Masters programs in Biotechnology which do not require GRE - Updated 2020

Johns Hopkins University: Students who earned their post-secondary degree outside of the United States must take the TOEFL and have a course-by-course evaluation of their transcripts by service such as the World Education ServiceThere is no independent research project or thesis requirement for this degree.

Tufts University: GRE Subject Test scores recommended for all other applicants and required for international applicants.

Masters programs in Biotechnology which do not require GRE - Updated 2020

Johns Hopkins UniversityRanked 12 in Best National University.

University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science

College description: The Biotechnology Proseminar introduces students to issues and challenges facing leaders of public and private-sector organizations, and communities seeking to achieve shared goals within the biotechnology industry.This course provides an extensive of a process for development of a pharmaceutical by a biotechnology company or pharmaceutical company.The roles of managers and leaders within biotechnology companies undergo constant change. Biotechnology manager and leaders must engage in new and innovative problem solving strategies lead a diverse and global workforce develop partnerships with other businesses, customers, and competitors manage horizontally and across teams and utilize technology a competitive advantage. Students research a biotechnology organization, analyze what is working and not working within the management systems, and suggest alternatives.This course provides a foundation to start or help grow a young biotechnology company from inception through early growth Topics include market assessment of innovative technology, patents and licensing, corporate law, preparing a business plan, raising money from angels and venture capitalists, government grants, strategic alliances, sales and marketing, real estate, human resources, and regulatory affairs.Biotechnology products may be classified as drugs, biologics, or medical devices.Students who have taken 410.687 Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Aspects of the Biotechnology Enterprise will also benefit from this course, as they will analyze contracts, patents, and various statutes and court decisions that impact the biotechnology sector.Students master both written and verbal communication skills, hone their expertise at making both formal and informal oral presentations, prepare poster presentations, and develop their own public speaking strategies.With the increase in globalization of economy and exports, international regulations will have a bigger impact on the biotechnology business in the future.This integrative, case-based course will focus on applying knowledge gained from previous courses in the Master of Science in Regulatory Science program to actual cases from the FDA.

Students enrolled in the MS in Biotechnology Program are not required to come to campus at any time during the program.Students who earned their post-secondary degree outside of the United States must take the TOEFL and have a course-by-course evaluation of their transcripts by service such as the World Education ServiceThere is no independent research project or thesis requirement for this degree. Students that choose this option will complete their degree with at least 11 courses.Applicant may complete the degree requirements for the MS in Biotechnology completely online. Applicant may also take a combination of online and onsite courses, or complete the degree wholly through onsite courses.The GRE is not required but the admissions committee reserves the right to request a GRE score to evaluate an application.If admitted, all relevant coursework completed by the student will be counted toward the new degree.To apply to the MS in Biotechnology Program use the online application system, EMT Apply Yourself.

Biotechnology Online Masters programs at Johns Hopkins University

Northwestern UniversityRanked 13 in Best National University.

Master of Science in Biotechnology

College description: Northwestern University Master of Biotechnology Program prepares scientists and engineers for fulfilling and dynamic careers in biotechnology and associated professions by offering extensive laboratory research, integrated coursework, and training in current industry practices.The university real-world approach relies on the input of the university Industrial Advisory Board to ensure that MBP students graduate with a complete set of competencies designed to satisfy the demands of modern biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.The majority of MBP students are recent graduates seeking careers in biotechnology and associated fields, as well as the competitive advantage an MS degree provides.The university interdisciplinary approach provides students with the flexibility and knowledge to pursue a number of biotechnology professions. In addition to becoming research and process development specialists, MBP graduates have taken up roles as consultants, regulatory affairs associates, and analysts. MBP graduates have pursued PhDs in Chemical Engineering and the Biological Sciences while others have gone on to work towards their MD or JD.

