign country. If applicant application prior to the conferral of their bachelor’s degree or equivalent, this will not delay the evaluation of their application.Students must submit GMAT, GRE or GMAC Executive Assessment scores. Stern has no minimum standardized test score requirement or minimum GPA requirement.If applicant application prior to the conferral of their bachelor’s degree or equivalent, the university will accept and evaluate their application.Before submitting an application applicant must take the GMAT or GMAC Executive Assessment, administered by Pearson VUE, or the GRE, administered by Educational Testing ServicesStern has no preference for the GMAT,GRE or GMAC Executive Assessment, feel free to take any test.NYU Stern has no minimum GMAT, GRE or GMAC Executive Assessment score requirement.Applicant have a TOEFL score of at least 100.Applicant are responsible for including their TOEFL or IELTS score on the application and ensuring that their official score report can be released and sent to NYU Stern.If applicant plan to retake the TOEFL or IELTS after applying, please use the optional essay to inform the Admissions Committee of the date applicant intend to take the test.Stern essay questions give applicant the opportunity to present yourself fully to the Admissions Committee.Their essays should be written entirely by applicant. An offer of admission will be revoked if applicant did not write their essays.This may include further explanation of their record or transcript, plans to retake the GMAT, GRE, GMAC Executive Assessment, IELTS and or TOEFL, and any other relevant information.Admitted students are required to provide an official copy of all academic transcripts and proof of degree conferral prior to enrollment.Before submitting an application, all applicants are required to acknowledge the admission policies outlined and electronically sign the Statement of Certification.One letter of recommendation is required with their application.The recommendation may be academic or professional in nature.The recommendation should come from an individual who can objectively assess their performance and their potential for success in Stern’s MSQM program and in their future career.The university discourage recommendations from family members, family friends, and close friends.Their recommenders may answer these questions in the recommendation form or by uploading a document.Once applicant receive approval, their recommender must obtain a certified English translation through a translating service and submit it in a sealed envelope with the original recommendation and endorse the envelope across the seal.An degree is required to enroll in the MSQM program.

University of RochesterRanked 33 in Best National University.

Graduate Education

Applicants are evaluated by the individual programs to which they have applied on the basis of their prior performance and promise for exceptional achievement at the graduate level, as evidenced by their academic records, letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with their capabilities, standardized test scores and any other pertinent data they submit.Students entering via a Master’s degree program start in late August or early September for Fall admission or mid-January for Spring admission.Their statement should not exceed 3 pages in length Because applicant are applying applicant should prepare their statement in advance and be prepared to upload it.For the application process, scans of official score reports for GREs taken within 5 years of the original test date will be accepted.Test of English as a Foreign LanguageThree letters of recommendation are required for all Master programs. As a professional courtesy, applicant should notify their recommenders of the request for a recommendation letter in advance.Letters of recommendation are submitted via the application system only. Hard copy letters are not accepted.All application materials and recommendations must be written in English.Applicants who have earned or will earn an baccalaureate degree from a US educational institution are not required to take the TOEFL or IELTS.Exceptions to the TOEFL IELTS requirement may be granted for applicants who have earned a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university in a country where English is an official language and where all instruction is provided in English.Completion of a graduate level degree at an institution where the instruction is conducted in English does not exempt an applicant from the TOEFL IELTS requirement.International applicants who are offered admission must provide official bank documents or a letter of financial sponsorship that shows support for at least the first full year of tuition and living expenses.

Georgia Institute of Technology-Main CampusRanked 35 in Best National University.

Master Program Degree Options and Stipulations

Credit Waiver: Graduate students entering the MSIA program from the BS INTA, BS IAML, or BS EIA programs at Georgia Tech may waive six credits of electives if they graduated from the program with a 3.5 GPA and will graduate from the MSIA program within two years of graduating from the program.These 3000 4000 level classes will count towards the forty-two total credits needed to graduate only if they are taken for a letter grade.

University of California-San DiegoRanked 37 in Best National University.

