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Masters programs in Comparative Literature which do not require GRE - Updated 2022

Harvard University: Applicant should plan to take the GRE as early as possible and it should not be taken later than October in order to ensure arrival of scores as part of the application.

University at Buffalo: PhD Applicants: Previous graduate scholarship record from MA program of 3.3 or better , and strong verbal, analytic and quantitative GRE scores.An official GRE report from the testing agency is required to apply for financial aid.

Masters programs in Comparative Literature which do not require GRE - Updated 2021

Harvard UniversityRanked 2 in Best National University.

Comparative Literature

College description: During their first two years in the department applicant must balance coursework in the following manner: at least 4 courses in the Comparative Literature and 8 courses in three literatures most students will take 4 courses in their first literature, 2 in their second literature, and 2 in their third literature, but other combinations are possible, everything from 3-3-2 to 6-1-1, based on a student’s background and needs.Overall, their coursework must include a significant dimension of comparative historical or cross-cultural study.Other coursework may include relevant courses in literature, language, or other disciplines relevant to their interests, such as philosophy, history, anthropology, religion, linguistics, or art history. Courses in these topics with a comparative focus occasionally can count toward the 4 required Comparative Literature courses.Students are advised that most academic employment opportunities are in national literature or area studies departments there are very few full-time comparative literature positions in the United States. Applicant thus are strongly encouraged, from the beginning of their graduate studies, to develop expertise in a particular national literature or other marketable field in addition to their comparative focus.Candidates for the PhD are required, in each year, to receive A’s than B’s no grade lower than B can be counted toward the degree.

The application can be filled out on-line at the same address. No applications for admission will be accepted after the deadline set by GSAS.

Statement of Purpose: The Statement of Purpose should give the admissions committee a clear sense of their individual interests and strengths.

Subject and program number: the university Harvard GSAS subject and program number is 1700 - this number is for use on the Harvard application.

While a high score in the verbal part of the test is a positive addition to the application, it is by no means the most important aspect of a candidacy. Applicant should plan to take the GRE as early as possible and it should not be taken later than October in order to ensure arrival of scores as part of the application. The Harvard University does not require a GRE subject test.

The Harvard University does not ask for GPA but their overall grades do play an important role in the application process.

Individual courses taken in English or at English-speaking universities do not count in place of a TOEFL.

University of PennsylvaniaRanked 8 in Best National University.

Comparative Literature Literary Theory

College description: The Program in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory is a center for the study of literature through various disciplinary and critical perspectives, and the study of cultural history through the production of representations.Comparative Literature at Penn is a dynamic and congenial intellectual community that brings members together through common, core interests.

A personal statement of approximately 1,000 words.

Please comment on their linguistic training in their personal statement.

Please do not submit more than four recommendation letters; personal recommendation letters are strongly discouraged.

The GRE Subject Test in Literature is recommended but not required; although scoring well on the Subject Test may help their application, not taking the Subject Test will not adversely affect their application. The University of Pennsylvania does not have a minimum GRE score requirement, nor do the university publicize the average GRE scores of past admittees.

Electronic versions of their academic transcripts must be submitted with their application. Applicant can scan an unofficial copy of their transcript to the application.

More About Graduate Admissions and the Application

Any technical issues with the online ApplyYourself application should be addressed to Technical Support on the ApplyYourself application system and not to the Graduate English Department.

Please enclose this form to complete the application.

In order to apply for a fee waiver, the applicant should enclose a brief letter stating the reason for the request. This letter should be sent with their Application for Admission.

University at BuffaloRanked 103 in Best National University.

Comparative Literature

College description: This program consists of three graduate courses: Introduction to Theory, plus two courses that applicant select from the regular graduate offerings in Comparative Literatures.Non-UB students must apply as a non-degree seeking student.Two special topics graduate seminars from regular COL offerings, A section only.The seminar may begin with a brief review of the imagination in Aristotle and Kant.UB grad students may simply enroll in courses after filling out the form.

PhD Applicants: Previous graduate scholarship record from MA program of 3.3 or better , and strong verbal, analytic and quantitative GRE scores

The following supporting materials must be included as part of the online application. Please read the instructions on the online application for further details.

An official transcript and Proof of Degree, in English, certified will be required if applicant are admitted and choose to matriculate to a graduate program at the University at Buffalo.

Their application will NOT be considered without a writing sample.

Further instructions are included in the online application.

UB requires international applicants to take the TOEFL or IELTS exam.

No international application is processed without a TOEFL or other accepted English Proficiency Exam. Official electronic scores will be automatically linked to their online application.

On the application form, please note where indicated if applicant wish to be considered for financial assistance.

An official GRE report from the testing agency is required to apply for financial aid. Verbal and quantitative scores must total at least 300 on the new version of the GRE or 1,000 on the old version of the GRE to receive consideration for financial aid.

The graduate application fee is $75 the students.S.

University of ChicagoRanked 4 in Best National University.

