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Masters programs in Developmental and Child Psychology which do not require GRE - Updated 2022

University of Alabama at Birmingham: For Fall 2021 entry, the GRE is not required.

University of California-Los Angeles: However, students may voluntarily submit GRE test scores and they will be reviewed as part of the holistic application consideration.

University of California-Los AngelesRanked 23 in Best National University.

Apply Health Psychology Program

College description: As an area of inquiry, Developmental Psychology concerns the emergence of behavior and knowledge in individuals and groups. The Developmental Psychology graduate program at UCLA represents the breadth of the discipline, ranging from infancy to adolescence. Students receive training in graduate level Cognitive, Social, Language, and Emotional Development.

The Fall 2021 deadline for Departmental applications and supporting materials is December 1, 2020 for Health Psychology applicants.

The UCLA online Application for Graduate Admission needs to be completed in order to be considered for admission into the graduate program. The UCLA Application for Graduate Admission can be found here.

Three letters of recommendation

International students must also submit a TOEFL score and a Financial Statement.

That is, students who wish to apply for admission to the university graduate program for the 2021-2022 academic year are not required to take the GRE or submit a GRE score report as part of their application. However, students may voluntarily submit GRE test scores and they will be reviewed as part of the holistic application consideration. The applications with GRE test scores will not be given greater weight than those that do not include scores.

Interviews are required for admission to the Health Psychology PhD program.

As with any graduate program, GPA is important.

Very careful consideration is also given to their Statement of Purpose, research experience, and letters of recommendation.

The university look forward to receiving their application.

Developmental and Child Psychology graduate programs at University of California-Los Angeles

Clark UniversityRanked 76 in Best National University.

Developmental Psychology Graduate Program

The SCLP at Bay Path University helps graduate students with career development, like creating powerful portfolios to learning important networking skills.

Developmental and Child Psychology graduate programs at Clark University

University of the PacificRanked 116 in Best National University.

Psychology MA Application and Requirements

Minimum 3.0 GPA

The GRE will not be required for the fall 2021 application. GRE scores will not be a factor in the admission decision.

Developmental and Child Psychology graduate programs at University of the Pacific

University of Alabama at BirminghamRanked 127 in Best National University.

Developmental Psychology Admissions

College description: An advanced degree (Ph.D.) will bring you one step closer to pursuing a career that fulfills your desire to help others. Our graduate program trains students to conduct rigorous research to discover basic principles of psychological development. Our graduates are competitive in the job market and secure positions in top academic institutions, as well as with government agencies and non-profit organizations. The PhD program with a concentration in Developmental Psychology is an applied research-training program.

There is an application fee of $50 for the students.S. applicants and $60 for international applicants.

Three letters of recommendation from individuals who are familiar with their academic and research relevant background and interests. These letters should be requested and submitted electronically via the application portal.

Graduate Record Examination test scores, including verbal, quantitative, and analytic writing scores. For Fall 2021 entry, the GRE is not required.

Overall academic credentials, including grade point average and courses completed.

Other requirements are evaluated as a whole, meaning that there are no firm requirements for test scores, GPA, credit hours in psychology, etc.

To help ensure the safety of patients and research participants, admitted students will be required to undergo a criminal background check.

Developmental and Child Psychology graduate programs at University of Alabama at Birmingham

California Polytechnic State University-San Luis ObispoRanked 10 in Best Regional University in West Coast.

Psychology and Child Development

College description: The Master of Science (M.S.) in Psychology at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is a 90-quarter unit professional degree program that fulfills the educational requirements for the state of California Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) license. The program mission is to provide the state of California with highly competent master-level clinicians trained to counsel individuals, couples, families, and groups in a multicultural society. Graduates are often employed by County Mental Health, Social Services, and other inpatient and outpatient community mental health centers. Many graduates also build successful private practices.

The application cycle for Fall 2021 will begin October 1, 2020.

For the Fall 2021 application cycle, the Graduate Record Exam is NOT required.

