GRE score percentile for admission to Montessori Teacher Education - Updated 2020

For admissions to masters degree program in Montessori Teacher Education at Best Universities, GRE, GPA requirements are

Xavier UniversityRanked 5 in Best Regional University in Midwest.


College description: Applications are accepted throughout the year from students with a bachelor degree and a solid academic background. Applicant may begin the program in the summer, fall, or spring term.Official test scores from the Miller Analogies Test or the Graduate Record ExamIn addition, applicants may be invited to attend a personal interview with the director of Montessori education.The admission committee considers all of the information contained in the admission application, including prior grades, test scores, and evidence of potential for success in graduate study.No state certification or Montessori certification is granted. For American Montessori Society and Ohio Early Childhood Licensure see Licensure Credential Curriculum.EDFD 500 History and Philosophy of American Education.EDFD 505 Organization of Education Systems in the United States.The research paper should be completed in the area of early childhood education and an approved copy of the completed paper submitted to the director of the program for the departmental library.An additional twelve hours of Montessori courses are also needed.EDSP 505 Foundations in E.C. Special Education.Montessori emphasizes how children learn, rather than how the university stuff learning into them.Xavier Montessori program is affiliated with the American Montessori Society and is accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education.Xavier established the first graduate Montessori teacher education program in the nation in 1965 and has been a leader ever since.Xavier Montessori Institute is the go-to resource for best practices in Montessori education, materials and professional development support.Core—The MEd in Montessori Education requires 30 credit hours of coursework.Core education courses are offered at five Cincinnati area locations, making it even easier for students to take courses.XAVIER OPENED THE FIRST GRADUATE-LEVEL MONTESSORI TEACHER EDUCATION PROGRAM IN THE COUNTRY.

Official test scores from the Miller Analogies Test or the Graduate Record ExamApplications are processed immediately upon receiving all of the necessary materials, and applicant will be notified of their status as soon as possible.

Education and Teaching graduate programs at Xavier University

Harvard UniversityRanked 2 in Best National University.

Special Students Visiting Fellows

Individuals denied admission to a degree program at GSAS cannot as a special student for the same academic year.Special students who later and are admitted to a GSAS degree program may petition to their academic and financial credit toward their degree requirements.Individuals denied admission to a degree program at GSAS cannot as a visiting fellow for the same academic year.Please note that if applicant require a J-1 visa and applicant have not taken the TOEFL nor have attended an English speaking institution, then applicant may be required to demonstrate adequate English proficiency by means of an official interview before acceptance into the program.The GRE is not a required component of the application.Their success in those courses will help demonstrate their academic ability and enable applicant to achieve the strong academic recommendations that Harvard prefers.Housing applications may be submitted only after academic admission

Yale UniversityRanked 3 in Best National University.

Visiting Students

The TOEFL from all whose native language is not English.Two letters of recommendation from individuals who can evaluate their academic work, intellectual ability, or academic potential for graduate work.

Columbia University in the City of New YorkRanked 4 in Best National University.

Introduction to GSAS Admissions

GRE scores and, if applicable, results of the TOEFL or IELTS examination to fulfill the English Proficiency Requirement.Failure to submit complete, accurate, and authentic application documents consistent with these instructions may result in denial or revocation of admission, cancellation of academic credit, suspension, expulsion, or eventual revocation of degree.Applicants who have not waived their right to view letters of recommendation may request to view the letters only after they enroll in the GSAS program to which they have been admitted. Under the guidelines of the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act , students who do not receive an offer of admission, or who are admitted but do not enroll, are not permitted access to the letters at any time.Applicants must upload a separate Statement of Purpose and submit any additional supporting materials required by the second program. Transcripts, letters, and test scores should only be submitted once.With the sole exception of approved dual-degree programs, students may not pursue a degree in than one Columbia program concurrently, and may not be registered in than one degree program at any institution in the same semester.

Stanford UniversityRanked 4 in Best National University.

Learning, Design and Technology

A 3.0 GPA must be maintained for all courses applied to the master degree.See the Coterminal Degree section for unit requirements applying to students admitted through the coterminal degree program.

Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyRanked 7 in Best National University.

Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology

Test of English as a Foreign LanguageHST requires IELTS or TOEFL score reports for any candidate whose native language is not English.All test scores and letters of recommendation must be received by the deadline in order to be considered a complete application.

University of PennsylvaniaRanked 8 in Best National University.


Be advised that most admissions decisions for the PhD degree are made in the Spring.Applicants are responsible for submitting complete applications, including scanned copies of their unofficial transcripts and recommendations.The official acceptance letter is generated by the Office of the Graduate Division of Arts and Sciences, although students may also receive a separate letter from the chair of the graduate group.International applicants whose native language is not English must submit proof of English proficiencyGRE scores are valid for 5 years and TOEFL scores for 2 years. Some groups will accept IELTS, GMAT and LSAT score results in lieu of the GRE and TOEFL.Within the electronic letter, there is a link to access the enrollment form.

Johns Hopkins UniversityRanked 12 in Best National University.

Admission Deadlines Requirements

A master’s degree consisting of a minimum of 36 credits with a 3.0 GPA minimum from a regionally or nationally accredited college or university.Three letters of recommendations signed by the recommender.Applicants to the Doctor of Education EdD program are strongly encouraged to submit GRE examination scores for the General Test as part of the admission application. While the GRE examination is not a requirement for admission consideration to the program, submitting a GRE test score is an opportunity for applicants to present additional evidence of the quantitative and verbal skills required for the doctoral-level study.The Committee does not use cut off scores or minimum suggested averages for GRE in the evaluation process, or to determine admission consideration.ETS will not send official score reports for GRE examinations after the five-year period. Applicants with expired GRE scores interested in submitting a GRE test score would need to retake the GRE General Test.Last date that supporting application materials will be received April 1.Three Letters of recommendation from individuals who can speak to their work with children and youth.Applicants with a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher in their most recently earned degree may be considered for admission without submitting a Maryland State Education Basic Skills Assessment Test.The essay for admission into the two-certificate pathway must address how the certificates will work together to foster the prospective student future plans and admission to the master’s program is contingent upon admission to the two certificates.Letters of recommendation should be an indication of the student professional history, work ethic, and ability to successfully complete a graduate degree.A 500-word essay discussing the reasons applicant wish to pursue a degree at Johns Hopkins University, focusing on their long-term goals and how their academic program will complement those goals. Essays should be submitted in a typed format on a separate sheet of paper.Two letters of recommendation from individuals who can speak to their work with children with disabilities.Letters of Recommendation: Two letters from individuals who can speak to their work with children with disabilities.Two letters of recommendation, preferably one from a supervisor within their teaching context and one from an academic reference.NON-DEGREE SEEKING APPLICANTS GRADUATE SPECIAL STUDENT STATUS.

Northwestern UniversityRanked 13 in Best National University.

Graduate and Teaching Assistantship Requirements

Score 26 or higher on the Speaking Section of the TOEFL iBT. Students who score 26 on this section of the TOEFL internet-based test fulfill the English proficiency requirement, and are not required to participate in English proficiency testing at Northwestern.

Cornell UniversityRanked 15 in Best National University.

Cornell CALS

Graduate Record Exam scores are not required but may be submitted to strengthen candidacy.

University of California-BerkeleyRanked 20 in Best National University.


MA Administrative Credential recommendation Principal Leadership InstituteSelect Education and the degree objective of their intended program (ie.Applicant must calculate their Advanced GPA Applicant can access to the GPA worksheet within the application or here.Applicant are required to submit three letters of recommendation.PhD applicants: applicant should have at least two academic letters.In that invitation, they will receive instructions on upload their letter of recommendation.Enter the GRE registration number, not confirmation number, into the application.The GRE is not required for application to the BE3 and PLI programs.There are two standardized tests applicant may take to show evidence of English language proficiency: the Test of English as a Foreign Language , or the International English Language Testing System

Georgetown UniversityRanked 21 in Best National University.