Their application will be reviewed within 4 weeks from its online submission, and an interview will be scheduled if their application is competitive.May 31st for international studentsFill out and submit a brief online application, which includes general information and uploads of their resume and unofficial transcriptMBP students develop the necessary communication skills to better articulate their research.

Tufts UniversityRanked 27 in Best National University.

Chemistry Biotechnology

College description: Read the Academic Requirements and Procedures for chemistry biotechnology.Demonstrate proficiency of a range graduate-level chemistry concepts.This exam is also recommended for the students.S. and Canadian applicants who wish to provide a better indication of their knowledge of chemistry or who may not have had a rigorous or appropriate degree in chemistry.

- GRE Subject Test scores recommended for all other applicants and required for international applicantsThis exam is also recommended for the students.S. and Canadian applicants who wish to provide a better indication of their knowledge of chemistry or who may not have had a rigorous or appropriate degree in chemistry.

Yale UniversityRanked 3 in Best National University.

Admissions Requirments Plant Molecular Biology

The university encourage applications from international candidates as well as domestic candidates. The GRE Subject Test is not required but can be used as support in application materials.

Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyRanked 7 in Best National University.

Computational Science and Engineering

Special Note: Applicants interest in Computer Science must apply through the EECS application.TOEFL exam may be accepted in special cases.Most departments require the completion of an SM degree before admission to the PhD program is granted. As a result, applicants to those departments holding a bachelor's degree will be considered for admission to the SM program of the participating department with an ultimate degree objective of PhD in CSE.

University of California-BerkeleyRanked 20 in Best National University.

