GRE and GPA requirements for admission to Best Universities in Statistics and Machine Learning - Updated 2020

GRE and GPA requirements for admission to Best Universities in Statistics and Machine Learning - Updated 2020

For admissions to masters degree program in Statistics and Machine Learning at Best Universities, GRE, GPA requirements are

Masters programs in Statistics and Machine Learning which do not require GRE - Updated 2020

Stevens Institute of TechnologyRanked 76 in Best National University.

Machine Learning Master Program

Bachelor’s degree, with a minimum GPA of 3.0, from an accredited institution.

Western Illinois UniversityRanked 39 in Best Regional University in Midwest.

MS Applied Statistics and Decision Analytics

Building on the recommendations of the American Statistical Association ’s professional panel of experts, graduates of the M.

For admission to the Master of Science in Applied statistics and Decision Analytics degree program, students should have a 3.0 cumulative GPA and preparation in a relevant area, such as, mathematics, statistics, economics, quantitative or biological sciences, sociology, psychology, business, computer sciences, physics, engineering, education.

Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree from an institution that is accredited by the appropriate the students.

Admission to any graduate degree program at WIU is contingent upon successful completion of coursework specified as a prerequisite. If an applicant is deficient in any or all of the minimum requirements for admission into program, such an applicant may be provisionally admitted into the program subject to the completion of all deficiencies before taking any required courses within the program. The applicants will be duly notified what deficiency courses they need to take at Western Illinois University before they will be allowed to enroll in any of the required courses in the program.

Students that wish to for an assistantship are also required to provide at least three letters of reference from individuals who can provide meaningful comments on the student’s professional and or academic background and a statement of interest

Evaluation of English language proficiency will be based on the student’s scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language

Princeton UniversityRanked 1 in Best National University.

Center for Statistics and Machine Learning

The university encourage applications from candidates in core data science disciplines as well as any other candidates whose work involves advanced quantitative analysis.

Illinois Institute of TechnologyRanked 116 in Best National University.

Illinois Institute of Technology

Non-degree students are those who wish to improve their professional or personal development without being required to fulfill degree requirements, are not certain their prospective field of study at IIT, have less than a 3.0 4.0 GPA, or are unable to submit a completed regular application prior to the beginning of the semester.

Illinois Tech requires a four-year bachelor degree conferred with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 4.0 from an accredited institution for admission as a non-degree student.

Any applicant whose degree was earned at an institution where the primary language of instruction is not English must submit Test of English as a Foreign Language , Pearson Test of English , or International English Language Testing System scores. Read complete English proficiency requirements, including minimum scores required for admission consideration.

A final admission decision may be deferred until the requisite GPA has been achieved in study as a non-degree student, or until the required documents are available. The Office of Graduate Admission will notify non-degree students of the conditions under which they are admitted.

Non-degree students seeking to convert to degree-seeking status must complete an application for admission to their degree program of choice prior to the completion of nine credit hours of non-degree study. If a non-degree student applies for and is granted admission to a degree program at IIT, a maximum of nine credit hours of approved coursework taken as a non-degree student and passed with a grade of B or better may be applied to the degree.

Harvard UniversityRanked 2 in Best National University.

MEMP students Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology

HST expects that the majority of MEMP candidates will through MIT, using the MIT Application for Graduate Admission.

Therefore, because admissions are extremely competitive and class sizes are small, the university encourage applicant to also submit a MEMP application through MIT. This will increase their chance of admission to MEMP.

Candidates ing to MEMP through both MIT and Harvard need to submit two independent applications following both sets of MEMP admissions instructions.

As part of the admissions process, promising applicants are invited to visit Cambridge for interviews and tours in late February early March.

Deadlines for admission are typically in early December preceding the fall term in which applicant intend to enroll.

The Harvard University does accept recommendations received shortly after the deadline. Applications will be considered incomplete and may not receive full consideration if the required three letters are not received by December 20 at the latest.

Letters of recommendation: three letters are required, of which at least two should come from people who are well-acquainted with their academic work and research abilities. Beyond the three required letters, candidates may submit up to two additional letters if desired.

HST strongly prefers letters be submitted .

Paper copies of letters must be signed originals, on institution letterhead, accompanied by the MIT Evaluation for Graduate Admission cover form, sent in a sealed envelope by the recommender, and signed over the seal.

