GRE and GPA requirements for admission to Human and Medical Genetics - Updated 2020

University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus: Applications for the MS in Genetic Counseling Program and MS in Genetic Counseling MPH in Public Health Genetics dual degree program must be submitted through SOPHAS Express.Bachelor degree in a discipline related to the biological or behavioral sciences from an accredited college or university, with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

GRE Quantitative : -

GRE Verbal : 158

GRE Analytical : -

TOEFL : 550

For admissions to masters degree program in Human and Medical Genetics at Best Universities, GRE, GPA requirements are

University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh CampusRanked 62 in Best National University.

Pitt Public Health

College description: Genetic based health care is routinely becoming a part of daily health care, having major impacts on patient diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. The Certificate in Health Care Genetics is designed for health care workers who are seeking focused, graduate-level education in the specialty of genetics.Healthcare worker with a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree.GPA ≥ 3.0 in the Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree.Learning experiences may be enriched through Clinical Genetics Case Conferences, Human Genetics Research Seminar, Human Genetics Journal Club, Genetics Grand Rounds, and a Research Practicum in a molecular genetics laboratory.NUR 2680 Introduction to Genetics and Molecular Therapeutics 3 cr.NUR 2681 Advanced Topics in Human Genetics 3 cr.

Applications for the MS in Genetic Counseling Program and MS in Genetic Counseling MPH in Public Health Genetics dual degree program must be submitted through SOPHAS Express.Bachelor degree in a discipline related to the biological or behavioral sciences from an accredited college or university, with a minimum GPA of 3.0.In addition to the application materials required of all students, international students must submit an official score report from the Test of English as a Foreign Language or the International English Language Testing System exam and a WES evaluation. A minimum TOEFL score of 550 on the written test or 80 on the Internet test is required for all foreign students.

Biology, Biomedical and Biological Sciences graduate programs at University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus

Yale UniversityRanked 3 in Best National University.

Admission Financial Aid Genetics

Appropriate preparation for graduate study in Genetics includes a bachelor’s degree in the natural sciences including course work in biology, chemistry, and mathematics. The Graduate Record Exam is required and the submission of a score on the Subject Test in cell molecular biology, biochemistry or chemistry is recommended.Admission is competitive and is based on evaluation by an admissions committee of academic performance, potential, and letters of recommendation.Prospective students should submit a completed application form , transcripts, graduate records exam scores, and letters of recommendation to the Office of Graduate Admissions by that date. International applicants are also required to submit scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language

Stanford UniversityRanked 4 in Best National University.

Graduate Admissions

In one of the following areas: Biology, Chemistry, or Mathematics.

Stanford University GRE score for Biology, Biomedical and Biological Sciences graduate program

University of ChicagoRanked 4 in Best National University.

UChicago Biosciences

The admissions committee takes into consideration the entire application package, including submitted transcripts and scores, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, and, especially, academic and research background. The University of Chicago recognizes that standardized test scores may not be good indicators of ability or potential for all candidates submission of GRE scores is therefore optional.Candidate Statements their Research Statement should discuss their academic and career objectives.Three letters of recommendation Submit letters electronically via the application. If using a recommendation letter service such as Interfolio, the service must include the ability to upload each letter individually to the unique link provided. The university cannot accept a single upload containing all of their letters.Graduate Record Examination scores GRE test scores are optional.Original notification of English language competence If the applicant’s native language is not English, TOEFL or IELTS scores, or a transcript showing the successful completion of a year of graduate-level study taught in English are acceptable. TOEFL and IELTS scores are valid for two years.Because of the volume of applications and requests for status updates the university receive, the University of Chicago is not able to evaluate individual credentials or resumes.For admissions and aid purposes, an international applicant is defined as one who holds, or hopes to enter the United States on, a nonresident student visa.If the student is accepted for transfer, the degree-granting unit in which the student matriculates will decide whether the student can matriculate with advanced standing.

Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyRanked 7 in Best National University.

Computational Science and Engineering

TOEFL exam may be accepted in special cases.Most departments require the completion of an SM degree before admission to the PhD program is granted. As a result, applicants to those departments holding a bachelor degree will be considered for admission to the SM program of the participating department with an ultimate degree objective of PhD in CSE.

Duke UniversityRanked 8 in Best National University.

Cell Biology

GRE Subject recommended.

Johns Hopkins UniversityRanked 12 in Best National University.