MBA Admissions

Applicant may application before taking the GMAT or GRE scores, but the final admissions decision will not be made until University of California-San Diego has received their scores.In addition, applicants applying to the FlexMBA program may be considered for a GMAT GRE waiver if they have completed a Master’s level degree in engineering, science or quantitatively-based discipline with at least a 3.0 GPA and have eight years of relevant work experience.TOEFL, IELTS or PTE ScoreThe average TOEFL score of Rady MBA class is 100.TOEFL IELTS scores can be waived for applicants who have studied at least one full academic year in an or graduate institution in a country where English is the dominant language. If applicant maintained a 3.0 GPA during one academic year in the university, then applicant are eligible for a waiver.

Case Western Reserve UniversityRanked 38 in Best National University.

Part-Time MBA Admission Information

The university look for part-time MBA applicants who are committed to advancing their careers while continuing to strengthen the community and businesses in the Greater Cleveland area.After clicking submit, applicant will not be able to make any changes to their application form, resume or essays, but applicant will be able to log back in later to upload transcripts and test scores.The resume should include all work experience, including part-time employment, internships, and co-op employment.Weatherhead reserves the right to request further documentation for missing cumulative GPAs or those not on a 4.0 scale.Offers of admission will not be binding until Case Western Reserve University has verified their degree.The Weatherhead admissions team accepts either unofficial GMAT or unofficial GRE exam results.An unofficial GMAT or GRE score report is required for the application and review process.The university accept either TOEFL or IELTS.Applicant will find instructions in the application for enter the information and options for collecting the letters.Some applicants require time to take the GMAT or GRE.

Boston UniversityRanked 42 in Best National University.

Prospective Graduate Students

Students who wish to to any of the university graduate degree programs should complete an application. In addition, a statement of purpose, official transcripts, GRE test scores, and two letters of recommendation are required. International applicants must also submit a TOEFL or IELTS test score report.Both degrees require students to complete a minimum of 32 credit hours based on the individual department’s division’s degree requirements.Both degree programs emphasize advanced technical coursework and include an individual or team-based practicum design project associated with a set of courses.The practicum is a degree requirement which can be fulfilled through a thesis, independent project, or by taking an eligible project-intensive course. The Engineering Practice is a way for students to complete an internship and receive a ‘with engineering practice’ annotation on their degree.

University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignRanked 42 in Best National University.

Music University of Illinois

Requirements for admission to the Master of Music programs are a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign or an equivalent degree from another accredited institution. Students holding other degrees may be admitted but will be expected to make up any deficiencies in addition to fulfilling all requirements for the graduate degree.The Graduate Record Examination is not required but is strongly recommended for MM applicants in musicology.Prerequisite for admission to the Artist Diploma is a master degree in music performance.Recommendations from three individuals who can discuss the applicant’s musicianship, ability to undertake graduate level study, and teaching ability potential.The Graduate Record Exam is not required for application to the MME, nor do MME students take placement tests in music theory or music history.Recommendation from a principal or supervisor who speaks primarily to the quality of the applicants teaching experience .Recommendation from an individual who speaks primarily to the quality of the applicants musicianship .Recommendation from an individual who speaks primarily to the applicants potential for completion of graduate level study .Recommendation from an individual who can speak to the applicants potential for completion of graduate study.Requirements for admission to the Doctor of Musical Arts and the Doctor of Philosophy in Musicology programs are the Master of Music degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign or an equivalent degree from another accredited institution.Candidates in voice and vocal accompanying and coaching must have fulfilled all foreign language requirements considered prerequisites for the Master of Music degree, including 1 year of college-level study in Italian, French, and German.A completed master’s degree of at least 24 graduate credits with a GPA of at least 3.25 is generally required, however, it is possible to be admitted under extraordinary circumstances for the doctoral program without entering or finishing a master’s degree in music education.Students in this unit may choose to earn their major degree and simultaneously complete an M.B.A., with 12 fewer required hours than when pursuing both degrees independently. Students must be enrolled in the M.B.A. program for three terms and complete all the requirements of their primary degree.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign GRE score for Fine, Visual, Applied and Performing Arts graduate program