Integrative Biology University of California, Berkeley

A bachelor’s degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution;If the applicant comes from a country or political entity where English is not the official language, adequate proficiency in English to do graduate work, as evidenced by a TOEFL score of at least 90 on the iBT test, 570 on the paper-and-pencil test, or an IELTS Band score of at least 7 on a 9-point scale ; andThe Graduate Council views academic degrees not as vocational training certificates, but as evidence of broad training in research methods, independent study, and articulation of learning. Therefore, applicants who already have academic graduate degrees should be able to pursue new subject matter at an advanced level without the need to enroll in a related or similar graduate program.Programs may consider students for an additional academic master’s or professional master’s degree only if the additional degree is in a distinctly different field.Applicants admitted to a doctoral program that requires a master’s degree to be earned at Berkeley as a prerequisite will be permitted to undertake the second master’s degree, despite the overlap in field.Applicants with doctoral degrees may be admitted for an additional doctoral degree only if that degree program is in a general area of knowledge distinctly different from the field in which they earned their original degree. For example, a physics PhD could be admitted to a doctoral degree program in music or history; however, a student with a doctoral degree in mathematics would not be permitted to add a PhD in statistics.Applicants who hold the PhD degree may be admitted to a professional doctorate or professional master’s degree program if there is no duplication of training involved.Applicants may apply only to one single degree program or one concurrent degree program per admission cycle.Transcripts: Applicants may upload unofficial transcripts with their application for the departmental initial review. If the applicant is admitted, then official transcripts of all college-level work will be required. If applicant have attended Berkeley, upload their unofficial transcript with their application for the departmental initial review. If applicant are admitted, an official transcript with evidence of degree conferral will not be required.Letters of recommendation: Applicants may request online letters of recommendation through the online application system. Hard copies of recommendation letters must be sent directly to the program, not the Graduate Division.Evidence of English language proficiency: All applicants from countries or political entities in which the official language is not English are required to submit official evidence of English language proficiency. However, applicants who, at the time of application, have already completed at least one year of full-time academic course work with grades of B or better at a US university may submit an official transcript from the US university to fulfill this requirement.Courses that will be completed after the application is submitted, andOfficial TOEFL score reports must be sent directly from Educational Test Services TOEFL and IELTS score reports are only valid for two years.Visit the Berkeley Graduate Division application page.The completed application must be submitted online and the fee paid by the deadline. Be sure to allow sufficient time for their letters of recommendation and test scores to arrive by the deadline. The department reviews applications for admission to the university graduate program once a year. The university accept applications for fall only.Students admitted to the program typically have a bachelor's degree in one of the life sciences or physical sciences.Upper division or graduate GPA of 3.4 or higher is preferred. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required by the Graduate Division.All applicants must take the GRE general test; GRE subject test in biology or subject tests in other relevant disciplines highly recommended, but not required. No minimum GRE scores required for consideration. The university will accept GRE scores taken within the last ten years.For international students from countries in which the official language is not English, results of the TOEFL are required.The statement should reflect serious intent, focus, maturity, motivation, and the ability to organize and articulate their thoughts on complex subjects.There are no page limit restrictions although statements are typically one to two pages in length.Please note that the personal history statement should not duplicate the statement of purpose.Describe how their personal background informs their decision to pursue a graduate degree.An advanced course in evolutionary biology is the only specific course required of all graduate students.Four semesters of residency as required by the Graduate Division.Students are required to be a graduate student instructor for at least two semesters and must complete INTEGBI 375.Ph.D. candidates are required to write a dissertation based on original and independent research carried out by the student.Students are encouraged to enroll in seminars in their field of specialization and present topics.Also covers the many applications of phylogenetic trees to systematics, biogeography, speciation, conservation, population genetics, ecology, behavior, development, functional morphology, and macroevolution that have revolutionized those fields.While no topic will be covered in depth, the course will provide an overview of several different topics commonly encountered in modern biological research including differential equations and systems of differential equations, a review of basic concepts in linear algebra, an introduction to probability theory, Markov chains, maximum likelihood and Bayesian estimation, measures of statistical confidence, hypothesis testing and model choice, permutation and simulation, and several topics in statistics and machine learning including regression analyses, clustering, and principal component analyses.Introduction to Quantitative Methods In Biology: Read MoreStudent Learning Outcomes: Ability to calculate means and variances for a sample and relate it to expectations and variances of a random variable. Ability to implement standard and logistic regression models with multiple covariates in R. Familiarity with covariance, correlation, ordinary least squares, and interpretations of slopes and intercepts of a regression line. Familiarity with the assumptions of regression and methods for investigating the assumptions using R.Topics include continuous-time Markov chains as applied in phylogenetics; maximum likelihood estimation; Bayesian estimation; the combinatorics of evolutionary trees; Markov chain Monte Carlo; distance and parsimony methods for estimating trees; optimization strategies for finding best trees.Prerequisites: One course in introductory biology, geology, chemistry, physics, or marine science required and interest in ocean science,junior, senior, or graduate standing; consent of instructor required for sophomoresMechanical principles in nature and their application to engineering devices. Students will work in teams on projects where they will take examples of designs, concepts, and models from biology and determine their potential in specific engineering applications.Biomimetic Engineering -- Engineering from Biology: Read MoreStudents will be required to lead at least one discussion of relevant literature in the topic area.Isotopics: Read MorePrevious advanced training in biology, human evolutionary studies, and evolutionary theory is required.Advanced Studies in Hominid Paleobiology: Read MoreThis course is required for all students interested in using the facilities housed in the Center for Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry for their research.Training in Stable Isotope Methods and Mass Spectrometry: Read MoreIntended to provide an opportunity for qualified students to prepare themselves for the various examinations required for candidates for the Ph.D.Individual Study for Doctoral Students: Read MoreCredit Restrictions: Course does not satisfy unit or residence requirements for doctoral degree.

University of California-Los AngelesRanked 23 in Best National University.

UCLA Graduate Programs in Bioscience

All Letters of Recommendation must be sent electronically.Graduate Programs in Bioscience does not have a minimum GRE score requirement. All of their application materials including GRE scores, GPA, previous experience, and Statement of Purpose will be considered.However, if applicant did take a GRE Subject exam, applicant may submit the scores within their application to give a better picture of their academic knowledge base.Historically the previous umbrella program, ACCESS, received on the order of 500 applications, made about 100 offers and normally enrolled classes of 30-50 students.If applicant don't see the answer for their question send us a message and the university will answer applicant as soon as possible.