Graduate School of Arts Sciences

An academic statement of purpose should be prepared and submitted online with the application. The personal statement should address their intellectual interests, academic and professional objectives, and proposed topic of graduate study. The length of the personal statement is generally 500 words, but some programs have different or additional guidelines for submission of the statement of purpose. Please review the academic program pages for any additional guidelines for the statement of purpose.Transcripts from both degree and non-degree coursework provide the admissions committee a complete picture of academic preparation for graduate study.If an offer of admission is granted and accepted, admitted students will be required to submit final official transcripts from all institutions where a degree has been earned and other institutions as designated in their admissions letter.The GPA represents the combined GPA of all credits applied toward the primary degree. Those who have attended a graduate program will need to calculate a second GPA for the graduate degree.If fewer than 15 credits were completed at one or the students.S. institutions, even if applied to the degree, they should not be calculated towards the GPA.If credits were earned elsewhere but not accepted by the primary degree-granting institution, they should not be calculated towards the GPA.Failed courses that appear on their transcript but are not included in the institution’s calculation of the GPA should be included in the calculation.If applicant have determined that applicant will need to calculate their GPA based upon the previous criteria, please follow the steps here to calculate their GPA.GPA must be calculated based upon a 4.0 grade scale.Select the appropriate tab on the GPA Calculation Form and begin entering the credit hours as required.When completed, save the GPA Calculation Form and upload to the Self-Reported GPA section of the online application.As a consequence, applicant will enter the data in the spreadsheet and the resulting GPA will not match the GPA on the transcript.These recommendations must be from persons in positions to appraise the applicant’s potential for graduate study. Some programs have specific requirements for recommendation providers.Allow applicants to track recommendations received or not received and follow up with recommenders who still need to submit their appraisals.Expedite the processing of the recommendations, which will be included in the online application once submitted.Automatically notify applicant when recommendations have been received.Most departments and programs require applicants to take standardized entrance examinations, such as the GRE, GRE subject tests, GMAT, MCAT or others.Proficiency can be demonstrated by the receipt of a bachelor’s or advanced degree from an accredited institution of higher education in the United States or from a university where English is the primary language of instructionAll other applicants must achieve at least a minimum score on either the TOEFL or IELTS test. Applications will not be considered without TOEFL IELTS scores.TOEFL: A minimum score of 80 or 100, dependent on program requirements , on the Test of English as a Foreign LanguageSome departments and programs require the completion of supplemental data or submission of materials such as writing samples, resumes, and language proficiency forms.Online recommendations are automatically updated to a status of received when submitted by the recommender.

University of Virginia-Main CampusRanked 23 in Best National University.

Current Graduate Students

The UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA GRADUATE RECORD is the official source for all academic and degree requirements for graduate students.ALL Degrees: Request change, exception or waiver to UVA Engineering academic requirements.Verify that their degree plan is correctAcademic requirements of the degree for which applicant have applied to graduate must be satisfied. If applicant have than one degree plan, applicant will see requirements for other plans. Requirements for degrees for which applicant did NOT to graduate do not need to be satisfied.Their cumulative GPA must be 3.00 or higher.After applicant have completed all required corrections to their thesis or dissertation, and have submitted their Survey of Earned Doctorates certificate to Barbara Graves, their program representative will sign the Report of Final Exam indicating that applicant have completed all requirements for their degree.

Carnegie Mellon UniversityRanked 25 in Best National University.

Master Admissions

All letters of recommendation are due December 12.This includes the resume, statement of purpose, test scores, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and the application fee.All applicants must take the Graduate Record Examination general test and have scores. GRE scores will not be accepted if than five years old.If their native language is not English, then applicant must submit theTest of English as a Foreign Language All students need to submit a TOEFL.If applicant are currently working on or have received a bachelor and or a master degree in the the students.S. and their native language is not English, the TOEFL is still required.If applicant have not completed a bachelor’s degree in the the students.S., applicant will need to submit a TOEFL no than two years old.The university prefer that applicant take the TOEFL, but the university will accept the International English Language Testing SystemUpload their GRE and TOEFL to their application no later than December 12.If applicant have not completed a bachelor’s degree in the the students.S., applicant need to submit a TOEFL no than two years old.The TOEFL is still required. Applicant have the option to upload and send a copy of a previous TOEFL report as long as it is not than five years old.Applicant have the option to upload and send a copy of a previous TOEFL report as long as it is no than five years old.Applicant will need to submit a TOEFL that is not expiredThe university prefer that applicant take the TOEFL, but the university will accept the IELTS.A TOEFL score of 100 is equivalent to an IELTS score of 7.Enter their GPA exactly as given by their College University, e.g. 3.5, 4.9, 9.6, etc.Applicant can simply upload the new Resume Statement of Purpose, even if their application has been submitted.Recommenders must submit their letters . The university no longer accept any paper recommendation forms.It is their responsibility to make certain that the letters are submitted by the final deadline. Any letters not received by the deadline may not be considered.Three letters of recommendation are required.Applicant should select letter writers who can best speak to that point. Employers are sometimes appropriate, but letters that are simply character references will not provide good support for their application.Receipt of the required uploaded documents will be indicated in the corresponding section.