A "Personal Statement" limited to two typewritten, double-spaced pages. The Personal Statement is a very important part of their application.

All applicants must have a baccalaureate degree from an institution accredited by a regional association and a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the last 60 semester units attempted.

In addition to GPA, applicants are evaluated on the quality of their letters of recommendation, academic background, relevant work/life experiences, personal statement, on campus interview, and any other information that might shed light on their likelihood of success as a student and marriage and family therapist.

Developmental and Child Psychology graduate programs at California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo

Western Illinois UniversityRanked 39 in Best Regional University in Midwest.

Application Process

College description: As well as being a valuable resource for the community, the Clinic is an integral part of the Psychology Department’s Clinical Community Mental Health Master of Science program. From the time students enter the program until they leave campus to begin their internships, they are involved in Clinic training activities in ways commensurate with their level of training. Interns, graduates, field supervisors, employers and accrediting bodies have cited this unique and intensive clinical experience and supervision as a clear and impressive strength of the C CMH program.

If the applicant has work experience in a human service setting, a recommendation from the supervisor of that work is useful)

Due to COVID-19, the GRE is not required for 2021 applicants.

However, the applicant should have taken at least 15 semester hours of Psychology that include Introductory Psychology, a social sciences research methods course, statistics, a learning course, personality theories, and abnormal psychology.

Developmental and Child Psychology graduate programs at Western Illinois University

Southern New Hampshire University

Master in Child Psychology Development Online

No application fee or GRE/GMAT scores required

Focus on the study of research methods, cognitive psychology, social psychology, personality, learning theory, ethical practice and more.

Applicant can apply at any time and get a decision within days of submitting all required materials.

All coursework integrates how mental processes such as memory, language, attention, learning and decision-making inform the practice of psychology.

These newly acquired skills and techniques will be reinforced by application to a contemporary issue in psychology.

Students will investigate topics in cognitive psychology, including memory, language, attention, learning, and decision-making.

Developmental and Child Psychology graduate programs at Southern New Hampshire University

Capella University

PhD in Developmental Psychology Online Program

College description: APA Division 54 Society of Pediatric Psychology. In addition to exploring the field, take some time to research specific jobs and employment settings related to this program. Consider how these jobs and settings fit with your experience, skills, interests, and values. This is a sample list of job titles and employment settings related to this field.

Fee is required to initiate an application for admission and must be paid as part of the application process.

GRE and GMAT are not required for admission.

Learning online doesn't mean going it alone.

Developmental and Child Psychology graduate programs at Capella University

Dartmouth CollegeRanked 11 in Best National University.

Psychological and Brain Sciences

College description: In addition, it will support the training of leaders in evidence-based digital health and hasten the translation of the Center’s research into public policy and the marketplace. Lisa Marsch, PhD, leads a diverse team of researchers with expertise in behavioral health, medicine, engineering, computer science, health economics, ethics, and public policy. Revealing the Power and Pitfalls of Digital Health.

The application components for the  Doctoral degree in Psychological and Brain Science or Cognitive Neuroscience at the Dartmouth College.

1. A bachelor's degree (or equivalent).

2. A completed application form.

3. Personal statement, describing the interests in graduate study.

4. Transcript(s) from the bachelor's coursework.

5. Letters of recommendation (at least 3) from professors, research advisors, employers who can speak to the skills, experience, and promise.

6. The GRE is not required for admission to the Doctoral degree in Psychological and Brain Science or Cognitive Neuroscience at the Dartmouth College.

Pepperdine UniversityRanked 54 in Best National University.

Master of Arts in Teaching

College description: MA in Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis in MFT Day Format. Read the most recent Pew Research Hispanic Center report on Latinas os. Aliento Research Institute utilizes a Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) Model.

Admission requirement to join the Online Psychology Master's Programs at the Pepperdine University are:

1. Online application.

2. Official transcripts.

3. Two letters of recommendation.

4. Statement of purpose.

5. Application fee.

6. International applicants must submit TOEFL scores if their native language is not English.

7. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution to be admitted into the program.

