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Masters programs in Dietetics and Nutrition which do not require GRE - Updated 2022

University of Missouri-ColumbiaRanked 99 in Best National University.

Master’s in Dietetics

To be eligible for consideration, the applicant must:

1. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

2. To determine if you meet the overall 3.0 GPA to be eligible to apply, please check your current degree audit or contact your Nutrition and Exercise Physiology academic advisor. This GPA includes courses taken within the University of Missouri system (Mizzou, Rolla, UMSL, UMKC) and courses from other institutions you have transferred to Mizzou. This GPA includes grades through December for a January application.

3. Have completed or be able to complete prior to starting the CP the first four semesters of courses listed under Course Requirements for Dietetics.

4. Be enrolled in or already have completed NEP 2340 and BIOCHM 3630 at the time the application is submitted. Students must achieve a final course grade of B- or better in pre-professional courses of both NEP 2340 and BIOCHM 3630, or equivalent transfer course approved by faculty. Failure to meet these criteria may result in forfeiture of a space in the CP.

The next open application period will be November, with applications due January.

The application process typically involves, at a minimum, the following: Dietetics application, Original transcript for each institution attended, Résumé, Cover letter, References, Documentation of job shadowing, and Grocery store assignment.

No GRE is required.

Northern Illinois UniversityRanked 127 in Best National University.

Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics

College description: The Master of Science in nutrition and dietetics advances students current knowledge of nutrition while building their research skills. Students focus on health promotion, disease prevention and medical nutrition therapy will prepare them to work as a registered dietician or nutritionist in both public and private health organizations, hospitals and government agencies.

Application deadline is January 15

GRE scores are not required.

As a master's degree candidate, you must submit specific materials when applying to the graduate school.

Transcripts: You should upload a transcript and proof of degree from each college and university you've attended (except for community colleges from which you transferred courses for a four-year degree). Completed degrees must be from a regionally accredited institution or one with equivalent international recognition.

Letters of Recommendation: You must provide names and email addresses of referees, people who will write letters of recommendation for you. Letters should describe your academic ability and goals, as well as your ability to succeed in your chosen program. Submit only the number of letters required for your program.

Statement of Purpose: Your statement of purpose, or personal statement, should be approximately 250 to 750 words in length. It should outline your preparation for graduate study in your chosen field, as well as your goals for graduate school and beyond. It should also explain why you believe the program at NIU can best help you meet those goals.

Resume/Curriculum Vitae: Though not required, you may wish to submit a resume or curriculum vitae. The document should outline your education, work experience and other achievements that show your ability to complete your chosen program.

Dietetics and Nutrition graduate programs at Northern Illinois University

University of North FloridaRanked 51 in Best Regional University in South Coast.

MS Dietetic Internship Program

College description: Online Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics Non-Internship Program. This course equips graduate students and practicing dietitians with leadership and management skills needed to establish and maintain effective food and nutrition programs in the future. It may be repeated up to 15 credits.

Apply to the University through the University’s Graduate School through the Graduate School. Applications for admission are to be submitted to The Graduate School at the University of North Florida.

Graduate School Application Deadline: February 15

The UNF DI program no longer requires the GRE.

Applications of qualified candidates will be reviewed by a committee and scored on GPA, GRE score, work experience, volunteer experience, reference letters and letter of application.

Dietetics and Nutrition graduate programs at University of North Florida

Benedictine University

Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics

All applicants must have completed an Accreditation Council of Education for Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) accredited Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) prior to starting this master degree. Applicants must submit a DPD Verification Statement or DPD Declaration of Intent at the time of application, and a DPD Verification Statement is required prior to the start of this MS program, or CDR card showing registration as a RDN in USA. Additional coursework in medical nutrition therapy is typically required when a degree has been completed five or more years prior to Dietetic Internship application.

All applicants must have earned a grade of “C” or better in specific prerequisite coursework. Prerequisite courses for this master’s degree include undergraduate (or graduate) courses in each of the following: physiology or combined anatomy and physiology (if part of a two course sequence, need both anatomy and physiology I and II), biochemistry (or nutrient metabolism), and medical nutrition therapy. Prerequisite courses may be taken at Benedictine University.

All applicants should have a minimum 3.000/4.000 cumulative GPA.

GRE results are optional but welcomed with a recommended minimum score of 30th percentile in each of the three areas of the GRE: verbal, quantitative and analytical. Applications without GRE scores will have more weight on grades and references.

Procedures for applying to the graduate program starts with the online Graduate Application, available at:https://www.ben.edu/admissions/adult-graduate/admissions-process.cfm. In addition, all applicants must submit official transcript/s from any colleges/universities attended to the graduate school admissions. Resumes or curriculum vitas are optional but can be submitted as part of the application.

Dietetics and Nutrition graduate programs at Benedictine University

Tufts UniversityRanked 27 in Best National University.

Master of Arts in Humanitarian Assistance

College description: The Friedman School has entered into a cooperative program with Simmons College which allows students enrolled in any Master of Science concentration to concurrently enroll in the Didactic Program in Dietetics Certificate program at Simmons. Upon completion of both programs, students will have earned a graduate degree in Nutrition and completed the dietetics coursework required to apply for ACEND accredited dietetic internships.

Admission requirements for Master of Arts in Humanitarian Assistance at Tufts University are:

1.An undergraduate degree, have significant experience in the field of humanitarian assistance.

2.Application Fee: $70 nonrefundable

3.The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is not required for Master of Arts in Humanitarian Assistance at Tufts University.

4.International applicants must demonstrate an adequate command of the English language. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) scores or other evidence of English proficiency are required. A minimum TOEFL score of 100 on the internet based exam or minimum IELTS score of 7.0 is required.


6.Personal Statement.

7.Three Letters of Recommendation.

8.Academic Transcripts - Official transcripts (translated into English) for all undergraduate and graduate study are required.

Application deadline for Master of Arts in Humanitarian Assistance at Tufts University is December 15.

Dietetics and Nutrition graduate programs at Tufts University

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