University of Southern CaliforniaRanked 25 in Best National University.


However, GPA is one of many elements evaluated in the admissions committee’s comprehensive evaluation of candidates.A separate application for scholarships is not necessary.However, their academic department will determine if that course work can be used to satisfy a course requirement for their degree.

Tufts UniversityRanked 27 in Best National University.

Required Application Documents

The GRE General Test is required of all applicants to the PhD and MS programs in the Basic Science Division.A score at the 50th percentile or higher on the Verbal GRE.TOEFL Test Scores An official electronic TOEFL score report from Educational Testing Service is required.

Wake Forest UniversityRanked 27 in Best National University.

Wake Forest University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

A student enrolling in the PhD MBA program would have 5-6 semesters of evening MBA courses added to the graduate degree requirements. The PhD and MBA degrees will be awarded simultaneously at the completion of all requirements for both degrees.

University of Michigan-Ann ArborRanked 29 in Best National University.

Freshman Admissions

A current resume that outlines work experience and history, particularly experience with children.Application essay and, if applying for secondary program, an additional essay related to their proposed teaching major 4.

University of North Carolina at Chapel HillRanked 30 in Best National University.

Human Movement Science Curriculum University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

A master degree in a field related to human movement is preferred, but qualified candidates with a bachelor degree will be considered for admission.A grade point average of 3.0 or better in the last two years of the student most recent degree program. A typical student who is admitted has a 3.4 GPA or better.GRE scores in the 50th percentile or higher.This course includes a laboratory where the student builds biomedical devices.Grading status: Letter grade.Students obtain experience in dietary analysis as it applies to athletic populations.Grading status: Letter grade.

Boston CollegeRanked 31 in Best National University.

Graduate School of the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences Boston College

Non-degree summer-study students must submit all application materials by May 1.Students interested in non-degree coursework may GSAS as Special Student status by submitting the application form, the non-refundable application fee of $75, all transcripts, and a statement of purpose. Admission as a Special Student does not guarantee subsequent admission to a degree program.Ideally, letters of recommendation should come from academic sources. If, however, there is no one who can write an academic recommendation on their behalf, applicant may seek one from an employer.GRE scores usually arrive three weeks after the test date therefore, November results will most likely arrive prior to the deadline.TOEFL scores are only valid for two years.TOEFL IELTS scores can be waived if the student has studied for two years at an institution where English is the language of instruction.

New York UniversityRanked 32 in Best National University.

GRE Requirement for Teacher Education and Educational Leadership Applicants

GRE Requirement for Teacher Education and Educational Leadership Applicants.Applicant should continue with their application even if applicant have not yet taken the GRE or MAT exam.

College of William and MaryRanked 33 in Best National University.

Graduate Admission

Applicants should not upload letters of recommendation to their own applications.For the programs that require the GRE, applicant only need to take the General Test, which is comprised of Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical Writing sections. Applicants to the Elementary Education, Special Education, and Secondary Education programs do NOT need to take the GRE.The College of William and Mary accept IELTS as well as TOEFL scores for International Students.Those applicants must submit IELTS TOEFL scores.If applicant complete the application, all recommendations should be completed using the system.Many colleges do not include grades from transfer courses on their transcripts or in their GPA calculations and grant transfer credits only if a certain grade is achieved.Their admission decision letter will display inside the application portal once it is ready.Sometimes the College of William and Mary is able to notify students in the admission letter of an award of a graduate assistantship position. Often, however, these decisions are not made until a few weeks after the admission letter is sent and can be as late as the beginning of the next semester.All programs accept the GRE only a few accept the MAT.All of the programs in Educational Policy, Planning Leadership EPPL accept either the MAT or GRE.Only a few programs in Curriculum and Instruction will accept the MAT or GRE.For most master programs, the guideline for GRE MAT scores is the 40th percentile or higher. For Doctoral programs, the guideline is the 60th percentile or higher.