Program in Molecular Biophysics

Assuming satisfactory progress toward the PhD, students may expect continued support of tuition, health insurance, and stipend through at least six years of graduate study.

Johns Hopkins University GRE score for Biology, Biomedical and Biological Sciences graduate program

Cornell UniversityRanked 15 in Best National University.

Cornell CALS

Graduate Record Exam scores are not required but may be submitted to strengthen candidacy.

Vanderbilt UniversityRanked 16 in Best National University.

Quantitative Chemical Biology Program at Vanderbilt

In the application, applicant will be asked to submit transcripts, GRE scores , TOEFL scores , and three letters of recommendation.The general GRE exam, which includes the verbal, quantitative and analytical sections, is required for admission into the program. GRE scores older than five-years old will not be accepted.

Vanderbilt University GRE score for Biology, Biomedical and Biological Sciences graduate program

University of California-BerkeleyRanked 20 in Best National University.

Integrative Biology University of California, Berkeley

If the applicant comes from a country or political entity where English is not the official language, adequate proficiency in English to do graduate work, as evidenced by a TOEFL score of at least 90 on the iBT test, 570 on the paper-and-pencil test, or an IELTS Band score of at least 7 on a 9-point scale and.Applicants may only to one single degree program or one concurrent degree program per admission cycle.Letters of recommendation: Applicants may request letters of recommendation through the application system. Hard copies of recommendation letters must be sent directly to the program, not the Graduate Division.Official TOEFL score reports must be sent directly from Educational Test Services TOEFL and IELTS score reports are only valid for two years.Be sure to allow sufficient time for their letters of recommendation and test scores to arrive by the deadline.Upper division or graduate GPA of 3.4 or higher is preferred. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required by the Graduate Division.All applicants must take the GRE general test GRE subject test in biology or subject tests in other relevant disciplines highly recommended, but not required. No minimum GRE scores required for consideration. The university will accept GRE scores taken within the last ten years.For international students from countries in which the official language is not English, results of the TOEFL are required.It must be taken for a letter grade during the graduate program if it was not completed during the student education.While no topic will be covered in depth, the course will provide an of several different topics commonly encountered in modern biological research including differential equations and systems of differential equations, a review of basic concepts in linear algebra, an introduction to probability theory, Markov chains, maximum likelihood and Bayesian estimation, measures of statistical confidence, hypothesis testing and model choice, permutation and simulation, and several topics in statistics and machine learning including regression analyses, clustering, and principal component analyses.Introduction to Quantitative Methods In Biology:Credit Restrictions: Course does not satisfy unit or residence requirements for doctoral degree.

Emory UniversityRanked 21 in Best National University.


Acceptance decisions are based on a variety of factors including academic preparedness , personal references, a written narrative statement, demonstration of previous exposure to the field of genetic counseling, experience with patient care and supportive counseling, and the interview process.

University of California-Los AngelesRanked 23 in Best National University.

UCLA Graduate Programs in Bioscience

All Letters of Recommendation must be sent electronically.Graduate Programs in Bioscience does not have a minimum GRE score requirement. All of their application materials including GRE scores, GPA, previous experience, and Statement of Purpose will be considered.However, if applicant did take a GRE Subject exam, applicant may submit the scores within their application to give a better picture of their academic knowledge base.

University of Michigan-Ann ArborRanked 29 in Best National University.

Frequently Asked Admissions Questions

College description: The Certificate in Public Health Genetics entails a minimum of 11 credits of coursework focusing on the genetic basis of disease, methods of genetic analysis, genetic applications, as well as ethical, legal, and social issues.EPID 511 Introduction to Public Health Genetics Preferred option For students who are new to public health genetics.HBEHED 669 Genetics, Health Behavior and Health EducationBIOSTAT 666 Statistical Models and Numerical Methods in Human GeneticsEHS 660 NUTR 660 Environmental Epigenetics and Public HealthEPID 565 Research in Hospital and Molecular Epidemiology Must have sufficient focus on genetics components. Please include a description of the genetics components covered.EPID 604 Applications of Epidemiology Must have sufficient focus on genetics components.Independent Research Must have sufficient focus on genetics components.