Test score reports: The GRE general test is required.

If their first language is not English, applicant need to take either the TOEFL or the IELTS. If applicant take the TOEFL, applicant must achieve a minimum score of 100 on the internet-based test On the IELTS applicant must score a minimum of 7. IELTS does not use a coding system, designated Health Sciences and Technology as the MIT department to receive official scores.

Letters of recommendation: Once the university receive the completed Harvard application, the university will make arrangements directly with staff at Harvard to obtain copies of submitted letters of recommendation.

Test score reports: all GRE or language test results should be official copies sent directly to HST from the testing service, in addition to the official copies sent to Harvard.

GRE general test scores are required of all MEMP applicants. However, scores are given less weight than grades, research experience, and recommendations.

To send GRE scores to HST, use ETS codes 3514 and 0699-Health and Medical Sciences-Other All official test scores sent to MIT , regardless of department code, will be matched to any submitted MIT graduate applications.

HST also accepts TOEFL or IELTS scores as proof of English language proficiency. Applicants are required to have a TOEFL score of at least 100 on the internet-based test Or an IELTS score of at least 7. In addition, recommenders whose native language is English may provide input regarding the applicant English proficiency in their letter of recommendation.

When submitting TOEFL scores, use codes 3514 and 99 For IELTS score reports, no code system is used only the name of the department is required. All official test scores sent to MIT , regardless of department code, will be matched to any submitted MIT graduate applications.

The HST Graduate Admissions Committee reviews all MEMP applications during the month of January.

In the case of applicants at a significant distance , telephone video conference interviews may be conducted. The final admissions decisions will be made from the pool of interviewed applicants.

Candidates offered admission will be asked to let us know their decision as soon as possible, but no later than April 15th.

Admission to MEMP is extremely competitive, with 15-20% of applicants invited to interview and less than 10% of applicants offered admission.

However, GRE scores are given less weight than grades, research experience, and recommendations.

This may take the form of formal minor program or a less-formal collection of courses that provide a similar level of expertise in a quantitative field.

University of HoustonRanked 127 in Best National University.

University of Houston

TOEFL scores must be no than two years old .

TOEFL requirements are 79 iBT or 550 for the paper based .

In place of the TOEFL students may submit IELTS scores.

Department codes are not required to GRE and or TOEFL score.

The earlier applicant submit all of their application materials, the earlier applicant will receive an admission decision.

Once the application is complete and has been forwarded for an admission decision.

The earlier applicant application and all supporting documents, the earlier applicant will receive an admission decision.

All applicants are required to submit the same application materials. Conditional and unconditional refers to how the admission committee has admitted a student. Conditionally admitted students are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA within the first 12 credit hours of study in addition to any other items identified on a case by case basis.

Admission applications submitted to the college will be considered for up to one year.

Once an admission decision has been made, an application cannot be deferred. Applicants will need to re-submit an application, application fee and follow up.

Identify their interest in deferring their admission decision to the graduate advisor.

If applicant have been on an LOA for less than 13 months, applicant may register on-line for classes and resume their study.

Brandeis UniversityRanked 35 in Best National University.

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences admissions

This interdisciplinary MS provides a solid foundation for professional work in the field or pursuit of a PhD in computational or theoretical linguistics.

Two letters of recommendation, submitted electronically. The BA MS program requires only one letter of recommendation.

Graduate Record Exam required for applicants to the MS program

International applicants: Additional requirements for international applicants (non-the students. Citizens or non-permanent residents), minimum TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE scores, and important information regarding visas.

Students can work closely with the university Career Services office for an array of resources, including CV resume help, job search, and networking.

Missouri University of Science and TechnologyRanked 127 in Best National University.

Admissions and Academic Program Procedures Missouri University of Science and Technology

Any person who holds a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or any equivalent degree from a college of good standing and who wishes to enroll as a graduate student at Missouri S T must submit all required application materials to admissions. Required materials include an on-line application, an official transcript sent from all and any graduate institutions, standardized test scores if required by their academic program and non-refundable application fee of $55 for the students. Citizens and permanent residents or $75 for international applicants payable to Missouri S T.