University of RochesterRanked 33 in Best National University.


Warner fuels the personal and professional transformation of its students through rigorous preparation and a commitment to progressive practices.Applicant can start most Warner degree programs in any semester.If applicant are considering applying for a Warner degree program, one of the best ways to experience the quality education that Warner delivers is to take a course as a non-matriculated student. Should applicant decide to pursue application to Warner, the course may count toward their degree program.Additionally, there are students who take a course or two of particular interest to them who do not intend to pursue a degree at all.If applicant have taken the GRE already and wish to score, the university will be happy to evaluate it as part of their application. Teacher education and K12 educational leadership candidates seeking NYS certification are now required by NYS to submit scores from the Graduate Record Examination , Miller Analogy Test , or a substantially equivalent admission assessment. If applicant have a previous master degree, this requirement may be waived.Applicants must have received a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution or equivalent by the time they enter the program at Warner, with the exception of those applying to early admission programs.The university're excited to tell applicant Warner and all the great possibilities that it can provide to applicant.

Brandeis UniversityRanked 35 in Best National University.

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Degrees are granted on the evidence of intellectual growth and development, rather than solely on the basis of formal course credits. Fulfillment of the minimum requirements cannot, therefore, be regarded as the sole requisite for degrees.Many programs require the GRE general test, and some may require the appropriate subject test. In the case where the GRE is required, it is highly recommended that the applicant take the exam prior to submitting an application.Applicants should take the GRE no later than six weeks prior to the program deadline. GRE scores that are received after the appropriate deadline may not be considered.Applicants whose native language is not English, regardless of the field of graduate study, are required to submit official English test scores: either the TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE. International applicants may submit the IELTS exam instead of the TOEFL.Master degree candidates may be admitted and are eligible for financial aid.All accepted applicants must arrange to forward official transcripts of all and graduate work unofficial transcripts are used for admission review purposes.In addition, knowledge of foreign languages, relevant practical experience in the field, samples of work, the results of the GRE , and indications of character are considered.The Dean reviews applications in the light of the program recommendations.A non-refundable matriculation fee of $300 must be filed by each master degree or post-baccalaureate program applicant upon notification of acceptanceApplicants who have been denied admission may reapply in a later year, particularly if they have had further training that would strengthen their applications or if they can submit additional letters of recommendation.Graduate programs review students' academic progress annually. Satisfactory academic progress in a program also involves maintaining the professional and departmental standards expected in a particular discipline or program. Academic insufficiency or failure to make suitable progress toward the degree may require withdrawal.A student record is reviewed annually and recommendations for readmission are made by the graduate programs. However, programs may also review academic records at the end of each semester if a student is not making suitable academic progress.Graduates of international colleges and universities who have the equivalent of an American bachelor degree and international students who have graduated from American universities may compete for admission and financial assistance at Brandeis, which is authorized under federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.Diagnostic Language Proficiency Test If outlined as a requirement in the applicant admission decision letter, an international graduate student must take a diagnostic language proficiency test upon arrival to campus.English Language Program Classes If outlined as a requirement in the applicant admission decision letter, an international graduate student must enroll in one-credit 200-level ELP courses during their first and second semesters of graduate study at Brandeis. These ELP courses focus on English for academic purposes, integrated with graduate study skills needed at a major research university.Tuition grants are also available on the basis of need and merit to master degree students. Hence master degree students, when applying for admission, must indicate a means of .The following general requirements awarding of graduate degrees in all areas of study.In order to qualify for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, a student must ordinarily complete a minimum of four years of graduate study, including three full years of residence and a fourth year devoted to the preparation of a doctoral dissertation. Each program reserves the right to require prospective candidates for the degree to perform work in excess of its minimum standards to assure thorough mastery of the area.To be eligible for the Ph.D. degree, the student must complete all course, residence and teaching requirements, pass all language and qualifying examinations, have