For full-time students, the degree requirements can be completed within a calendar year.The university look at each of their GRE scores separately. The usefulness of GREs is in their universality unlike GPAs and letters of recommendation, the GRE is one commonality between all of the university applicants. MCAT scores are accepted but less desirable than GRE.The three letters of recommendation should provide input from people in responsible positions who can comment on their academic, employment, or volunteer performance, character, and interests. Letters from people who really know applicant, rather than just from people who have impressive titles, are the most valuable.In addition, admission decisions will be based on the total package of GPA, GRE scores, research or other relevant experience, the statement of purpose and the personal statement and letters of recommendation.

Biology, Biomedical and Biological Sciences graduate programs at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor GRE score for Biology, Biomedical and Biological Sciences graduate program

College of William and MaryRanked 33 in Best National University.

Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Unofficial transcripts for all institutions attended for prior or graduate degree work should be uploaded for the initial application following the application instructions.In addition to the GRE scores, international applicants whose native language is not English must submit a TOEFL or IELTS score. A minimum TOEFL score of 94 or a score of 7 on the IELTS is recommended for admission. An exception to this rule is the international student who has earned an degree at a North American university.GRE and TOEFL scores will be uploaded by SMS staff as they are received.It is highly recommended that applicants complete the section of the SMS application identifying their referees by the end of November so that their referees have sufficient time to submit letters of recommendation.Applicants who have not completed a Master’s degree in marine science or a closely allied field may M.S program or select the M.S. program bypass option on the application.

University of RochesterRanked 33 in Best National University.

Graduate Program

Students applying to the PhD program are required to have a bachelor degree in biology or a related field. A master degree is not required.Scores on the TOEFL or IELTS, if applicable.Three letters of recommendationThe university department does not require a minimum score for the GRE general exam. The GRE subject test in biology is also optional.International students are required to take the TOEFL or IELTS exam.

Boston UniversityRanked 42 in Best National University.

Application Admissions Graduate Program in Genetics Genomics

The degree requirements for students entering with advanced degrees will be modified to take into account previously completed coursework.Applicant credentials should reflect academic excellence, evinced by grades in previous degree programs, GRE scores, and letters of recommendation. For students whose native language is not English, TOEFL scores are also required.Test scores

University of California-IrvineRanked 42 in Best National University.

Cellular and Molecular Biosciences Gateway Ph.D. Program

In an area of great natural beauty and incomparable weather, Irvine is a pretty sweet place for graduate studies!The latter should be documented by reference letters from individuals in positions to judge research potential. Evaluations are based on the applicant’s academic record, Graduate Record Examination scores, prior laboratory research experience, letters of recommendation, and the two essays in the application.The main purpose of the Focus Areas is to allow students to begin specializing early in their graduate career if they have a specific research interest.Official scores for the Graduate Record Examination general tests.Official scores for the TOEFL iBT. Also, any institutional administrations of the TOEFL will not be accepted.

University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignRanked 42 in Best National University.