University of RochesterRanked 33 in Best National University.

Graduate Program

Students applying to the PhD program are required to have a bachelor's degree in biology or a related field. A master's degree is not required.A summary of their background and why applicant want to pursue a graduate degree.Please be concise; limit their statement of purpose to about two pages.Scores on the TOEFL or IELTS, if applicableThree letters of recommendationAll supporting documents must be submitted by using the online application systemThe university department does not require a minimum score for the GRE general exam. The GRE subject test in biology is also optional.International students are required to take the TOEFL or IELTS exam.The deadline for complete applications is December 1 for fall admission.There is a $60 application fee. All requests will be approved.Please include their application number when requesting a fee waiver.The $60 fee will be waived for applications submitted by November 1.Support is guaranteed for five years subject to satisfactory progress toward the degree.

Boston UniversityRanked 42 in Best National University.

Application portal opens September 1, 2018 and application deadline is December 7, 2018 Interview

Applicants must submit the online application form that includes a statement of purpose. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis once complete. Students are encouraged to arrange for submission of official transcripts as well as two letters of recommendation well in advance of the due date of December 1, which is when the application portal will close. GRE scores are not required for application to the graduate program and the absence of such scores will not adversely affect consideration of any applicant. However, students may submit GRE scores at their sole discretion. Applications are reviewed by the Admissions Committee for the Department, which forwards recommendations to the Graduate Education Committee and Department Chair. A personal interview is required for applicants to the Ph.D. and M.D.-Ph.D. programs, and applicants to the M.A. program are also encouraged to visit.Process for Non-Degree Application and Transfer to Degree-Granting Part-time Ph.D. Status by Employees of Biogen and Pfizer

University of California-IrvineRanked 42 in Best National University.

Master of Conservation and Restoration Science

College description: This program combines the essential elements of the university highly successful Biotechnology Master’s Program with those of several equally successful Master’s of Business Administration Programs. Finally, as designed, the program provides advanced training in both biotechnology and business management, thereby allowing graduates the flexibility to pursue careers as scientists, as managers, or as both.The Biotech Management degree will prepare scientists for leadership roles in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and biomedical device based companies, through a curriculum comprised of courses in biotechnology, management, and biomedical engineering.They will learn to think as a business manager by solving product development challenges through consulting projects, creating business plans and by exposure to current issues within the biotechnology sector. The university students will learn business from the biotechnology perspective and biotechnology from the business perspective, and will be taught to think their work through the lens of innovation, a crucial view for their careers. Of particular students will take their science courses with MS and PhD students from several different programs, and they will take MBA management-level courses with MS and MBA students currently enrolled in Merage programs.Advanced training in biotechnology through coursework and an 8 unit teaching laboratory.This research component is considered to be important for careers in the biotechnology industry and makes this program unique worldwide.The cross-listed course, Biotechnology Management , will integrate the program’s two year curriculum and provide a format for the required comprehensive exam.

A B.A. or B.S., preferably in Biology, Conservation Biology, Ecology, or Environmental Science from a fully accredited academic institution, is required for admission.A statement of purposeA resumeThe program uses rolling admission deadlines. The priority deadline is February 1; applications received by this date are read first, and next fall’s class begins to fill from this group. April 1 is the normal deadline; the remainder of the class is filled from these applicants. If the class is not full after each review of the April 1 applicants, additional applications will be accepted until July 1.The tuition, fees, and charges posted to their billing statement or account are estimates based on currently approved amounts.If the cohort is not full after review of the April 1 applicants, additional applications will be accepted until July 1

University of Wisconsin-MadisonRanked 47 in Best National University.