Take the Test of English as a Foreign Language

The campus minimum for TOEFL scores is 79

The TOEFL Bulletin of Information and registration form may also be obtained in a number of cities outside the United States, and are often available at American embassies and consulates, Offices of the United States Information Service , United States educational commissions and foundations abroad, and binational centers.

Take the International English Language Testing System exam.

The minimum acceptable overall band score on the IELTS exam is 6.5 for campus.

Admission as a regular graduate student is normally limited to those who ranked in the upper third of their baccalaureate graduating class or who have done quality work at the graduate level. For this requirement, a cumulative B average , or a B average for the student’s last sixty credit hours of coursework is considered equivalent to an upper one-third standing.

Any person not eligible for admission as a regular graduate student may be considered for admission as a probational graduate student. Probational graduate admission is normally limited to those students who ranked in the upper one-half of their baccalaureate graduating class, or who have achieved at least a cumulative 2.75 GPA for their entire career, or a 2.75 GPA for their last sixty credit hours of coursework.

However, all coursework completed as a probational graduate student, as well as the student’s GRE scores, will be considered relevant to this change-of-status decision. Regardless of the student’s admission status, all completed graduate coursework will toward the student’s cumulative GPA.

Any prospective student who wishes to study at the graduate level but who does not intend to pursue a graduate degree or graduate certificate may be considered for admission as a non-degree graduate student. Typically, this category of admission applies to, but is not restricted to, individuals who have a job-related need for a particular graduate-level course. Admission to non-degree graduate student status requires an application form, official transcripts, and an application fee, but neither GRE nor GMAT scores are required.

A student who seeks dual enrollment must submit an application to the office of admissions. Admission for dually enrolled students is granted by the department chair and the dean of graduate studies. Students are eligible to enroll when they have obtained senior status, with a minimum GPA of 3.5 if two semesters remain, 3.0 if in their final semester.

Continuous Registration 6050 for F-1 and J-1 visa holders may be allowed only during summer sessions and only if the student is finishing the degree requirements prior to the beginning of the next fall semester.

Graduate students enrolled in a full-time academic program may enroll in no than sixteen credit hours of coursework during any regular semester and nine credit hours during the summer session, except for those students enrolled in the eighteen-credit-hour MBA core semester.

Master students eligible for the funding can receive two years of tuition and supplemental fees support.

This 3.0 GPA requirement does not to courses taken for credit. All graduate students are encouraged to maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA at all times, and certain departments may even require this minimum GPA. In cases where a graduate student repeats a course, both the original and repeat grades will be used in calculating the student’s GPA, and both will appear on the student’s transcript.

Purdue University-Main CampusRanked 62 in Best National University.

Purdue Polytechnic Institute

For questions available programs and optionsFor questions costs and funding opportunitiesFor questions admissions criteriaFor questions pre-admission testing requirementsFor questions the admission process and statusFor questions specific to international student concernsFor questions life at Purdue.

Program based on their baccalaureate degree credentials, experience, and test scores.

Fellowships usually provide tuition waivers or scholarships, monthly stipends, and possibly a supplement for purchasing medical insurance.

Applicant should submit a detailed resume’ or vita.

Applicant must possess a minimum of a 3.00 4.00 GPA in order to be admitted without conditions.

, transcripts), test scores, resume curriculum vitae , and other items required by the graduate program are considered.

The Purdue University-Main Campus cannot predict their chances of admission based on GPA or test scores.

Satisfaction of the minimum criteria does not guarantee graduate admission.

It should be noted that failure to satisfy the minimum criteria might lead to automatic denial of admission. Also, failure to submit all required application materials will lead to denial of admission.

The GRE is required there are no exceptions. If applicant have previously taken the GRE, those scores are valid for five years after the year in which applicant took the test.

The Purdue University-Main Campus currently do not accept GMAT scores as a substitute for GRE scores.

Applicant can electronic admission application before applicant take the GRE test however, the university cannot admit any applicant until Purdue University-Main Campus has reviewed the GRE scores.

The SoET graduate program does not have a minimum required score for the GRE. As a general guideline, GRE scores are expected to be in the upper 50th percentile for unconditional admission.

The overall selection process also considers various information such as prior academic performance, prior work experience, the statement of purpose , letters of recommendation, writing samples, pre-admission test scores, and other relevant information provided as part of a complete admission package as submitted by the applicant.