School of Integrative Biology

The Department offers both Non-Thesis and Thesis MS degrees. The expectation is that MS students admitted into the department will complete a Thesis MS degree. Plant Biology does not typically support non-thesis MS degrees with research or teaching assistantshipsStudents pursuing an MS are required to complete all requirements for the degree within five years of registering with the Graduate College. Masters degrees are conferred in May, August, and December.Annual progress reports are a requirement of both the department and the Graduate College. Annual reports are the department primary mechanism for evaluating progress and providing individual feedback to students. Continued support in the program is contingent on demonstrating sustained progress toward the degree.A certificate of approval signed by the Department Head is required by the College for completion of the degree.Successful completion of the MS degree does not guarantee admission into the doctoral program.The Departmental degree requirements outlined here have been designed specifically for graduate students in the Plant Biology, as well as to assure compliance with requirements dictated by the University Graduate College.What follows are requirements and not simply recommendations.This initial stage requires completion of the Master Degree or its equivalent of 32 hours of acceptable graduate study. Students who wish to pursue a PhD degree without obtaining a formal MS are still required to fulfill the coursework requirements for the MS degree.Annual reports are the department’s primary mechanism for evaluating progress and providing individual feedback to students.This allows committee members to become acquainted with the student intended program of study and research and to evaluate the annual progress made by the student.This course provides invaluable practice in writing grant proposals and teaches survival skills for negotiating a smooth and successful path to an advanced degree in Plant Biology.Students may petition for the transfer of up to 12 credit hours of credit from another graduate program to be applied to the first two stages of their doctoral degree.Students pursuing a Master degree must complete all requirements for the degree within 5 years of first registering in the Graduate College.These recommendations are sent to the Graduate College after departmental approval.The expectation is that students will complete all degree requirements within 5 years of entering the graduate program. Students requesting beyond the fifth year must petition the GAC and demonstrate substantial progress toward completion of their degrees. The Graduate College places additional limits on time to the degree. Petitions for extensions beyond these Graduate College deadlines must be filed on a semester basis with the recommendation of the PhD Committee carefully scrutinized at both the Departmental and Graduate College level.By the end of Stage III, all students must have accumulated a total of 96 hours, including the 32 hours required for the MS degree or its equivalent.All candidates for the PhD degree are required to submit a dissertation.A student may also retake the TOEFL as many times as necessary.Applicants may now also be considered for a TOEFL waiver with completion of at least two years of professional work experience in a country where English is the primary language within five years of the proposed term of initial enrollment at the University of Illinois.MS and PhD degrees are awarded in May, August, and December. If needed, a letter certifying that the student has completed the degree may be obtained from the Graduate College only after completion of all requirements, including deposit of the thesis. Please consult the departmental administrative assistant well in advance of submitting their thesis or dissertation to ensure applicant have completed all the necessary requirements.Each student is expected to make satisfactory annual progress towards the MS or PhD degree. A finding of unsatisfactory progress can be made at any time during the student time in the program and will be reported by the GAC to the student, the major advisor, and the department head. Two findings of unsatisfactory progress will be cause for dismissal from the program.Graduate students will be evaluated annually to ensure progress towards learning outcomes using the Assessment of Graduate Program Learning Outcomes form.The Plant Biology Department requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 in classroom courses. No advanced degree will be awarded to a student on limited status. The department may request that a student be changed from limited status to full graduate standing in all cases except when the student GPA is less than 3.0, in which case the change in status must be made by the Graduate College.Open to students pursuing master’s or doctoral degrees, the fellowships are based on merit and financial need.Others are flexible and can be used for discretionary purposes

University of Wisconsin-MadisonRanked 47 in Best National University.

Prospective Students Integrative Biology UW–Madison

Successful applicants typically have an excellent GPA, competitive GRE scores, outstanding letters of recommendation, and or graduate research experience.Transcripts must be uploaded in the application from each institution that applicant have attended , even if no degree was received.Letters should be from persons familiar with their academic and research abilities. Please track their application status through MyUW to see if letters of recommendation have been submitted on their behalf. Applicant may send reminders to their recommenders to ensure the letters are submitted by December 1.The GRE General Test is required, but the Subject Tests are not. The Zoology Graduate Program does not have a minimum score requirement for the GRE. GRE scores must be received by December 1.The TOEFL is required for applicants who have not completed at least two full-time semesters of graded course work, exclusive of ESL courses, in a the students.S. college or university, or at an institution outside the the students.S. where English is the exclusive language of instruction. TOEFL scores must be received by December 1.A resume or CV is required and must be uploaded in the application.

University of Wisconsin-Madison GRE score for Biology, Biomedical and Biological Sciences graduate program

Pennsylvania State University-Main CampusRanked 48 in Best National University.

Integrative and Biomedical Physiology

The Intercollege Graduate Degree Program in Integrative and Biomedical Physiology will enable students to obtain interdisciplinary training encompassing both the fundamentals of biomedical physiology and advanced training in a specialized area, in preparation for varied biomedical careers in academia or industry. The master program, including courses, laboratory experience, and original research, is designed for completion in approximately two years, while the doctoral degree requires approximately five years.Scores from the Graduate Record Examinations are required for admission.It is expected that most students pursuing the minor will be graduate degree candidates in basic biological sciences, health sciences, or bioengineering.

Tulane University of LouisianaRanked 54 in Best National University.

Cell Molecular Biology

The GRE subject test is not required. TOEFL scores are required of students from countries in which English is not the native language. A minimum TOEFL score of 600 on the paper version, 250 on the computer version or 100 on the Internet based version is required.

Southern Methodist UniversityRanked 58 in Best National University.

Graduate Studies in Biology

Degree plan requirements include: completion of 30 semester credit hours of course work, including 18 semester credit hours earned in 6000-level courses and a research project equivalent to three semester credit hours of preparation, presentation, and successful defense of a written research proposal one academic year of full-time enrollment and residency at SMU.Admission to graduate study leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy does not constitute formal admission to candidacy for the degree.Typically, accepted students have a 3.00 grade point average in and any previous graduate work and or have earned a combined minimum score of 1200 on the Graduate Record Examination When English is not the applicants' native language, they also must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language and score a minimum of 550.To receive priority consideration, applicants must submit a completed application and all supporting documents, official transcripts , and GRE scores by February 1.

