Masters programs in Clinical Psychology which do not require GRE - Updated 2021

Fordham University: The Fordham University does not use any official cut-offs to identify viable applicants, but given the large number of applications the university receive, the university look carefully at GPA and GRE scores.The GRE General exam is required for us to consider their application.

Seattle Pacific University: If their bachelor’s degree is not in psychology, applicant may wish to take the Psychology Subject Test of the GRE to demonstrate adequate knowledge of general psychology.A score of 1100 or better is preferred for the combined verbal and quantitative sections of the older GRE test.

Masters programs in Clinical Psychology which do not require GRE - Updated 2021

Emory UniversityRanked 21 in Best National University.

Student Admissions, Outcomes, and Other Data

Applicants whose native language is not English should provide evidence of completing the Test of English as a Foreign Language , together with any other evidence of English-language fluency.

Please The deadline for application to the Clinical Psychology Program isDecember 1. The use of theonline applicationallows the department immediate access to their application.The entire application process will be completed online ONLY.

The university strongly encourage applicant to use the online application.

University of California-Los AngelesRanked 23 in Best National University.

Prospective Clinical Area Applicants

However, students may voluntarily submit GRE test scores and they will be reviewed as part of the holistic application consideration. The applications with GRE scores will not be given greater weight than those that do not include scores.

Applications will be accepted without GRE Psychology Subject Test scores. Applicants should be aware, however, that taking the GRE Psychology Subject Test can have some advantages.

University of FloridaRanked 48 in Best National University.

Program Clinical and Health Psychology College of Public Health and Health Professions University of

The admissions committee has throughout the years not required interviews as part of the acceptance procedure.

The admissions process involves the following steps: After the deadline for completion of application materials has passed, the electronic application package is distributed to members of the admissions committee for review.

There are no exceptions to this deadline.

Complete the UF Graduate online application

Personal Statement – 400-500 words or approximately 1 single-spaced page

Official Transcripts – From all institutions of higher learning attended

Three Letters of Recommendation – Limited to space available in application

Enter their Major Area of Study in the Specialization field on the online application

Complete the University of Florida’s online application. This is not a department application fee.

Official transcripts from ALL institutions the applicant has attended are required, regardless if the courses were taken degree or non-degree seeking.

Their statement should be approximately 400-500 words, or approximately 1 single spaced page.

Please advise their recommenders that the online recommendation submission form has a limited word count and if copying and pasting the letter from another program, they should be certain that the entire letter has pasted.

If applicant are missing application materials, be advised that processing at Graduate Applications can take several weeks at peak traffic times The department will begin the review process for all applications after the November 15th deadline and will be unable to respond to inquiries about the status of applications until after all applications have been reviewed.

Please be aware that applicant must follow all posted instructions for submitting their application. Test scores, recommendation letters, resumes/CVs, etc.

Pepperdine UniversityRanked 54 in Best National University.

Clinical Psychology Doctorate Admissions Requirements

Pepperdine University is a Christian university committed to the highest standards of academic excellence and Christian values, where students are strengthened for lives of purpose, service, and leadership.

MS in Learning Design and Innovation

MS in Leadership in Learning Technology

The university Fall 2020 application will be available later this year.

A Master's degree in psychology is required to apply for the PsyD program. Both MA programs do not require a GRE.

In an effort to process their application quickly, the university only accept electronic application materials.

Two professional recommendations using the Recommendation Section in the university online application.

Note that the GRE is given year-round in most locations, however not all test centers are open on all test dates.

Fordham UniversityRanked 58 in Best National University.


Such experiences are not "required" but are often helpful in distinguishing their application from the many others.

The Fordham University does not use any official cut-offs to identify viable applicants, but given the large number of applications the university receive, the university look carefully at GPA and GRE scores. Although the Fordham University consider graduate coursework in assessing the applicant’s background and preparation for doctoral study, the university place little weight on graduate GPA

The GRE General exam is required for us to consider their application.

University of Alabama at BirminghamRanked 127 in Best National University.


There is an application fee of $50 for the students.S. applicants and $60 for international applicants.

These letters should be requested and submitted electronically via the application portal.

Graduate Record Examination test scores, including verbal, quantitative, and analytic writing scores.

Overall academic credentials, including grade point average , courses completed, and GRE scores.

Other requirements are evaluated as a whole, meaning that there are no firm requirements for scores, GPA, credit hours in psychology, etc.

Consistent with evolving standards for professional licensure and to help ensure the safety of patients and research participants, admitted students will be required to undergo a criminal background check.

University of Hawaii at ManoaRanked 127 in Best National University.

Standardized Exams

Applicants are exempt from the TOEFL or IELTS if they are native speakers of English or have received within the last five years a bachelor’s or advanced degree from an accredited/recognized college or university in the Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom, or the United States.

However, admitted students are required to submit official scores in order to enroll at UHM. Official GRE scores must be sent directly to Graduate Division Student Services.

Central Michigan UniversityRanked 127 in Best National University.

Clinical Psychology Doctoral Admissions

In addition to academic transcripts and GRE scores , the Admissions Committee is attentive to grades, letters of recommendation, personal statement, and relevant professional and research experiences.

Students entering with a BA/BS degree are required to complete approximately 104 graduate credit hours.

Attendance is not required, but is strongly encouraged.