International degree-seeking applicants whose native language is not English are required to submit scores for the Test of English as a Foreign Language unless they have graduated from a university or college that used English as the primary language of instruction.

TOEFL is preferred however, alternatives include the International English Language Testing System , and the Pearson Test of English

Applicant can electronic admission application before applicant take the TOEFL exam however, the university cannot admit any international applicant until Purdue University-Main Campus has reviewed the TOEFL scores unless that applicant has earned a degree from an English-speaking university or college.

In summary, the minimum paper-based score required for admission is 550.

Purdue does NOT accept photocopies of any TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE score reports.

TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE scores are valid for only two years.

Applying early has its advantages: funding opportunities are typically available and spaces may be available for admission, particularly in competitive programs such as the university's.

The Purdue University-Main Campus does accept applications for all the university graduate programs for spring semester admission.

If applicant are interested in applying to two or graduate programs separately, applicant will be required to create a new application and pay an application fee for each application submitted. If applicant to graduate programs separately, applicant will have the opportunity to customize their supporting documentation for each program.

For admission to the university graduate program, applicant must submit the following supporting documentation.

Required: Official GRE scores, submitted electronically to Purdue University. NOTE: applicant can for admission without the GRE scores however, the GRE scores must be submitted prior to formal application consideration.

These letters should attest to the applicant’s potential for successful graduate study.

Required: A detailed resume’ or vita that describes their education, work history, significant skills, etc.

Required: Official Test of English as a Foreign Language scores only required for international applicants whose first language is not English, or who have not graduated from a university or college using English as the primary language of instruction.

Once applicant submit official transcripts to Purdue University, they become property of the University and will not be returned. The university recognize, in very rare instances, that students may have access to only one transcript or other academic credentials.

Once their application is submitted, applicant do not have the ability to return and make revisions to their recommendation provider list.

Submit a question admission criteria or process.

Submit a question direct admission to the Ph. D.

Visit the Purdue Admissions site to now.

New Jersey Institute of TechnologyRanked 127 in Best National University.

Admissions New Jersey Institute of Technology

Every application for admission is processed through the Office of University Admissions and is reviewed by the Graduate Admissions Committee.

The GRE is required of all applicants to doctoral programs, all applicants seeking and all applicants whose most recent degree was awarded from an institution outside of the United States.

Specific master programs: applied physics, architecture, biology, infrastructure planning, materials science and full-time applicants to engineering programs require all applicants to submit official GRE scores.

The GRE can be used to fulfill test requirements for the master programs in information systems and in public health. The GRE is highly recommended for all other programs.

The GMAT is required for all applicants for the MBA in Management of Technology and the MS in Management programs. Students with significant business experience who are seeking admission into the MS in Management program may for a GMAT waiver. The GMAT also can be used to fulfill test requirements for the master programs in information systems and in public health.

Test of English as a Foreign Language

All international applicants must show a TOEFL score of at least 550 213 79

International applicants may submit results from the IELTS exam in lieu of the TOEFL.

All applicants should submit supplementary evidence of their potential for successful graduate work. Letters of recommendation, GRE or GMAT scores, a publications record, prior research experience, a record of exceptional career development, a statement of the applicant objectives, interests and professional experience are examples of appropriate supplementary evidence.

Students who seek a master degree in an academic discipline different from that of the bachelor degree may be admitted to a master degree program but may be required to complete appropriate and or graduate prerequisites in addition to the normal graduate degree requirements of the program. Bridge courses are not counted as degree credits but do count in graduate GPA calculations if the course is numbered 500 or higher.

A non-refundable application fee is required. Applications may be deferred for one semester for a delay in admission without incurring another fee. Official transcripts from all colleges and universities previously attended are required. To be accepted as official, transcripts must be sent directly to the Office of University Admissions by the institutions concerned. Applications for fall admission must be received by June 1 for spring admission by November 1.

Students admitted to one degree program are normally required to be in the original program for one full year before admission and enrollment in another degree program.

If applicant are applying for admission to one of NJIT doctoral degree programs, applicant are required to have an appropriate academic background as described by the individual degree programs and evidence of a high level of achievement, including GPA, in their prior studies.

GRE scores are required for admission to all doctoral programs.

