Jobs, Salaries and Career after Masters in Engineering Management

The engineering management degrees  (often referred to as "MEM degrees")   combine professional engineering  practice with core business and management subjects typically found in  an M.B.A. program. These comprehensive graduate engineering degrees   provide a core curriculum in marketing, finance, intellectual property,   business law, and/or management. They represent a blend of engineering  skill  and business knowledge needed to develop innovative solutions to  complex business  problems. Depending on each  Program's requirements,  new or experienced engineering professionals are  prepared for technical  leadership roles and develop the skills to manage  emerging  technologies and the ability to assess economic needs. Comparing an MEM to Other Degrees The mix of management concepts and technical focus presented in  MEM program allows new graduates and working professionals to acquire  the management skills necessary to advance in today's technical world. Unlike a graduate degree in a science or engineering specialty,  an MEM degree offers the practical business perspective needed by  technical managers. Unlike a traditional MBA program, MEM programs emphasize skills  specifically required in technology-based organizations.Average Masters in Engineering Management Salary The average salary for the students from some type Business Schools after completing the MEM degree was around $90,000 per annum. The figures mainly fluctuate depending on the firm and the cities. For most programs, a student with an undergraduate engineering  degree and a technical management career goal in mind may want to choose  between an MEM and an MBA. Below is a chart comparing the skills  acquired during an MEM degree with the skills acquired during an MBA. Above pictorial representation is according to the data provided by Robert Hauck, General Manager, Office of the chief engineer, GE healthcare surgery. After Graduation M.E.M. graduates have pursued a wide variety of jobs, top job position are Application Engineer Associate Marketing Manager Automation Engineer Business Analyst Client Services Analyst Job Cost Engineer Land Acquisition Specialist Manager of Corporate Strategic Planning Manufacturing Development Program Material Logistics Professional New Product Strategy Analyst Operations Leadership Program Associate Patent Examiner Portfolio Analyst Risk Management Associate Strategy Consulting Manager Stress Analyst Engineer Systems Architect Systems Engineer Technology Licensing Specialist The MEM program has a great scope for students of engineering background, as it lays the perfect platform to abridge the gap between technology and management. The program augments the technological problem solving ability of an engineer. Also the program incorporates few of the business courses, helping students to develop management skills. Some of the best universities offering MEM program are as follows: Duke University Cornell University Dartmouth University Massachusetts Institute of Technology Northwestern University Stanford University University of Southern California