Prospective Students Integrative Biology UW–Madison

College description: The Master of Science in Biotechnology provides students with an overarching view of modern biotechnology operations, addressing fundamental scientific and legal matters, innovative technologies and complex business issues. Students thrive in an environment rich in academic and industrial collaboration, leaving the program prepared to assume leadership roles in the biotechnology industry.Their official transcripts or academic records from each institution attended must be sent to the M.S. in Biotechnology Program from the issuing university.Once applicant have researched the graduate program applicant are interested in, .Resources to help applicant afford graduate study might include assistantships, fellowships, traineeships, and financial aid.The M.S. in Biotechnology Program does not offer any financial aid, and graduate students are not permitted to accept any research, project, or teaching assistantship positions that would waive tuition.Grades of Incomplete are considered to be unsatisfactory if they are not removed during the next enrolled semester.The Graduate Program Handbook is the repository for all of the program policies and requirements.Every graduate student is required to have an advisor.Master’s degree students who have been absent for five or consecutive years lose all credits that they have earned before their absence.The M.S. in Biotechnology Program does not offer any financial aid, and graduate students are not permitted to accept any research, project, or yeaching assistantship positions that would waive tuition.

Thus, applicants should select the Zoology Graduate Program when completing an application.On average, the Zoology Graduate Program receives over 50 applications each year, and between 5-10 applicants matriculate.No late applications will be considered for admission. Applications are reviewed in January and selected applicants are invited to campus for an interview weekend in February.Unofficial transcripts are accepted for the application process, but upon acceptance to the Zoology Graduate Program, official transcripts will be required.Letters should be from persons familiar with their academic and research abilities. Please track their application status through MyUW to see if letters of recommendation have been submitted on their behalf. Applicant may send reminders to their recommenders to ensure the letters are submitted by December 1.The GRE General Test is required, but the Subject Tests are not. The Zoology Graduate Program does not have a minimum score requirement for the GRE. GRE scores must be received by December 1.The TOEFL is required for applicants who have not completed at least two full-time semesters of graded course work, exclusive of ESL courses, in a the students.S. college or university, or at an institution outside the the students.S. where English is the exclusive language of instruction. TOEFL scores must be received by December 1.A resume or CV is required and must be uploaded in the online application.UW-Madison charges a non-refundable $75 application fee that must be paid by credit card or debit/ATM card in the online application system. In addition to the $75 application fee, non-the students.S. citizens will be charged a $6 international document processing fee. Both fees will be processed during the submission of their application.

University of KansasRanked 106 in Best National University.

Molecular Biosciences

College description: The biotechnology program bridges the gap between biology, biochemistry and clinical laboratory sciences, preparing graduates for the ever-evolving life-sciences field.The Bachelor of Applied Science in Biotechnology is offered through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the KU Edwards Campus. Extensive hands-on laboratory experience provides a solid foundation in biotechnology, while courses in management and communications help students build a professional skill set.Grounded in biological sciences, chemistry and advanced technology, biotechnology employs biological systems to solve scientific challenges that impact society.Survey of career opportunities in biotechnology. Guest lectures from field-experts in biotechnology.Students must be in their junior or senior year of a science-related degree.Primary goal of this course is to provide students with an advanced background in bacterial upstream and downstream biotechnology.The primary goal of this course is to provide students with an advanced background in mammalian upstream and downstream biotechnology.A synthesis and discussion of current trends related to biotechnology. Emphasis is placed on providing students with an awareness of advances on the leading edge of discovery, critically analyzing data, and developing skills for success in the next stage of a career in biotechnology. Students must be in their junior or senior year of a biology-related degree.Biotechnology Ethics and Responsible Conduct of Research.Student investigations and discussions of current controversial issues in biotechnology.Guest lectures from field-experts in the biotechnology industry.