An applicant who wishes to pursue a doctoral degree in a field different from that of previous study, and who is otherwise qualified, may establish eligibility by satisfactorily completing a program of study recommended by the department in which they seek admission.

Applicants who wish to complete a master degree while pursuing a doctorate must for admission to the master program.

Admissions procedures are the same as for a master degree. In addition, three letters of recommendation are required from individuals who can best judge the applicant ability to pursue independent research and complete a doctoral program.

Admissions to the doctoral program in management is handled by Rutgers-Newark.

NJIT expects applicants to have a superior academic record, but recognizes that interest, creativity, maturity, and motivation are also important.

Once granted conditional admission, students must complete conditional or bridge courses specified by the university within their first two semesters. Such courses may be at either the or graduate level and are NOT counted as degree credits although all courses numbered 500 or higher are calculated in the cumulative GPA.

Students who for admission to graduate programs before completing their bachelor degree, and whose records demonstrate superior academic achievement, may be offered admission to NJIT contingent on their showing proof of receiving a bachelor degree appropriate for the degree program for which they are seeking admission.

Students who wish to change current degree level must file an application for admission to the new degree level.

Such students must present transcripts of previous academic work or other appropriate evidence at each registration in order to indicate adequate preparation for the course work involved. If approved by the Office of University Admissions, registration will be permitted if space is available. Permission to enroll as a non-matriculated student does not imply eventual admission to a degree program.

Students whose application for admission to a degree program is unsuccessful are not permitted to register as non-matriculated students.

Students on other visas should consult the Office of University Admissions regarding non-matriculated status.

Registration will be approved only after a review of credentials by the Office of University Admissions and only if space is available. Students who audit a course are required to pay full tuition and fees. There is no tuition remission allowable for audited courses.

Students enrolled in graduate programs at other institutions may for transfer to NJIT by completing the normal admission procedure.

Demonstrate a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 in graduate courses taken at other the students.

Be eligible for admission to the NJIT program of their choice.

Students with TOEFL scores of 550 213 79 6.5 or better are not required to take an ESL course but are encouraged to improve their English-language skills by doing so voluntarily.

Those seeking from NJIT at the time of admission will be required to achieve a TOEFL score of at least 550 213 79 The test is offered at NJIT after admission.

International students should note that they will be required to pay non-resident tuition rates.

To be eligible for admission to graduate study at NJIT, international students must have the following minimum academic qualifications.

Students whose credentials cannot be evaluated by the Graduate Admissions Committee will be required to submit a Credential Evaluation Report from an approved agency.

Georgia Institute of Technology-Main CampusRanked 35 in Best National University.

Georgia Institute of Technology

The Graduate Co-op Program is available to masters and doctoral level students who are in good standing and maintain a minimum of 3.0 GPA.

Although graduate students may work internships without enrollment credit at Georgia Tech, co-ops internships registered through the Center for Career Discovery and Development’s Graduate Co-op Program are recorded on their transcript as full-time, no-cost, audit credit.

The Graduate Co-op Program is available to masters and doctoral level students with at least a 3.0 GPA.

Arizona State University-TempeRanked 127 in Best National University.


To be eligible for admission, students are required to hold a minimum of a bachelor degree or a graduate degree from a regionally accredited College or University of recognized standing.

Students must also hold a minimum of a 3.00 cumulative GPA in the last 60 hours of a student first bachelor degree program. Applicants with a GPA lower than a 3.0 may be considered depending upon individual circumstances. A personal statement of purpose of 2 pages is required for admission and two letters of recommendation, either academic or professional.

While the GRE is not required, the statement of purpose is a significant factor in the application process, and it should address the background and capabilities of the applicant, as well as their interest in the program.

Request two Letters of Recommendation from people who can evaluate their potential for success in this program. These letters must be submitted using the online application system.

ASU transcripts do not need to be sent. If additional transcripts are required, Graduate College will notify applicant.

TOEFL score of at least 550 or 80

University of Washington-Seattle CampusRanked 48 in Best National University.

Computer Science Engineering

The admission process is very competitive, and the likelihood of an applicant’s being offered admission depends in part on the strength of the applicant as well as the quality of the overall applicant pool, which varies from year to year.

What are the minimum required GRE scores for acceptance to their Ph. D.