University of ConnecticutRanked 58 in Best National University.

To the Graduate Program

Applicants are expected to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a science or engineering field, or a bachelor’s degree and a background including at least one year of college-level physics, biology, and chemistry as well as math through calculus, with a minimum 3.0 GPA in the combined science courses. Admission is very competitive and successful applicants to Marine Sciences typically have GPAs considerably higher than the minimum, usually greater than 3.5 in the last four academic semesters.The Graduate Record Examination is required. International applicants must have a minimum overall TOEFL score of 550 for the paper-based test or 79 for the internet-based test.A resume or CV is helpful, but optional.Three letters of recommendation recommenders should be selected carefully. When possible, have at least one letter from someone who has seen applicant work in a field or laboratory research atmosphere Individuals providing a letter of reference should provide candid evaluations of their scientific aptitude, training, motivation, teaching talent, and ability to express yourself orally and in technical writing.High GRE scores can compensate for modest grades. However, a poor result on the GRE does not necessarily jeopardize their chances if the rest of their file is strong.

Biology, Biomedical and Biological Sciences graduate programs at University of Connecticut

University of Maryland-College ParkRanked 62 in Best National University.

Plant Science University of Maryland

College description: The following content on the site has been tagged with the research term Genetics.

Graduate Degree Program College: Agriculture and Natural Resources.The program offers Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. The Plant Science graduate program seeks to maximize the close association of the many national laboratories with have cooperative agreements with the department and the University of Maryland.All applicants must submit Graduate Record Examination scores and an acceptable combined score of 3.0 on the verbal and quantitative portions of the GRE are desirable.The University Libraries on campus and both the National Agriculture Library and Library of Congress located nearby make the library resources accessible to students among the best in the nation.State-of the-art facilities for conducting research in plant science are located at the College Park campus in the Plant Science Building and Research Greenhouse Complex. Extensive controlled-environment facilities, including state-of-the-art growth chambers and a large and modern greenhouse complex are complemented by a large network of field research facilities located strategically across the state representing various environments with different climates and soil types.

Biology, Biomedical and Biological Sciences graduate programs at University of Maryland-College Park

Texas A & M University-College StationRanked 68 in Best National University.

Doctor of Philosophy in Genetics Texas A M University, College Station, TX

The final basis for granting the degree shall be the candidate’s grasp of the subject matter of a broad field of study and a demonstrated ability to do independent research. The degree is not granted solely for the completion of coursework, residence and technical requirements, although these must be met.Note: Once formal coursework is complete, applicant must be continuously registered until all degree requirements have been met.The committee members’ signatures on the degree plan indicate their willingness to accept the responsibility for guiding and directing the entire academic program of the student and for initiating all academic actions concerning the student. The duties of the committee include responsibility for the proposed degree plan, the research proposal, the preliminary examination, the dissertation or record of study and the final examination. In addition, the committee, as a group and as individual members, is responsible for counseling the student on academic matters, and, in the case of academic deficiency, initiating recommendations to the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies.The student’s advisory committee will evaluate the student’s previous education and degree objectives. The committee, in consultation with the student, will develop a proposed degree plan and outline a research problem which, when completed, as indicated by the dissertation , will constitute the basic requirements for the degree. The degree plan must be filed with the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies prior to the deadline imposed by the student’s college and no later than 90 days prior to the preliminary examination.To receive a graduate degree from Texas A M University, students must earn one-third or of the credits through the institution’s own direct instruction. This limitation also applies to joint degree programs.No student may be given a final examination until they have been admitted to candidacy and their current official cumulative and degree plan GPAs are 3.00 or better.A 3.0 Graduate GPA and a Degree Plan GPA of at least 3.0 with no grade lower than C in any course on the degree plan,.A student who enters a doctoral degree program with a baccalaureate degree may fulfill residence requirements in excess of one academic year by registration during summer sessions or by completion of a less-than-full course loadStudents who are employed full-time while completing their degree may fulfill total residence requirements by completion of less-than-full time course loads each semester.All requirements for doctoral degrees must be completed within a period of ten consecutive calendar years for the degree to be granted. Graduate credit for coursework than ten calendar years old at the time of the final oral examination may not be used to satisfy degree requirements.

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