8. GRE scores are not required for Online Psychology Master's Programs at the Pepperdine University.

The application deadline to join for Online Psychology Master's Programs at the Pepperdine University in the Spring semseter is February 18.

Developmental and Child Psychology graduate programs at Pepperdine University

University of DenverRanked 88 in Best National University.

Professional Psychology

College description: The developmental psychology program offers broad training in theory and research. In addition to the developmental area, we have a strong history and tradition across the department devoted to the study of developmental processes. Students in our developmental research labs use structural and functional MRI, eye-tracking, psychophysiological markers of stress and health (hormones, antibodies), genotyping, cognitive testing, and video recording and analysis to answer questions developmental processes in typical and disadvantaged environments. In addition, cross-area emphases in developmental cognitive neuroscience and developmental psychopathology—as well as ongoing collaborations with scientists at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, National Jewish Medical and Research Center, and the Institute for Behavioral Genetics at the University of Colorado, Boulder— provide unique collaborative opportunities for students.

The university will not review scores submitted as an addition to one's application; thus, please do not submit general GRE scores with their application.

The University of Denver does not require a personal statement.

There is no need to list their credentials or professional experience

Two letters are required; three letters are strongly encouraged.

It is helpful to have one letter speak to their academic abilities.

Their references will be required to submit their recommendations online.

One transcript from each college/university where at least one credit has been earned should be included in their application.

GSPP reviews each application in its entirety to determine all assets an applicant brings to the program. Please be sure to highlight their strengths if their GPA is lower than the university baseline scores.

Please detail all relevant experiences in their resume/CV.

The psychology prerequisite can be met through coursework or by obtaining a score of at least 660 on the psychology subject GRE exam.

For applicants WITHOUT a psychology background, applicant are required to complete four psychology courses from a regionally accredited institution, earning a 'B' or better in these classes.

Experimental Psychology (requires the student to complete the content portion of an experimental psychology class [e.g., learning, perception, cognition, motivation, physiology, and to perform one or more direct experiments using the scientific method applied to some empirical question.

The application fee for this program is $65.

Please be sure to highlight their strengths in their application.

Please prerequisites are only required for PsyD, MA-Forensic Psychology, and MA-International Disaster Psychology applicants, NOT MA-Sport & Performance Psychology applicants.

The application fee for MA programs is $65.

Developmental and Child Psychology graduate programs at University of Denver

Arizona State University-TempeRanked 127 in Best National University.

For the MS ABA Program

College description: ASU researchers identify role for inflammatory marker in cognitive decline tied to childhood abuse. As many as 30 to 50 percent of adults experienced abuse or neglect when they were children. Such abuse can lead to physical and mental health problems and even cognitive deficits in adulthood. In a paper published in the January 2019 issue of Annals of Behavioral Medicine, researchers in the Arizona State University Psychology explored the physiological and psychological factors related to childhood abuse that might contribute to cognitive decline in adults.

Over the course of their practicum placements, students are required to have gained training and experience with more than one type of disorder.

The university MS ABA program is solely focused on Applied Behavior Analysis , which is a field that began in Psychology and is based on the scientific principles of learning and behavior.

Measles, Mumps, and Rubella : all students in this program are required to show proof of MMR immunization in order to register for classes in their first semester.

The MMR hold is required of all in-person students. Even though applicant can participate in classes remotely, the MMR is still required based on how the program is set up with the university.

This requires a new application, materials required for that other program, and a new application fee.

Virtual students outside the Phoenix metropolitan area are required to identify a supervisor and practicum site.

The GRE is not required for fall 2021 applicants. Fall 2022 applicants need to check back in September 2021 to see if the GRE will be required or waived again for this program.

Application reviews begin in February and continue until mid-July or until new admits have confirmed their spot in the program and all seats have filled.

Remember that summer registration is required.

Complete details are in the TA offer letter.

Developmental and Child Psychology graduate programs at Arizona State University-Tempe

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