Admission into the university program is competitive, and the university receive a large number of applications each year. The university holistic evaluations are based on several criteria, including grades, the strength of recommendation letters, previous research experience, and the fit of their career goals with the university educational program.Three letters of recommendation from qualified individuals using the Graduate Letter of Recommendation FormA Statement of Research Interests and Goals.Application FeeGRE scores are not required for their application. Applicant may submit their official GRE scores if applicant feel it will help the admissions committee better understand their academic capabilities. All supporting documentation should be uploaded to the online application.If applicant have completed a Bachelor's degree, have demonstrated academic competence in the biological or biochemical sciences, and wish to take graduate-level courses in the Department of Molecular Biosciences, applicant may apply as a non-degree seeking graduate student.If applicant would like to enroll in specific graduate-level courses in the university department as an NDS student, in the personal statement applicant submit with their application please: state which course or courses applicant are interested in taking, and describe their academic preparedness and personal motivation for taking graduate courses in the Department of Molecular Biosciences.Proof of a bachelor's degree, via a copy of the official transcript. An official transcript sent directly from the university to Graduate Admissions will be required upon acceptance.A brief personal statement describing their academic background, and their professional motivation for taking graduate-level coursework in the Department of Molecular Biosciences.Submit an online application using the KU Graduate Application system.

Boise State UniversityRanked 63 in Best Regional University in West Coast).

Raptor Biology

The MS in Raptor Biology is a research-based degree that requires students to complete and defend a thesis based on original research.A prospective student may apply at any time and should follow the general graduate application procedure for degree-seeking studentsCover letter that discusses their professional goals, research interests, and reasons for wishing to study in this area at Boise State University.Official Graduate Record Examinations General Test scoresThree letters of recommendation from academic or professional references.

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston


Performance on the Graduate Record Examinations for applicants to the programs in Genetic Counseling and Medical Physics, and, for international applicants, the Test of English as a Foreign LanguageThe General GRE exam is not required for applicants to the Biomedical Sciences PhD and MS programs.Applicants to the MS program in Genetic Counseling or the MS and PhD programs in Medical Physics must provide GRE scores at the time of application.Applicants to the Genetic Counseling and Medical Physics programs are expected to score at least in the 50th percentile on each section of the GRE.Applicants are expected to score at least a 95 on the internet-based TOEFL exam.The TOEFL test is required for international applicants.Applicants should upload the statement online, along with the transcript.The deadline for the PhD program is December 1. All materials, including letters of recommendation, must be received by the deadline. The deadline for applications to the MS degree program in Biomedical Sciences is April 1.For applicants to the Genetic Counseling and Medical Physics programs, GRE scores are valid five years from the date the test was taken.TOEFL scores are valid two years from the date the test was taken.For the purpose of application review and processing, the The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston does not require that applicants send official transcripts and/or score reports to the institution. Unofficial copies of transcripts and score reports should be uploaded online with application.For the purpose of application review and processing, only unofficial scores uploaded online with the application are required.Applicants should convert their GPA to a 4.0 scale using an online GPA calculator like the one found on the World Education Services site.Applicant can pay by credit or debit card through the university online application system.Their application will not be considered complete until all required materials, including three letters of recommendation, are received. Applicant may log into the Embark system to track receipt of their letters of recommendation.Opened – their recommender has clicked the link to open the recommendation form.Submitted – A letter of recommendation has been submitted on their behalf.Applications are reviewed once a year for admission with enrollment in the Fall semester only.If applicant have obtained an MS degree from GSBS, courses applicant have taken for their MS program may be applied to their PhD degree.Applicant will need to apply for the university degree programs in order to be considered for admission.Students admitted to the university MS degree program are not guaranteed an assistantship and should prepare to be self-funded throughout their education.Other qualified individuals who hold a bachelor's degree in science, who have a demonstrated interest in a career in research, and who wish to take courses at the graduate level without enrolling in an MS or PhD degree program may be admitted to the GSBS as non-degree students. Applications for non-degree study are due two months prior to the start of the semester and are considered for fall, summer and spring. Please use the online application form to apply. More information can be found on the Non-Degree Webpage.

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