Letters of Recommendation Three letters of recommendation are required. Please complete the top portion of the Letter of Recommendation Form and have their letter writers submit this form with their letter of recommendation.

Seattle Pacific UniversityRanked 19 in Best Regional University in West Coast.


Apply by April 1 for the university Fall Early Action deadline

Bachelor’s degree with 3.0 GPA minimum

At a minimum, psychology courses should include statistics, as well as at least five other courses from among the following: abnormal, developmental, experimental, physiological, social, learning, motivation, personality, cognitive, tests and measurements.

If their bachelor’s degree is not in psychology, applicant may wish to take the Psychology Subject Test of the GRE to demonstrate adequate knowledge of general psychology.

A score of 1100 or better is preferred for the combined verbal and quantitative sections of the older GRE test. A score of 300 or better on the new GRE test is preferred.

The test must have been administered within five years of the deadline date for application to the program.

The Psychology Subject Test of the GRE is not required, but may be advantageous for applicants without a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

References can be submitted electronically through their online application.

Personal statement, three to four pages and typed.

Applicant must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language

The documentation must be included with their application.

Pacific UniversityRanked 25 in Best Regional University in West Coast.

Clinical Psychology PhD

The GPA calculation form is a required part of their application and needs to be fully completed.

Satisfactory completion of a bachelor's degree

All applicants must submit GRE scores. Student's with a Master's degree can apply for a GRE waiver, but must understand that such a waiver can be denied. A request to complete the GRE may be a contingency of acceptance should it be determined by the PhD Admissions Committee.

The General Graduate Record Examination must be taken within five years prior to application

The Psychology Subject Test is not required

PhD applicant evaluation forms and letters of recommendation from two references—This process is now built into the electronic application.

Completed essay questions

Completed GPA calculations

This background check is required to determine students' qualification to provide services; it takes place after admission and deposit. In addition, drug screenings are required prior to the start of clinical practicum placements.

Majors & MinorsTeaching & English Language Learning Master of Arts in Teaching Master of Arts in Education Master of Education Visual Function in Learning Speech-Language Pathology Communication Sciences & Disorders

Appalachian State UniversityRanked 9 in Best Regional University in South Coast.

Doctor of Psychology

Required Entrance Exam: GRE

Required number of references to specify in the online form: 3

All applications for a given entry term will be weighed based upon the number of seats available and the quality of the complete application packages.

The Clinical Psychology, PsyD is a dual degree program with the Psychology, Clinical Concentration, MA within the application since the MA is earned en route to the PsyD.

The college is dedicated to providing instruction and research essential to the university's mission and seeks to cultivate the habits of inquiry, learning and service among all its constituents.

Divine Mercy University

Admissions Policies

Personal statements, GRE scores, letters of recommendation and interviews are not required.

For students taking a course-for-credit or audit, attendance is required

The applicant understands that admission to a future semester is not guaranteed and their application will be re-considered with the pool of applicants for the year they choose to apply;

Test scores

Admission or degree requirements adopted since original application may be required as well;

Interviews may or may not be required at the discretion of the Admission Committee.

Re-Application for Admission of Previously-Enrolled Students

Revised Personal Statement “A,” stating the reasons for their desire to return to complete their studies at the University;

The student will be required to adhere to the admission and degree requirements adopted since original matriculation or to special requirements imposed as a condition of re-admission, such as repetition of certain examinations or courses.

Nova Southeastern University

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

Psychology Test score of 600 or higher)

Complete GRE scores required.

GRE Psychology Test recommended, but not required.

GRE Requirement for Fall 2021 Semester

Higher GPA and GRE scores, indicating greater potential to complete doctoral-level work

Remember to submit their non-refundable $US 50 application processing fee.

This statement of their professional experiences should include descriptions of: their clinical experience; research experience; areas in psychology of greatest interest to applicant; and goals.

Obtain three academic or professional letters of recommendation.

Applicants whose native language is not English are required to demonstrate English proficiency.

Antioch University-Santa Barbara

Doctoral Program Clinical Psychology

AUSB’s Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology prepares students for multiple roles in the field of psychology while promoting self-reflection, clinical and research skills, and the development of theoretical knowledge required for a successful career.

The PsyD is an applied degree, thus the clinical dissertation will involve the investigation of a practical application, either through empirical , theoretical, or clinical evaluation strategies.

It is required that students will acquire a minimum of 1000 hours of clinical experience prior to beginning the internship.

Students in the PsyD program are required to complete a one-year, full-time pre-doctoral internship to graduate, usually during the 5th year of the academic program.

The PCE is intended to demonstrate students’ attitudes, knowledge, and skill in the field of clinical psychology and to integrate their academic and clinical learning. The PCE must be passed prior to engaging in the internship application process. A passing evaluation on all components of the exam is required for students to be eligible to apply for an internship.

The Early Action Deadline guarantees priority consideration for specific financial aid programs and scholarships, as well as, the earliest decision notification. International applicants are encouraged to apply by the Early Action Deadline.

GRE scores are not required for admission.

Essay Two: A cornerstone of an Antiochian education is a commitment to social justice, therefore, please discuss volunteer, multicultural and/or service learning experiences that have contributed to their desire to become a clinical psychologist.

Online admission application

Upon recommendation from the Admissions Committee an applicant is scheduled for an individual or group interview.

Antioch’s five-campus university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

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