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Admission, GPA, GRE score percentile for Literature - Updated 2022

University of California-San Diego:

As there may be difficulty in accessing GRE testing sites during the Covid-19 pandemic, the GRE General Test is optional for the university Literature PhD Program Fall 2021 admissions applications.

If applicant have low grades GPA or GRE, the university cannot predict whether or not applicant will be admitted to the program.

Please note that successful applicants must hold a bachelor degree or the equivalent from an accredited institution in the the students.S. or from a recognized university-level academic institution abroad and at least a B average or its equivalent by the time they enroll.

The University of California-San Diego does not require the GRE subject test.

Miami University-Oxford: Some minor programs may require a higher GPA.

Masters programs in Literature which do not require GRE

Stanford UniversityRanked 4 in Best National University.

Modern Thought and Literature

College description: Students and researchers in the health sciences are often required to conduct literature searches for a number of reasons including identifying appropriate studies and methods to include in a literature review manuscript. Understanding the basics of database searching can allow you to effectively and efficiently find the information you need. This guide takes you through the process of developing an advanced, robust literature search in PubMed. Literature or reviews of a systematic nature is a value-added service available for current members of the Stanford Medicine community.

GRE general and subject test scores not required.

Literature graduate programs at Stanford University

GRE score required at Stanford University master's degree programs in Literature

Saint Louis UniversityRanked 99 in Best National University.

Graduate Admissions

College description: The English offers a Ph.D. degree in the areas of literature studies, creative writing, and composition and rhetoric. We offer graduate course work in all listed areas of study. There are also opportunities for students to obtain a specialization in ethnic studies Great Plains studies, human rights and humanitarian affairs, 19th-century studies, and women and gender studies. We also have certifications in Digital Humanities and the Teaching of Writing.

Applicant do not need to submit GRE or any other entrance exam scores with their application.

Literature graduate programs at Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University GRE score,GPA for masters degree in English Language, Literature and Cultural Studies

University of Missouri-St Louis

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Certificate

College description: To enter the graduate program in English a candidate must satisfy the requirements both of the Graduate School and the English. Applications to the MA in English are considered at all times. However, because spaces in graduate courses are limited, it is strongly advised that prospective students submit their applications well before the semester begins in order to gain admission into their appropriate classes (typically July 1 for the Fall Semester, December 1 for the Spring, and May 1 for the Summer). In addition to the Graduate School requirements, students must complete at least 30 hours, 24 hours of which must be in 5000-level courses.

Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 to remain in the certificate program.

Montana State University

Graduate Studies Handbook

College description: Focused on literary landscapes, the graduate English program at Montana State covers a range of topics from different countries of origin and time periods, but always centering on the vital role of space. Such inquiry may consider the iconic terrain of the American West, the battlefields of Europe, the Elizabethan stage, and other settings both rural and urban. WICHE Partnered ProgramThis graduate program honors the WICHE partnership for students from 15 western states. The Graduate School at Montana State is dedicated to helping students secure funding during their time at MSU.

A student must maintain a minimum 3.0 semester GPA, a minimum 3.0 GPA in the entire program and a cumulative 3.0 GPA overall.

Literature graduate programs at Montana State University

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