Leave the GPA field on the application blank.

Enter the grade reported on their transcript.

A satisfactory command of the English language is required for admission to any of the UW Graduate Studies programs. Applicants who are not native speakers of English must submit a TOEFL-iBT score or a TOEFL score.

The minimum TOEFL-iBT score is 80, including at least 26 on the Speaking section of the test.

The minimum TOEFL PBT score is 500.

Applicants who are citizens of Australia, the Bahamas, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, Trinidad Tobago, or the United Kingdom do not need to submit a TOEFL score. Supporting documentation must be submitted with unofficial transcripts in the application.

Note: the University of Washington-Seattle Campus is phasing out usage of IELTS.

All IELTS test centers can report scores electronically.

IELTS scores are valid for two years from the test date.

The University of Washington require a TOEFL-iBT Speaking score of 26 to qualify for a teaching assistantship.

Typically, the university offer admission to 8-10% of the pool of applicants to yield a class of 40-45 entering students.

Decisions made by the Admissions Committee are final. Because applicants to the university program are also applying to other programs, the university expect that a certain number of the university offers will be declined. To account for this, the university offer admission to applicants than the university expect to accept the university offer.

No hardcopy materials are used in the admissions review process.

In order to request pre-payment of the fee, the applicant must first complete all required components of the application.

The Admissions Committee begins reviewing applications soon after the deadline.

The university strongly prefer that letters of recommendation be submitted .

Re-enter their application and check the tatus of materials' section as well as the tatus of letters'. Applicant will not find the status of admission information in their application.

University of Southern Mississippi

Online Instructional Technology Degree

Admission to the graduate degree programs in the Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education will be conducted in accordance with college and university policies. An application fee of $50.00 is required regardless of applying for the Instructional Technology Degree program or traditional face-to-face program.

GRE test score

Academic professionals and or supervisors who can clearly articulate and address the applicant’s abilities to complete graduate work should complete letters.

The university accept students from all different majors as long as applicant met the university admission standards.

Upon admission applicant are assigned a graduate advisor.

Conditional admission is given to students who do not satisfy the admission requirements.

All master’s students must complete their degrees within 5 years from the date of admission.

The university will help applicant with funding and scholarship information, admissions and course enrollment.

Regular admission to the Master of Science in Instructional Technology at The University of Southern Mississippi is selective and contingent upon having graduated from a college or university accredited by a recognized regional accrediting agency. In evaluating applications, the admissions committee will utilize the following criteri .

An ’s grade point average reflects the equivalent to an applicant’s ability to complete graduate work. Recently, applicants regularly admitted to the Master’s program obtained GPAs exceeding 2.9 on a 4.0-point scale for the last 64 hours of study.

The Graduate Record Examination scores provide predictors of an applicant’s ability to successfully complete the graduate program.

Three letters of recommendation from individuals in the field of education or computer applications who can assess the applicant’s readiness for graduate study. These letters should reflect the student’s knowledge of technology and computer applications and must be sent directly to the department. Also, the letters must be accompanied by the required Waiver Form.

Arizona State University-Polytechnic

Technology MSTech,MS TECH

Admission General allows students to obtain both a bachelor and master degree in as little as five years.

Additional courses may be required to fulfill deficiencies, based on a review of the applicant transcripts.

Applicants must have a minimum of a 3.00 cumulative GPA in the last 60 hours of their first bachelor degree program, or applicants must have a minimum of a 3.00 cumulative GPA in an applicable master degree program.

Admission to the graduate degree program presupposes an adequate technical preparation in a selected technology at the level. The applicant past work and professional experience are also evaluated and taken into consideration.

Coursework of admitted applicants to this program generally include calculus, technical writing and statistics. Additional courses may be required to fulfill deficiencies, based on a review of the applicant transcripts.

Predetermined combinations have a single admissions application and one easy to follow major map.

The Western Regional Graduate Program provides a reduced tuition rate to non-resident graduate students who qualify.

Admission General will be stored in their saved programs only for this session.

Admission General will be stored in their saved programs

Applicants are encouraged to complete and submit application materials as soon as possible for consideration.

A final deadline means that all applications and application materials must be received by Graduate Admissions by the deadline date.

An application is complete after all materials are received by Graduate Admissions.

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