written and successfully defended the doctoral dissertation and be otherwise in good standing.Students who are granted credit for a year of graduate work completed elsewhere must earn the degree within seven years from the inception of their study at Brandeis.Students no longer eligible for additional extensions will receive a letter stating that they must finish their degree by the close of the summer term.Students enrolled in a Ph.D. program are allowed to for a master degree within that program if they have satisfied all the requirements for the particular master degree. Students are limited to only one master degree in passing. Students may not for a master degree in passing if they already hold a master degree from the university, unless there is no overlap in the terms used to fulfill the residency requirements for the two degrees.Candidates for graduate degrees must electronically file an application with the University Registrar per the specified dates in the academic calendar in the year in which the degree is to be awarded. Upon written recommendation from a candidate program or committee that the application be approved, the record will be reviewed by the Graduate Council, which recommends the student to the university Board of Trustees for the award of the degree or certificate.No later than the dates specified for dissertation deposit in the current academic calendar for February, May and August degrees, the candidate must electronically deposit one copy of the finished dissertation in a state suitable for digital scanning.See also the statement in this Bulletin, under Fees and Expenses, on the final doctoral fee.Ordinarily a student may not receive credit toward completion of degree or residence requirements for courses undertaken to aid in the completion of language requirements.Part-time degree students and non-degree special students may audit a course but will be charged the same rate as a course taken for credit.Letter grades will be used in all courses in which grading is possible. In readings or research courses, if a letter grade cannot be given at the end of each term or academic year, credit or no credit may be used.Make-up exams may be scheduled with the instructor’s agreement for either the conflict resolution exam block, or the make-up exam period in the following semester.The Master of Arts or Master of Science degrees with less than a 2-year residence requirement do not accept transfer credit to reduce the residence requirement, although a program may accept work taken elsewhere in partial fulfillment of specific course requirements for the degree.Any part-time graduate student in a degree program is allowed to participate in cross-registration.Residence requirements for all full-time graduate degrees are computed by determining the amount of registration for credit and the tuition charges.The minimum residence requirement for most full-time master degree students is one academic year in a full-time graduate credit program at full tuition. Transfer credit may not normally be applied to residence requirements for the M.A. and M.S. degrees.A maximum of one year approved transfer credit may be granted toward residence for the Ph.D. degree.Full-time students should consult with their advisers before taking on any outside commitments that might interfere with their academic progress.A full-time program may include a combination of teaching and research assistance, other work leading to the fulfillment of degree requirements, such as preparation for qualifying, comprehensive and final examinations, supervised reading and research and Ph.D. dissertations, as well as regular course work.A Ph.D. graduate student who has completed residence requirements and who needs to utilize the full range of academic services and university facilities while completing degree requirements is a post-resident student and should register for CONT 500a , or the appropriate courses required to complete their programs.A graduate student in a Master’s program who has completed the residence requirements and who needs to utilize the full range of academic services and university facilities while completing degree requirements is an Extended Master’s student and should register for the appropriate courses required to complete their program.A Ph.D. student who has completed all degree requirements except the dissertation is eligible for continuation status.Note that students who complete all program requirements for an August degree prior to June 1 will not need to register for the summer term.Post-baccalaureate programs may not be pursued concurrently with other formal degree work.Special students who later wish to pursue a degree on a full or part-time basis must for admission as resident students.Time spent on authorized leaves of absence will not be counted toward the maximum time permitted to complete degree requirements.These steps will be outlined in a letter to the student upon approval of going on medical leave.The Dean Fellowship provides five years of funding with a nine-month stipend, assuming satisfactory academic progress.The maximum aggregate borrowing limit for the program is $138,500, with no than $65,500 in subsidized loan funds.Federal regulations require that a student receiving federal assistance make satisfactory academic progress in accordance with standards set by the university. Graduate programs review students' academic progress and make recommendations for readmission annually. Any student who is readmitted for the following year is considered to be making satisfactory academic progress and is eligible for financial aid from federal sources.

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