Prospective Students

College description: This course introduces models of comparative analysis across national literatures, genres, and media.This graduate seminar focuses on the case of multilingual writers and their self-translations to raise questions concerning the temporality, directionality, and afterlife of translated works. The university will discuss these issues also in the context of comparative Jewish studies, considering the difference between internal, Hebrew-Yiddish, self-translation, and the translation between Hebrew or Yiddish and a third non-Jewish language, whether European or Middle-Eastern.MA and PhD students in humanities disciplines only. Not suitable for the MAPSS program or for Social Science PhDs.This interdisciplinary graduate course focuses on ten films of Akira Kurosawa that were based on literary sources, ranging from Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Jules Dassin, Georges Simenon, and Shakespeare to Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Gorky, and Arseniev. The course is meant to provide a hands-on training in the interdisciplinary methodology of Comparative Literature.This graduate seminar invites students to engage with literary trauma studies, a field that first emerged in the 1990s, and that has recently been undergoing decolonization processes.This course fulfills the winter core requirement for first-year Ph.D. students in Comparative Literature.Students may register for the course in any of the three quarters of their fourth year.Texts examined may include works by authors such as George Peele, William Shakespeare, Herman Melville, William Faulkner, Toni Morrison, Cynthia Ozick, Zora Neale Hurston, Chinua Achebe and Wole Soyinka.Comparative Mythology has been one of the most controversial disciplines in the Humanities.

There is only one application round each year; completed PhD applications are due on December 15.

Applicants will be notified of the results of their application for admission, at the earliest, in early February and, at the latest, in early March.

A bachelors degree is required to matriculate in the university PhD program, although students needn't have finished that degree at the time of application.

Some applicants may already have master’s degree in Philosophy; however, that this is neither an asset nor a liability in the application process.

The Required Elements of the Application

A one-page, single-spaced personal statement outlining their philosophical interests and goals, and their reasons for wanting to pursue them at the University of Chicago;

Their writing sample and personal statement must be written by applicant, in English.

Advice about the Required Elements of the Application

All of the components of their application are important and will receive careful scrutiny by the university graduate admissions committee. The single most important credential in their application, however, is their writing sample, for it provides the best direct indicator of their ability to do first-rate graduate work in philosophy.

Ideally, their application should contain at least three letters from professional philosophers. Any further letters from other teachers of yours included in their application dossier should therefore always be in addition to, not instead of, letters from philosophers.

The personal statement is not, strictly speaking, an admissions credential and it is not the place to cram in additional evidence of their philosophical ability. In addition, if there is anything unusual about their philosophical trajectory or academic career that applicant think the university should know, their personal statement is the place to provide that information.

The university require official documentation of their general Graduate Record Examination scores with their application, but the University of Chicago does not require any subject tests. The average GPA in philosophy for the university recent admitted students has been about 3.9 The analogous GRE averages are 710 verbal, 740 quantitative, and 5.5 analytic writing.

In evaluating the GRE scores of applicants, the university make allowance that these examinations are more difficult for non-native speakers of English.

Hearing Back from Us about their Application

Carnegie Mellon UniversityRanked 25 in Best National University.

MAPW 4+1 for CMU Students

Students apply for admissions during their junior or senior year and, following admission and evaluation of their transcripts, may receive credit for up to four courses, or one full semester of work, toward their M.A. requirements.

The MAPW usually requires 3 semesters of coursework for a total of 12 courses plus a required internship.

The application includes specific instruction on these.

University of UtahRanked 127 in Best National University.


In the Department of Linguistics at the University of Utah, the university believe graduate student mentoring should begin even before the application is submitted!

Submit their completed Graduate Admissions Application by February 1st.

Non-native English speakers must have TOEFL score of 250 , 600 , 100 or better or a minimum IELTS band score of 7.0 or better.

Please provide an explanation of their interest and purpose in seeking a graduate degree.

If the deadline falls on a weekend, application materials will be accepted until the following Monday.

GRE scores are not required for admission.

Ball State UniversityRanked 127 in Best National University.

Graduate Certificate in Literacy Instruction

“Re-enroll ” option under “Academic Intent” in the application.

The university program does not require applicant to take the GRE.

Applicant can pay their application fee with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

If applicant are in one of these categories, make sure to select the fee waiver option in the application.

University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Foreign Credential Evaluations

All applicants are required to submit one official transcript from all postsecondary institutions attended, showing all degrees and coursework, the dates awarded, and grades received.

The UNLV Graduate College accepts foreign credential evaluations from any current member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services with a course-by-course evaluation and grade point average included.

Texas A & M University-Commerce

M.A. M.S. in Applied Linguistics with emphasis in TESOL

The program can be completed 100% online, no residency required

If applicant choose the online only option, a visa is not required.

PRINTABLE APPLICATION CHECKLIST- Providing applicant step-by-step instructions on the application process.

GRE – Requirement may be waived

Additional items required for international students

A) at least a 3.00 GPA on the last 60 hours of the degree

B) an overall GPA of at least a 2.75 of the degree

Should applicant need to take the GRE, the Texas A & M University-Commerce does not have a minimum score requirement.

Once all of their application items are submitted, the department takes two weeks to review the application.

The application process is the same whether applicant intend to be an online or face-to-face student.

Just notify us and the university will do a Term Change to their application. Their application is good for one year after the date of submission.

This chart does not include some fees, such as the Distance Learning Fee for online courses. The Distance Learning Fee is a $50 per credit hour fee applied to each online course.

Applicant will still complete the same application and application process for the program no matter their degree plan of interest.

To teach grades K-12 ESL in the USA, an ESL teacher certification is required.

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